Trollbeads Inspiration: Dreamy


IMG_0700Today I once again went searching for a little colour inspiration in the beutifully illustrated pages of the Trollbeads book “Trollbeads: An Icon in Jewellery Design”.  Of course I found a great many images with wonderful palettes to consider, but in the meditative mood of the quiet gallery today I was attracted to one that

IMG_0704featured a patch of Black Mondo Grass.  The light surrounding the inky grasses is misty and blue in hue, a delicate palette into which I couldn’t wait to dive.

I started with a stunning “Blue Desert” that is a dark slate blue, with an area on one side that lightens to a subtly transparent claret.  The generous dose of glitter in this bead helps to further warm the overall look.


IMG_0705This is currently a tricky bead to partner, (although when the Autumn Collection launches it will find lots of beautiful companions), but I placed it opposite the “Flowers on Indigo” as it also has that delicious combination of deep sapphire and claret.

IMG_0698To ensure that the mood of the bracelet stayed light and airy I added multiple dots of white:  a “Denritic Agate” that is nearly pure white, one of the Summer Stones “Howlite”s, a couple of wonderfully shimmering “Dichroic Ice”, and of course a “Diamond Bead, White”.  The Two faceted “Chalcedony” further add to the light, glowing look of the design.


IMG_0703I love the way the light plays in this particular Azure Bubbles – it has taken me great restraint not to add it to my own personal collection!  I find it fascinating that in some lights I can see a clear layer of amber glass, yet when I look directly at the surface of the bead, it’s not green at all.  It’s a wonderful example of why I always Look at a bead sideways, and into the light….



Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Unique Glass”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Spiritual Ornament”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Chelcedony”, “Silver Whorl”, Diamond Bead, White”, “Flowers on Indigo”, “Howlite”, “Blue Desert”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “Chalcedony”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Angels Feathers”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.

All beads used for design currently in stock at Tartooful. 604-924-0122.



Trollbeads Inspiration: Rich Teal


IMG_7898Here’s a rich bracelet composition for the holiday season that feels festive enough to wear with your favorite little black dress, but simple enough to enjoy while schlepping about town in sweater and jeans.  The soft teal and deep mossy green are natural neutrals for us here on the coast.  We are are surrounded by every

IMG_7897possible shade of green all year round here and in a real way, it forms the backdrop for our life.  Perhaps it’s for this reason that I see myself wearing this bracelet with practically any colour, from clean blacks, greys or whites to pink, purple, blue, yellow and so on.  There are so many lovely beads on this bracelet, but the Golden Quartz surely steals the scene!


IMG_7900The Golden Quartz is so rich, so golden, so bright and so sparkly… it really is an exceptional example.  In this design I’ve paired it with a juicy, maple syrup toned unique amber that contains a few fascinating flecks that sparkle nicely in the light.

IMG_7895As green can be such a basic neutral for me, I wanted to give this bracelet design a little extra grandeur, and so selected silvers that offer lots of drama.  The new Spiritual collection for Autumn 2014 offers a gorgeous pair of silvers that fit the bill.  “Spiritual Ornament” and “Spiritual Adornment” are very similar in  size, and complementary in design, which makes them a popular choice to be used in tandem.


IMG_7899In addition, the gesture of using a pair “Lotus Top” to frame the central “Green Jasper” adds a touch of formality to the central core composition.  Aren’t the matched pair of teal and gold glitter uniques perfectly delightful?  They make me happy, just looking at them.  Finally, The simple, deep purple unique at left beautifully echoes the glitter theme.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Bow Lock”, “Unique Black Amber”, “Unique Swirl”, “Unique Black-Purple Glitter Flower”, “Snowballs”, “Oasis”, “Unique Maple Syrup Amber”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “Unique Teal Glitter Floral”, “Lotus Top”, “Green Jasper”, “Lotus Top”, “Unique Teal Glitter Floral”, “Spiritual Ornament”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Golden Quartz”, “Mist Bubbles”, “Royal”, “Unique Black Glitter”, “Unique Teal dot”, “Turquoise Prism”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: A Moment of Golden Calm

IMG_7700Everyone needs a moment like this….

