30 Day Challenge: Day 25


IMG_9777Today is a bit of a seasonal conundrum… What to wear on a cool and rainy day at the end of May?  We have been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous month, with day after day of perfect sunshine and warm breezes.  I’m feeling a bit spoiled by all that perfection, and the inevitable turn to cooler weather has me a bit dazed.


IMG_9778It’s a good thing that we have a bit of drizzle again, as the gardens and forests are feeling too dry and thirsty for this time of year.  But still – what to wear?

Well, you can see the result of my morning deliberations.  I decided to go with a chocolate and lilac combination.  Lilac feels spot – on for the season…


IMG_9776The neighborhood lilacs are so fully in bloom that I can smell their amazing perfume even through the fragrance of the warm wet rain on the cedar.  I think every garden in my area must have at least one, blooming madly this week.  However, purple alone, or with cooler colours like green, blue, white or pink just wouldn’t have felt right for today.

IMG_9775  The addition of the toasty, cinnamon-y, chocolate-y browns helps to bring this lilac back down to earth for a cool and rainy West Coast day like today.  I quite like this combination, and could see myself making it up again to wear at almost any time of year.  My paler purples, in particular, tend to get the most playtime in Spring and Summer – so I’m pleased to have a new combination that will help to bring them out through the Autumn and Winter as well!


Clockwise from Clasp:  “Limited Edition Chess Lock”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Frogs” (retired), “Elfbead”, “Golden Cave”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade”, “Rolling Troll”, “Brown Desert” (retired), “Limited Edition Faceted Aurora”, “Smoky Quartz”, “Aurora Flowers”, “Blue Desert”, “Spider”, “Unique Glass”, “Golden Cave”, “Limited Edition Violet Petals”, “Silver Bead with Garnets”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Pastel Agate”, “Unique Glass”.


30 Day Challenge – Day 13

IMG_9592“…and now for something completely different…”

IMG_9591Today I decided it was time to kick myself a little out of my comfort zone, and try to design from a different approach.  Usually I am very much colour based in my compositions.  The silvers basically offer me a framework around which I hang all my chunks of colour.  Today I decided to be much more flexible about colour.

IMG_9590Instead, today I sorted out my beads into size categories, and committed to work only with my very tiniest silver and glass beads.  Of course, in the wake of the “Small and Beautiful” series, we all have some smaller beads bouncing around in our bead boxes.  I usually try to use their smaller size to advantage, and place them

IMG_9588close to the end of the bracelet for an attractive tapered effect.  They can also be quite handy to ensure that certain silvers are not obscured.  For instance, “Happy Fish” is even happier when placed next to a Small & Beautiful, so that all its glorious detail can be seen.  However, I don’t think that I’ve ever built an entire bracelet of

IMG_9589“mini beads”, and I have to say I’m surprised and delighted with the result.  Firstly, I am shocked at just how many minis there are, hiding in my collection!  I guess that one on each end of seven or eight bracelets does really add up to about a whole bracelet’s worth.  The next thing I noticed was how amazing this bracelet *feels*. 

IMG_9593Teeny Tiny “Sandi” feels like a giant…

Rolling this bracelet around in the palm of my hand, it feels wonderful.  It’s so soft, so fluid and so unexpectedly petite… it’s a treat!  If you have never tried this approach, do give it a whirl it is so much fun.

IMG_9587This Armadillo never gets the coveted center spot…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Clasp” (retired), “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”, “Art Deco” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Grey Armadillo” (retired), “Cells” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Plait” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Happy Fish” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Happy Fish” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Van Gogh” (World Tour Series Netherlands), “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Family of Mushrooms” (World Tour Series Lithuania), “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Sandi” (retired), “Rosa Pearl”.


Trollbeads News: Trinket Tray Gift With Purchase On Now

IMG_7870Do you have yours yet?

IMG_7867There’s just something about a ladies’ dressing table… you know, the kind that has little drawers for potions and powders, a big mirror at the back, and a top that is littered with stylish little bottles of fragrance.  I had one as a teenager, and truly, it makes one feel like a princess… or better still, maybe Liz Taylor.

IMG_7866When we decorated our daughters’ bedroom I only insisted on one thing: they must have a pretty dressing table.  It’s an old fashioned luxury that most of us don’t indulge in anymore.  New houses are proportioned differently these days, and

IMG_7869now, all our personal pampering care time is expected to happen in the  ultra luxurious bathrooms.  However, even if we can’t indulge in the full set of furniture, we can certainly create our own little girly corner of the world, whose whole purpose is to make one feel like a princess, or Liz Taylor… (whichever works for you!)


