Kolton Babych at Tartooful Today!


Today’s the day!


stellacharmKolton Babych is coming to Tartooful today:  5-9pm, and he’s bringing a fabulous array of his beautiful work for us all to enjoy.  Come see the last precious designs from his acclaimed “Heroes and Thieves” collection… and enjoy a privileged first look at his upcoming Luxe collection, featuring gold and precious stones.  Bring a friend, treat yourself, plot for the holidays ahead – do you really need more reasons?  Do drop by and raise a glass of bubbly with this delightful, talented local artist…

See you in the village!  C.



Kolton Babych at Tartooful


You will not want to miss this.  Local artist and jewelery designer Kolton Babych will join us at Tartooful on the evening of October 26th 2016!

He’s going to share with us the final release of unique pieces from his gorgeous “Heroes & Thieves” collection, and will offer a sneak preview of some of his upcoming ultra luxe collection, featuring rich gold and precious stones.  It promises to be an inspiring evening, and is a great opportunity to not only treat yourself, but also think ahead to holiday gifting and even custom projects that you may have been mulling!  Kolton is a favorite designer among Tartooful insiders, and is a rising local star whose works will be showcased at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards in their collection of gifts to their nominees.  This is your personal invitation to come meet him so you can say “I knew him when…”!

Put it in your calendar, grab your best shopping partners in crime and come out to meet the artist and have a glass of bubbly.. See you in the Village!



New Designs by Kolton Babych

This week we were delighted to receive a fresh series of designs by local jewelry extraordinaire, Kolton Babych….

These necklaces feature rich and shockingly heavy talismans of hand carved sterling silver.  Each one is completely unique!  Some sparkle with green or ice white sapphires, while others are pure in their simplicity.

We love these statement pieces, and think you will too.  Drop by and see them for yourself!


30 Day Challenge: Day 12

IMG_9455A cooler shade of blue…

IMG_9453Today’s bracelet is a re-imagining of one of my semi permanent designs… I say “semi” because if there is one thing this Challenge has taught me, it’s that no design in my bead box is entirely sacred.  However, my deep teal blues and golden amber and stones have drifted back together countless times, and it’s one of the palettes that I like to be able to reach for several times a week – so it’s definitely a fixture.


Today I decided to rework that design and take inspiration from the navy glitter and white longevity symbol bead shown above.  It’s a favorite bead, and one that I feel is a little lost on the teal and gold design.

IMG_9450I centred the Longevity, and then worked my way out, focusing on teal, deep blue and white.  I used the same array of silvers as before, as they are satisfyingly heavy and subtstantial, without taking up too much length of the bracelet chain.  I was pleased to see how much more prominent my blue and white Kimono beads are in this revised design…

IMG_9454Navy Glitter is almost copper!

IMG_9451The deep dark navy “Blue Desert” shown above is so very glittery that it almost reads as copper!  I couldn’t resist its charms, so I thought I’d better put one other deep blue and warm toned bead on the opposite side, just to provide balance and make sure it didn’t look mismatched with the other cooler beads.  I used this Azure Bubbles – which I

IMG_9452normally “read” as purple and vicuna – but somehow I think it works in this application.  Finally, I tapered both the glass and silvers, trying to place the larger beads closer to the middle of the design, and popping the tiniest “Small & Beautiful” glass right at the very end.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Sterling Double Lobster Clasp” (retired format), “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”,  “Limited Edition Auspicious” (World Tour Series Hong Kong), “Unique Glass”, “Blue Desert”, “Jugend”, “Sapphire”, “Limited Edition Kimono Series”, “Azure Bubbles”, “paradise Birds”, “Labradorite”, “Unique Glass”, “Artisan Labradorite”, “Rolling Troll”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Limited Edition Kimono Series”, “Labradorite”, “Carved Flowers”, “Blue Desert”, “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac – Rooster”, “Unique Glass”.  Artisan Labradorite Tassel by Melanie Matthews.


Heroes & Thieves: New Works by Kolton Babych


IMG_8225One of the most talented and exciting young jewellery artists in Vancouver, Kolton Babych has just launched his exquisite Spring 2015 collection, “Heroes & Thieves”!