IMG_7695Well, we’re officially in the middle of the busiest season of the year… There’s so much to do, and so little time in which to do it!  Shopping lists, parties, end-of-year concerts and recitals, baking, wrapping, decorating… it’s dizzying.  Not only are we running about being Santa’s helpers, but we’re supposed to be doing it all gracefully, with

IMG_7690adoring children by our side, making precious childhood memories.  That’s certainly how I remember my Mother juggling it all.  I don’t know how your house manages it all, but I think I don’t quite measure up to “Graceful” all the time.  I think it’s more of a “Frazzled and Grumpy” approach.  Still, it’s good to have goals, and when those

IMG_7689magical moments do happen, it’s all worth it.

We have one amazing lady who we count as a client and friend, who does manage to navigate the rough waters of life with exceptional grace.  She works in a challenging and exhausting field, keeps a beautiful home, is a great Mother, Wife and Daughter

IMG_7696and still produces the most phenomenal baking I have ever seen.  (Truly, it puts the most perfect confections in magazines to shame…)  I know what you’re thinking, but no, despite all that we adore her!  She has an aura of kindness and calm that follows her, and is so inspiring.  Perhaps it’s not surprising that a calm and elegantly beautiful bracelet design like this one, belongs to her.


IMG_7692This breathtaking bracelet is quite possibly the loveliest I’ve ever seen.  With the subtlest of soft, warm blues, a hint of blush pink, a deft mix of textures, the sparkle of diamonds, and a generous dose of gold, this is a tour de force bracelet.  Just looking at it is like honey for the soul, and as good as a day at the spa.  It’s a moment of calm that we can all enjoy, thanks to N.O.  (Thank you!)


Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Flower Lock” (retired), “Gold Spacer” (retired), “Unique”, Non-Troll, “Artisan”, “Unique”, “2+2 gold”, “Mirrored Armadillo by Artisan Kathy Perras”, “Three Flowers Gold”, “Unique”, “Bougainvillea gold with Diamonds”, Artisan, “Stars, silver and gold with diamonds”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Mini Heart Bead, Gold”, “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, “Lotus, gold”, “Silver Mountain”, “Endless, Gold”, Unique, “Labradorite”, “Initial N, Gold”, “Blue Desert”, “Gold Spacer” (retired).

This Winter has been particularly challenging for our dear friend and her family, so please send her all the positive, happy energy vibes you can spare…



Trollbeads News: Christmas Uniques Now at Tartooful


IMG_7724We just received the prettiest little kits of Christmas Uniques!  So. Much. Fun.  Each kit contains three glass that coordinate nicely to play together on your holiday bracelet… and many of them will linger year ’round, too, as there is a good blend of abstract patterns as well as Wintery themes.  We’ve also uploaded individually photographed Christmas Limited Edition glass for 2014, with Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, stunning three dimensional florals and rich red bubbles to tempt you.  Take a peek at them all on our online shop!


Trollbeads News: Collectors’ Dream Sale Now On!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.34.01 AMMake a wish… It’s true – every collector’s secret wish just came true:  a big, beautiful Trollbeads Sale!  This never happens.  So quick – make a list and check it twice, because Trollbeads introduced prior to 2014 are now

ON SALE 25% off!

but only until July 15th, so don’t delay!

We have to exempt a couple of things – such as gold (sorry!)… but most things are included.  If you have specific queries get in touch either by phone at 604-924-0122 or email at and we’d be happy to answer all your questions, and help you to find the perfect additions to your personal collection.  If you prefer to browse our online shop, please enter coupon code “Dreamsale” to receive your 25% discount.

sometimes dreams come true….




Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilac Desert


Of course, dedicated Trollies know that there’s no such thing as a “Lilac desert”… but really doesn’t it look like somehow that’s what arrived at Tartooful today?


IMG_6230I can imagine the scene now, back at at the Trollbeads factory, some slightly grizzled glass artist (who never quite recovered from the loss of the “Brown Desert”) throws his arms up in the air and says with a charming Danish accent, “that’s it – I don’t care what they say, today I’m going with Lilac!”… and so this amazing bead appears.


IMG_6234My little scenario is born purely from my imagination… the reality us that this bead is just another lovely little reminder that every single Trollbeads really is made by hand by a real person, and so each one has its own quirks and personality.  These slight differences can be created by something as clear as a different artist’s touch, or it

IMG_6231could be something as hard to predict as a change in ambient temperature or humidity that day.  Lampwork glassmaking is chemistry, after all, and the most subtle of variables can make dramatic changes to the end product.  It’s no coincidence that all my favorite regular collection patterns exhibit huge ranges of expression…


A pretty pair of blushing new Uniques frame “Inner Glow”…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Lavender Prism”, “Blue Desert”, “Three Flowers”, “Pastel Flower”, “Desert Rose”, “Florence”, “Waterlily of July”, “Unique”, “Inner Glow”, “Waterlily of July”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “White petals”,  “Magical Lamp”, “Chrysanthemum of October”, “moon light Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.




Are you ready for Valentine’s?


This is the question today…

Whether it’s a small gesture, or a lavish expression of love, Tartooful has you covered.


photo-9With succulents artfully tucked into atomic inspired wooden planters… (Think clever alternative to the usual ho hum roses…) Mid century glass candlesticks by iitala and orrefors, worthy of the most romantic candlelight dinner… tiny perfect Trollbeads just waiting to be slipped into a glass of champagne….

photo-8Tartooful is the perfect spot to browse for a devastatingly apropos gift for your special someone.  For your young daughter?  Perhaps a mod posy for her hair?  We have adorable felt hairclips that she will love.  For your husband?  Perhaps a thoughfully designed gift by RedFlag…a dopp kit, or maybe a vintage brass key hank.  (Rugged and handsome!)  For your son?  No question, our cactus planted into atomic shaped wooden blocks will it his style… and oh my, for your sweetheart….


Well, for the woman who is the love of your life we’d recommend you take a peek at the sparkling rings of the Mollard Collection…

IMG_3206These curated estate jewels range widely in style and price, with something for every taste and budget.  Each one has been professionally appraised, and is sold at merely half of that figure, making them a beautiful and brilliant choice.  We currently have a stunning array of pieces in store, so do drop by…






Trollbeads Inspiration: Icy Wishes


We’ve had a few days to begin playing with the new Holiday 2012 Trollbeads collection, and already we’re seeing so many possibilities…

The creamy whites from both kits play nicely with so many different palettes, they are going to be very versatile.  In this photo you can see the glitter dot from the Decoration kit, with the bold new “Christmas Tree” and a fascinating teal Universal Unique.

The “Sweet Christmas Kit” contains this glitter swag patterned bead, which is very reminiscent of one of last year’s Christmas Limited Editions… It has a little twist; the dot and swirl feels just a little like “Traces”.  This unique Christmas Ornament Tassel is a perfect match…

Of course, the bead that everyone wants to see is the new “Diamond Bead, Ice Blue”.  This stunning sparkler is an intense blue, and after just a little experimentation we find that it works beautifully with not only turquoises but also virtually all the light blues.  Imagine how amazing a black and blue bracelet would be with two Diamond Beads framing a dramatic silver as the centerpiece… There really are so many lovely bracelets in this bead’s future.

The new collection contains some very strong silver designs as well… “Soft Heart” promises to become a favorite modern design.  It looks marvellous on a chain or bracelet or bangle all alone – but here you can see it blended in on a full design.