IMG_7868That’s where the Trollbeads Trinket Tray comes in… This little beauty is just the thing to add to your bathroom counter, bedside table, or anywhere else that you could use a little bit of “Liz”.  At six inches square, it will tuck neatly into the most compact home, and its art deco, neoclassical motif in crisp black and white is pure glamour.

IMG_7879The sleek, clear sides will allow you to gaze lovingly at your favorite Trollbeads bracelets and necklaces, even while reclining on the bed in your satin peignoire and marabou trimmed slippers.  (What?  I know I’m not the only one who keeps my favorite beads on the bedside table, just because I like looking at them?!)

IMG_7877The very best part about this fabulous little tray?  It’s yours, as our gift to you, with any Trollbeads purchase of a minimum of $125 between now and Christmas…. but only while supplies last, so don’t take too long fussing in front of the mirror before dashing out to pick out some new goodies!  It won’t be hard to find something gorgeous, as we have so many beautiful new temptations here at Tartooful’s Edgemont Village gallery… all the stunning beads featured on today’s bracelet are currently in stock!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.14.07 PM

Clockwise from clasp:  “Bow Lock”, “Purple Prism”, “Unique White Armadillo”, “Unique Black Amber”, “Three in One”, “Unique Purple Glitter Vine”, “Cozy”, “Unique Black Glitter Flower”, “Large Berry”, “Blue Desert”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Blue Desert”, “Winter Snow”, “Perfect Balance”, “Spirit Light”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Snowballs”, “Black Silk”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.





Trollbeads News: Christmas Uniques Now at Tartooful


IMG_7724We just received the prettiest little kits of Christmas Uniques!  So. Much. Fun.  Each kit contains three glass that coordinate nicely to play together on your holiday bracelet… and many of them will linger year ’round, too, as there is a good blend of abstract patterns as well as Wintery themes.  We’ve also uploaded individually photographed Christmas Limited Edition glass for 2014, with Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, stunning three dimensional florals and rich red bubbles to tempt you.  Take a peek at them all on our online shop!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Cosy


IMG_7650For those of you who haven’t been to Vancouver in November, there’s really only one thing you’ve missed:  enormous quantities of rain.  It’s November, and right on schedule, we’ve entered into a months-long  period of what feels like solid rain.  I’ve been to other parts of the world, and when it rains there, it’s simply a matter of waiting it out.

IMG_7648 For example, in New Orleans during the early Summer it rains pretty much every day.  In the morning it’s lovely, then early afternoon the thunderclouds roll in and a little while later there’s a downpour.  It rains for perhaps ten or fifteen minutes, then grudgingly stops and slowly clears for another gorgeous clear evening.

IMG_7658In fact, it’s so predictable that folks there simply stop what they are doing the moment it starts to rain.  The streets are emptied as everyone has a coffee and a beignet, and watches the rain outside.  Very civilized.  Didn’t I look like a fool, standing there alone in the rain slick street, wondering where in the world did everyone go?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in Vancouver.  If we stopped for a coffee and a doughnut here on the West Coast, and waited for the rain to stop, not only would we never get anything done, but we would all be fat and twitchy.

IMG_7649The answer is to bundle up… tall boots, rainproof coat, no-fuss hair and a cosy sweater render us invincible against the rain.  Even today, in the kind of rain that causes natural disasters in many parts, I was puddle hopping in nothing more than a wool sweater.

IMG_7655The inspiration for this bracelet is my favorite, “Mom Made” Fishermans’ Knit cardigan.  The handspun wool is so thick and naturally water repellent that it easily functions as a coat on the wettest days.  (Although it does smell charmingly like a damp sheep).  Everyone needs a sweater just like mine.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Bow Lock”, “Unique”, “Blue Desert”, “Unique Amber”, “Hear 4 You”, “Scirocco”, “organic Bubbles”, “Unique Amber”, “Mistletoe”, “Cosy”, “Labradorite”, “Cosy”, “Mistletoe”, “Unique Amber”, “Organic Bubbles”, “White Paper Fold”, “Water”, “Unique Amber”, “Blue Desert”.


Trollbeads News: Collectors’ Dream Sale Now On!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.34.01 AMMake a wish… It’s true – every collector’s secret wish just came true:  a big, beautiful Trollbeads Sale!  This never happens.  So quick – make a list and check it twice, because Trollbeads introduced prior to 2014 are now

ON SALE 25% off!

but only until July 15th, so don’t delay!

We have to exempt a couple of things – such as gold (sorry!)… but most things are included.  If you have specific queries get in touch either by phone at 604-924-0122 or email at tartooful@gmail.com and we’d be happy to answer all your questions, and help you to find the perfect additions to your personal collection.  If you prefer to browse our online shop, please enter coupon code “Dreamsale” to receive your 25% discount.

sometimes dreams come true….




Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilac Desert


Of course, dedicated Trollies know that there’s no such thing as a “Lilac desert”… but really doesn’t it look like somehow that’s what arrived at Tartooful today?


IMG_6230I can imagine the scene now, back at at the Trollbeads factory, some slightly grizzled glass artist (who never quite recovered from the loss of the “Brown Desert”) throws his arms up in the air and says with a charming Danish accent, “that’s it – I don’t care what they say, today I’m going with Lilac!”… and so this amazing bead appears.


IMG_6234My little scenario is born purely from my imagination… the reality us that this bead is just another lovely little reminder that every single Trollbeads really is made by hand by a real person, and so each one has its own quirks and personality.  These slight differences can be created by something as clear as a different artist’s touch, or it

IMG_6231could be something as hard to predict as a change in ambient temperature or humidity that day.  Lampwork glassmaking is chemistry, after all, and the most subtle of variables can make dramatic changes to the end product.  It’s no coincidence that all my favorite regular collection patterns exhibit huge ranges of expression…


A pretty pair of blushing new Uniques frame “Inner Glow”…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Lavender Prism”, “Blue Desert”, “Three Flowers”, “Pastel Flower”, “Desert Rose”, “Florence”, “Waterlily of July”, “Unique”, “Inner Glow”, “Waterlily of July”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “White petals”,  “Magical Lamp”, “Chrysanthemum of October”, “moon light Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.




Trollbeads News: Luck & Joy Limited Edition Starter Bracelet

“Start with Luck and Joy, and tell the stories in your life…”

Here’s a fresh treat from Trollbeads!  They just announced a Limited Edition, Starter Bracelet.  It includes a silver foxtail bracelet, a plain lock, a Silver Lucky Knot,  and one of a dozen different colours of this truly joyful, transparent and shimmering polka dot glass bead.

It’s already a lust-worthy item, but when you add in the very Trollie-friendly price?  Only $99.95, for a $184.00 value!  It’s irresistible.  We will only have access to a very limited number of these goodies….

We’re taking pre-orders now at tartooful, (604.924.0122 or tartooful@gmail.com) and will have them in the shop on October 15th.





Trollbeads Event Begins Today: What will you begin?

Ah, there’s nothing like the special pricing at a Trollbeads Event to help get things started… recently the amazing RT and her equally amazing collection came for a Tartooful visit, and she brought her latest, in-progress project with her.  Her completed bracelets are astonishingly rich, complex and beautiful, so it’s exciting to have a peek at one as it is being designed.

I was aware of the project before I left for Copenhagen, so I was on the lookout for a brilliant blue and bumpy bead for RT when I visited Tivoli.  The above bead came home with me, and has now joined the composition.  Isn’t it a perfect “Bahamas Blue?!”

…Ahhh I can feel the warm sun and feel the sand between the toes now!


Trollbeads Inspiration: CF updates for Spring 2012

CF’s remarkable designs have been an inspiration to many of us over the past couple of years… Her exquisite taste and uncompromising vision result in perfectly balanced compositions in absolutely gorgeous combinations of colour.

She selected this limited edition bead when it was released for the Denmark collection on Trollbeads’ World Tour.  “Anemones” is such a lovely creation, that it wouldn’t surprise me if it inspired much of the Spring 2012 “crispy green” collection.

At our celebration of the Universal Uniques last year she found two gorgeous additions to the composition:  the glass wave designs at right have wonderfully fluid patterns and feature unusual colour combinations.

With the release of the new Spring 2012 collection, CF found a couple of worthy additions… First, a “Forest Flowers” that beautifully echoes the original “Anemones”, while still having its own unique personality.

Newly released “Green Wave” tapers the bracelet down to the “Fish Lock”, and balances the Unique beads.  The ends are perfectly matched for colour, but subtly different in size of pattern.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Green Wave”, “Caribbean”, “Earth”, “Pisces”, “Mixed Armadillo”, “Turquoise Bubble”, “Treasures”, “Forest Flowers”, “Lime” (retired), “Blue Agate”, “Glass Trolls”, “Blue Agate”, “Anemones”, “Silver Trace, Green-Turquoise”, “Ocean”, “Peter”, “Turquoise Armadillo”, “Pisces”, “Heart Chakra”, “Universal Unique Aqua Wave”, “Universal Unique Small Green Ripple”.

Thank you to CF for allowing us to share this beautiful update to her Ocean bracelet… stay tuned for other bracelet updates over the next few days!