Trollbeads Inspiration: Liquid Light

There is a beautiful group of transparent and light-filled beads in the gallery right now… I think they would make an amazing composition, one that truly felt light liquid light.

It’s one of Trollbeads great design strengths that they are able to create beads that appear to be lit from within… they use the silver or gold core of the bead to reflect the light back out, through the glass.  The result is a shimmering, beautiful piece that never bores.  Perhaps the most amazing of these designs is the “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, pictured above.  This is a tour de force of design, with the light beautifully reflected from the gold core, glistening through the perfectly cut crystals.  On any bracelet it would be an absolute showstopper.

Other outstanding examples of this light-trapping technique include “Dichroic Ice”, any of the clear striped designs, such as “Light Blue Stripes” or “White Stripes”, and most recently, “White Petals”.

These beads are most effective when paired with intricately patterned silvers that offer a wonderful juxtaposition of texture and colour – such as the “Cherry Blossom” above…



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