Trollbeads Inspiration: Liquid Refreshment


IMG_6667We are in those most precious of days, here on the West Coast.  It’s the hottest time of year here and we are in a gorgeous patch of brilliantly clear, golden and warm days.  It makes us all a little giddy, as we shamelessly gorge on sunshine and vitamin d, playing outside well into the evening on our long, light, Northern Summer nights.


IMG_6672The key is, of course, to drink lots and lots of water.  So important to stay hydrated and refreshed on these hot days… so here’s a bracelet that might evoke an elegantly tall drink, beaded with cool water that slips down the outside of the glass… Or perhaps it’s a deep, round pool of softly green river water, nestled in a shady bend of the forest…


..Or Perhaps it’s something as miniature as a discovered mist of dewdrops on a lush moss in the early morning garden… No matter, whatever inspired it, this bracelet is liquid refreshment on a hot day.


All Beads in stock at Tartooful.  Clockwise from clasp:  “Water Clasp”, “Green Prism”, “Lucky Knot”, “Unique”, “Organic Bubbles”, “Moonlight Bubbles”, “Soft Heart”, “Smoky Quartz”, “trefoil Knot”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Lake Eye”, “Grey Prism”, “Transformation”, “Amethyst”, “Three in One”, “Moonlight Bubbles”, “Organic Bubbles”, “Unique”, “Water”, “Green Prism”.



Bracelet Update: MS recreates “Neptune’s World”

You may recall the outrageously beautiful collection by MS… her “Neptune’s World” bracelet in particular has elicited great admiration by the readers of this blog.  We posted photos of it when she first designed it…

It felt like a warm day in the Caribbean, or perhaps sailing around the Greek Islands…

However, always striving for perfection, MS has made some changes that dramatically alter the aesthetic of the composition.  She decided that she wanted to express a greater range of the mood of the ocean, not just a tropical paradise… so she has added more deep and soulful blues to the palette.  She has kept the same, beautiful blue, “Mexico lock”, and a number of the original silvers appear including “Pisces”, “Ocean”, “Treasures”, “Mermaid”, and “Happy Fish”.  There’s now a “Cancer” tucked into the design… she prefers this bead to express the crustaceans, rather than the traditional “Crab”.  The brilliant, emerald green that was hinted at by the “Caribbean” beads, is now more fully expressed with the addition of “Green Stripe” and several “Silver Trace, Green-Turquoise”.  The light that plays through these beads, and their cousins the “Silver Trace Blue-Cerise” is simply exquisite.  The light reflects off the silver core at the heart of each bead and makes them appear to be lit from within.

Another tour de force design by MS…