Trollbeads Inspiration: The Vogue Project Day 1

December-2013-Fashion-Magazine-Covers-PicturesDecember 2013 Vogue Cover

This week we take inspiration from that Grande Dame of fashion, Vogue Magazine.  If we only bought one publication a year, it would be the September Vogue… I’ve spent countless hours over the decades poring over that epic volume, garnering ideas about fashion, colour, decor, homes, food, and people.  The December issue is a close second for sheer daydream value, as it’s filled with gowns, jewels and cocktail worthy ensembles to fill a girls’ dreams.  Let’s take a peek inside the pages of this encyclopedia of current taste and find some images that teach us a little something fresh about colour….


day1-frontOur first image shows Pixy Geldof wearing a lush printed dress by Carven.  This page’s unusual palette caught our eye, as it has an intriguing combination of several trend colours that we can see being relevant well into the spring.







day1-bfmNote how the designer has blended several shades of cool greens with the warm parchment and spicy chestnut.  The claret lip, contrasted with the blush collar and nail brings this vintage feel garment firmly into the now.  The final touch is the slate blue background of the shoot, which resonates nicely with all the cool tones.

day1-slateblueI would have thought to blend the chestnut and green, or the chestnut and blue – but perhaps not all three, and the additional touches of claret, pink and parchment take the palette to an entirely new level.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  (The fourteen year old deep down inside of me is practicing that mona lisa smile in the mirror right now…)

day1-burgundyFor rich golden browns we reached for unique ambers, the slate blues were ably provided by our perennial favorites, “Azure Bubbles”, and the rich claret comes in the form of “Third Eye” and its companion Classic Core Uniques.  The myriad of greens are brought to the bracelet by “Black Flower Mosaic”, with its highly textured blue and olive

day1-slateblue2tones.  Even the dichroic glass accents in this example perfectly fit the needed palette.  The  gorgeous rich green unique at right is just what the bracelet needed to express not only the colours of  inspiration photo, but also the verdant print of Carven’s dress.  Finally, a hint of lilac pink is added by the “Golden Cave”.


The over sized and dramatic scale of the photograph’s jewellery dictated the style of the silvers for this composition.  “Opposites”, “Large Berry”, “Thoughts”, “Zanzibar” and “Transformation” shine in this role.  All the beads used for this project may be found online in our Tartoofultoo online gallery.


Oh – and in the spirit of the season we decided to add a companion cocktail ring to each bracelet… (As one does…) Here we showcase a lovely smoky quartz and yellow gold ring from the Mollard Collection of vintage jewels.  It makes me smile just to see it, it’s just delicious.

Tomorrow:  Vogue Day 2… Ciao darling, don’t ever change, we must do lunch.



Mollard Collection: New Arrivals


The Mollard Collection continues to delight and astonish with a fresh array of beautiful vintage and antique jewels to tempt us…

This stunning sterling ring set features a chic rose cut diamond and four brilliantly contrasting, pink sapphires.  Created by Vancouver goldsmith, Kristen Jones, this is a one of a kind piece that hints at the past but is uncompromisingly contemporary.  Wouldn’t this make a stunning unconventional engagement set?  Or perhaps for a reaffirmation of vows?

big-platinumWe’re dazzled by the Edwardian white gold and platinum filigree rings set with diamonds that sparkle as beautifully now as the day they were made… these timeless designs truly evoke an era when every ring was individually crafted by hand to create a unique piece of wearable art.

rose-goldSome pieces, such as this subtle and delicate rose gold ring set with gorgeous, cranberry stained garnets, are from an even earlier time… This particular ring dates from the Victorian era, about 1880.  The gently aged setting is romantic and unlike anything made today.


2snakesOf course, with the Year of the Snake upon us we had to make space in the gallery for this pair of lovely serpents… this ring features a rose cut diamond and pear shaped emerald, as well as tiny, cabochon rubies for eyes. Sinuous tails elegantly form a double shank.

There are lots more tiny temptations waiting in the gallery, so do drop by to experience this little taste of history for your fingertips…