Kolton is a North Vancouver designer who recently returned from New York where he polished his already considerable skills at Purchase College.  He is known and loved for his west coast, urban pieces which are each hand made by the artist.

IMG_8218“Guardian Angel Necklace”

IMG_8229“Heroes & Thieves” is a stunning collection of highly wearable and covetable pieces.  Hand cast in sterling or bronze, each talisman features the worn and weathered image of an antique coin.  The satisfyingly heavy, chain bracelets and necklaces are meticulously hand made by the artist, and stack and layer beautifully for a very personal look.


IMG_8223With a range of sizes, weights and prices there are pieces for all tastes in this series, so be sure to drop by and visit Tartooful soon for best selection of these gorgeous new treats!





Trollbeads Inspiration: A Moment of Golden Calm

IMG_7700Everyone needs a moment like this….

IMG_7695Well, we’re officially in the middle of the busiest season of the year… There’s so much to do, and so little time in which to do it!  Shopping lists, parties, end-of-year concerts and recitals, baking, wrapping, decorating… it’s dizzying.  Not only are we running about being Santa’s helpers, but we’re supposed to be doing it all gracefully, with

IMG_7690adoring children by our side, making precious childhood memories.  That’s certainly how I remember my Mother juggling it all.  I don’t know how your house manages it all, but I think I don’t quite measure up to “Graceful” all the time.  I think it’s more of a “Frazzled and Grumpy” approach.  Still, it’s good to have goals, and when those

IMG_7689magical moments do happen, it’s all worth it.

We have one amazing lady who we count as a client and friend, who does manage to navigate the rough waters of life with exceptional grace.  She works in a challenging and exhausting field, keeps a beautiful home, is a great Mother, Wife and Daughter

IMG_7696and still produces the most phenomenal baking I have ever seen.  (Truly, it puts the most perfect confections in magazines to shame…)  I know what you’re thinking, but no, despite all that we adore her!  She has an aura of kindness and calm that follows her, and is so inspiring.  Perhaps it’s not surprising that a calm and elegantly beautiful bracelet design like this one, belongs to her.


IMG_7692This breathtaking bracelet is quite possibly the loveliest I’ve ever seen.  With the subtlest of soft, warm blues, a hint of blush pink, a deft mix of textures, the sparkle of diamonds, and a generous dose of gold, this is a tour de force bracelet.  Just looking at it is like honey for the soul, and as good as a day at the spa.  It’s a moment of calm that we can all enjoy, thanks to N.O.  (Thank you!)


Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Flower Lock” (retired), “Gold Spacer” (retired), “Unique”, Non-Troll, “Artisan”, “Unique”, “2+2 gold”, “Mirrored Armadillo by Artisan Kathy Perras”, “Three Flowers Gold”, “Unique”, “Bougainvillea gold with Diamonds”, Artisan, “Stars, silver and gold with diamonds”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Mini Heart Bead, Gold”, “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, “Lotus, gold”, “Silver Mountain”, “Endless, Gold”, Unique, “Labradorite”, “Initial N, Gold”, “Blue Desert”, “Gold Spacer” (retired).

This Winter has been particularly challenging for our dear friend and her family, so please send her all the positive, happy energy vibes you can spare…



Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 24


Sometimes it’s not so much about the composition, as it is the combination…


I typically wear an armful of different kinds of bracelets: gold bangles, artisan designs, my bronze X by Troll and of course my Trollbeads.


Today I was so delighted with the blend of colour, texture and form, I decided that it was challenge worthy in its own right…


Bracelets joining in today’s arm party include two narrow gold bangles and one wide one, inherited from my Mother… A simple Trollbeads bracelet with only a pair of “Happy Fish” and a retired “Green Lilac Armadillo”… Another Trollbeads bracelet that Is packed full of slate blues and honey golds… And finally, a wonderfully flashy, handmade Labradorite bead bracelet by Tartooful’s own Melanie Matthews.


Are you ready for Valentine’s?