Another exciting silver design is “Bougainvillea”.  This bead was hard to envision from a photo, but in person it is a satisfying and generous cascade of tiny flowers that wedges neatly in between other beads on a bracelet.  We can’t wait to see this bead in gold!

Speaking of which… we couldn’t resist adding this “Happy Universe” to the bracelet.  Doesn’t its touch of warm 18k gold add a lovely note to the composition?  It is nicely echoed by the glitter beads, and feels so heavy and solid in the heart of this design.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Lock with Buds”, “Christmas Rose”, “Universal Unique Limited Edition Christmas Tassel”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Soft Heart”, “Diamond Bead, Ice Blue”, “Winter Snow”, Limited Edition Christmas 2012″, “Christmas Tree”, “Universal Unique”, “Happy Universe”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Polar Bear and Baby”, “Diamond Bead, Ice Blue”, “Bougainvillea”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Christmas Rose”.

Be sure to drop by the shop in the village to see all these beauties for yourself… or if you live a little further away then pop by our online shop:

take me to Tartoofultoo online

Stay tuned for more inspiration from the new collection…


Tartooful’s feeling warm & fuzzy

Today we had the pleasure of having Janna of Astrosatchel and Winterluxe visit us at the shop for the day… We took special orders, chatted fashion trends and heard all about the design history of our favorite pieces.  You may have missed your chance to join the conversation… but it’s not too late to come see the amazing array of Astrosatchel at Tartooful!  Janna has very kindly allowed us to “borrow” her studio for a couple more days – so be sure to swing by the village and take a peek!

The Holidays are lurking just around the corner, and Janna’s hard-working and beautiful designs are perfect for so many people on the “nice” list…  Her cashmere is 100% recycled and each piece is locally made by the artist and one-of-a-kind.  Her scarves, armwarmers and new mittens are perfect for hard-to-please fashionistas and are so easy and lightweight to pop in an envelope and mail to the lucky recipient.

Don’t miss out on her “Sadie Bags” – the sleek and simple, round shape is very now and so comfortable and easy to use.

New this year are her gorgeous, shag cashmere home accessories.  You’ll find cashmere shag cushions this weekend at tartooful in colours such as couture pink, mod black & white, olive green and rich hues of turquoise.  These cushions are the ultimate luxury – so soft and unabashedly pretty!  But don’t worry – they’re still 100% recycled and locally made by the artist.

Other stocking stuffer ideas include her oh-so-smart wallets, with their cool industrial snaps and perfectly planned pockets… lipstick cases, the indispensable little case that holds everything in its place, cashmere hot water bottle cozies, d-ring bags for the girl on the go, and sleek pocket clutches.  If all that’s not reason enough… don’t forget the bag that started it all:  the totally perfect Medium Tote!  We have oodles of Totes in all colours and patterns… if one of these beauties is on your holiday list, be sure to pop in and shop early while this amazing selection is in store.

The “Astrosatchel Studio comes to Tartooful”… on now!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Liquid Light

There is a beautiful group of transparent and light-filled beads in the gallery right now… I think they would make an amazing composition, one that truly felt light liquid light.

It’s one of Trollbeads great design strengths that they are able to create beads that appear to be lit from within… they use the silver or gold core of the bead to reflect the light back out, through the glass.  The result is a shimmering, beautiful piece that never bores.  Perhaps the most amazing of these designs is the “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, pictured above.  This is a tour de force of design, with the light beautifully reflected from the gold core, glistening through the perfectly cut crystals.  On any bracelet it would be an absolute showstopper.

Other outstanding examples of this light-trapping technique include “Dichroic Ice”, any of the clear striped designs, such as “Light Blue Stripes” or “White Stripes”, and most recently, “White Petals”.

These beads are most effective when paired with intricately patterned silvers that offer a wonderful juxtaposition of texture and colour – such as the “Cherry Blossom” above…