X By Trollbeads News: Simple is Beautiful – and now so Affordable!

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 5.08.45 PMHere’s the hottest of hot news since Trollbeads unveiled their groundbreaking X series in September…

We just received word that we could offer our customers a very special promotion that simplifies the process of easing into X!  It’s so easy:

1.  Select a lock

2.  Select a decorative link

3.  we’ll complete the rest of your bracelet with Black Rubber X as our gift to you, so you can walk out the door wearing your beautiful new bracelet!

Simple, beautiful, affordable, irresistible.

If you’ve been mulling X, but haven’t known how to begin, this is the time.  You can find X by Trollbeads on our online gallery at tartooful.goodsie.com, drop us a line at tartooful@gmail.com, or ring us at the gallery at 604.924.0122 and we’d be happy to help you pick our just the right beginning for your X!

See you in the Village!



Trollbeads X: Lets Start At The Very Beginning


Well, the reviews are beginning to come in from our own group of Trollbeads fans, and for the most part our ladies are loving Trollbeads X.  I’ve had a number of questions about X:  “How big are the links?”, “Will they slip apart by accident?” and the big one, “How do I make a start?”.

how-bigThe single links are just a little over half an inch long, with the double links roughly twice as long.  There is variation in length between the various decorative links, especially in the Zodiac collection.

black-rubberHow many links you will require to make a bracelet will depend on your size,  how you like to wear your bracelets, and which links you’d like to incorporate. Our ladies have for the most part chosen to start with mostly black X links with a

cathy-braceletclasp and perhaps one accent link in silver or bronze.  That’s the route I’ve chosen myself… I’m looking forward to building my new bracelet slowly, just as I did with my very first Trollbead bracelet.  I’m going to add links as little rewards to myself on a regular basis and choose the accent ones only as I fall in love with them. 

On my bracelet I have 18 single links and one clasp, and I would normally take a 7.9″ Trollbeads bracelet worn full.  I could wear a 7.5, and occasionally do if the bracelet only has a handful of beads, but I prefer it to fit on the loose side.

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 3.20.32 PMHere’s the plan…

My bracelet today is pictured at top left… and I’d like to transform is into a classic bronze chain that I can wear every day with my gold bangle and Trollbeads.  I’ve played with the bronze links, and they feel velvety, smooth, and satisfyingly heavy.  I’d love to wear one all the time.  If I add a couple of double links each month I’ll have a gorgeous, all-bronze chain bracelet by Christmas – just in time for my family to pick me a silver accent piece as a special treat.  (I’ll have to be very good…)


beautiful-beginning2That’s my plan, but there are lots of creative approaches to making a beautiful beginning.  Melanie had a great idea for integrating little touches of one’s classic Trollbeads to add zest to a simple bracelet…

Beautiful-beginningLoop two rows of black rubber X for double the drama – and then add one of the Trollbeads tassels to the clasp.  This is perfect with the Black Spinel, but would be equally pretty with any of the tassel designs.  This brilliant design has tons of presence and the flexibility to transform into a necklace in seconds flat.

Finally, The X link is beautifully engineered and absolutely won’t slip apart while you are wearing it.  It’s a pleasure to use, and every time I connect two links I still marvel at its elegant simplicity. 

To really understand how nicely the X works one has to feel it for oneself, so do pop in and play!




Trollbeads News: X by Trollbeads now online in Denmark….

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 7.50.48 AM

4033fc481f8911e3b0b622000a9e5b33_6The rave reviews are pouring in after the glamorous Trollbeads launch in Copenhagen for the fashion industry… X by Trollbeads is gorgeous!  Here on the other side of the pond we must wait (impatiently) until tomorrow to show you every detail, but for today take a peek at xbytrollbeads.com and see the new designs.

e2d47f121f8a11e3adbc22000a9e17d5_6Tune in tomorrow for all the details and juicy close up shots….


Trollbeads News: X by Trollbeads

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 7.10.31 PM

There’s a whole lot of cloak and dagger mystery surrounding a new project by Trollbeads, and I’ve had a number of people ask me for “insider” details… but there’s no need to pry as I really don’t know what’s coming!  However, if it’s from Trollbeads it’s bound to be something beautiful, so I can’t wait to see…

“X by Trollbeads”

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 7.11.06 PMThis is quite apart from the Autumn 2013 Trollbeads Collection, which will be unveiled on the 6th of September.  We’ll have the full collection at Tartooful on the day, so be sure to come by and see all the new little treasures that Trollbeads has dreamed up for us!

For the new, “X” project, simple online searches turn up rumours and speculation, but no real information or images.  We are all  simply going to have to be patient and wait until launch day later in September.  If you’re like me and want to be among the first to hear about Trollbeads’ new project be sure to sign up on their webpage, www.xbytrollbeads.com to receive all the details in your email on launch day.