This is the question today…

Whether it’s a small gesture, or a lavish expression of love, Tartooful has you covered.


photo-9With succulents artfully tucked into atomic inspired wooden planters… (Think clever alternative to the usual ho hum roses…) Mid century glass candlesticks by iitala and orrefors, worthy of the most romantic candlelight dinner… tiny perfect Trollbeads just waiting to be slipped into a glass of champagne….

photo-8Tartooful is the perfect spot to browse for a devastatingly apropos gift for your special someone.  For your young daughter?  Perhaps a mod posy for her hair?  We have adorable felt hairclips that she will love.  For your husband?  Perhaps a thoughfully designed gift by RedFlag…a dopp kit, or maybe a vintage brass key hank.  (Rugged and handsome!)  For your son?  No question, our cactus planted into atomic shaped wooden blocks will it his style… and oh my, for your sweetheart….


Well, for the woman who is the love of your life we’d recommend you take a peek at the sparkling rings of the Mollard Collection…

IMG_3206These curated estate jewels range widely in style and price, with something for every taste and budget.  Each one has been professionally appraised, and is sold at merely half of that figure, making them a beautiful and brilliant choice.  We currently have a stunning array of pieces in store, so do drop by…






Trollbeads Inspiration: January Blues


Have you ever seen that movie scene from “The Jerk“, starring Steve Martin?  The one where he has a meltdown, and on his way out the door he “only needs” a long list of things?


jerk5Sometimes when I look critically at my own Trollbeads collection I feel a little bit like that… First, I think I could give up everything except my “Silver Mountain”.  However, then I realize I couldn’t possibly give up the natural stones… And the “Deserts”, blue, brown and pink… then the various colours of “Azure Bubbles”…

jerk3Isn’t it  wonderful that Trollbeads continues to create such gorgeous little treasures that they become such a part of our lives?

For today’s bracelet I dive back into my own dear collection, to play just a little bit with an idea that I’ve been brewing for some time….

jerk4“I only need this Azure… and this Amber…”

jerk7Ever since I acquired my third (!) Azure Bubbles I’ve been thinking that I really ought to try blending just my very favorite designs and see what that looks like.  Deserts and Azures and Labradorites, oh my!  I love my job.

jerk2I call it “January Blues”

I played together this composition and discovered that these beads create a palette of softest grey blue with lots of warmth from amber and golden sparkles.  This is the perfect bracelet for a cold and dull January day like today… the blues are gentle and a welcome respite after the colour excess of the holidays… and the sparkle and amber glow stops it from feeling cold.


The big bad beauty of a sparkly bead at the heart of the bracelet is an artisan piece by West Coast Trollbeads designer, Scot Bouwens.   You’ll recall that he is the designer of the subtle and beautiful Rocky Beach kit that was released as part of the Spring Trollbeads collection last year.

Now I’m just going to take my beads and go…





Inspired by the glittery photos flying around the interwebs of the upcoming Trollbeads collections… I am remembering how very much I love all my “Desert” beads… Pink desert, Blue Desert and retired “Brown Desert” are among my very favorite designs in the collection.  If early rumours are true, then I am bound to love this Spring’s Trollbeads series!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Painterly in Vogue


This utterly delicious concoction of raspberry, parchment, orange, green and violet absolutely fascinates me.  What an amazing palette to inspire a Trollbeads composition.


richThe overall golden hue of the photograph informed my decision to capture these images in warm incandescent light, the better to recreate that painterly feel…. so you’ll see that some of the beads sparkle differently than in

IMG_4017natural light that I usually use.  This is particularly notable in the dichroic glass of the “Purple Flower Mosaic”.   I chose to build a fantasy necklace with pearl for this design, as it seemed appropriate for the impressionistic and romantic feel of the flowing dress in the photo.


With a field of wildflowers for inspiration, flower designs were a must for this composition.  Autumn 2013’s “Amber Violets” could not be more perfect, both in mood and palette.

retired-pink-prismThe last bead on the necklace was this little “Retired Pink Prism”, whose milky and iridescent tone is gently antique.  It’s smaller size makes it a good way to taper the design from wider at the bottom, to narrower at the top – I always like to make a bit of a pyramid shape for Fantasy Necklace designs.

I’m particularly fond of this combination of colours and patterns… I may just have to give this a try with my own collection!