Trollbeads Amber Deliciousness


This has to be the most exciting group of amber kits that Canada has ever seen from Trollbeads.  These are simply amazing!  So many delicious designs packed into each gorgeous group of beads.  How to pick?!  Each kit is priced at CAD$373 or USD$283.

Drop by to see them in person!




Trollbeads World Tour: USA

Our neighbours to the South are fortunate to be the most recent stop on the Trollbeads World Tour!  Announced this week are four new beads that will be available for sale only in the USA… Trollbeads says,

“Visit a welcoming land filled with diversity, love and the pursuit of happiness. A place where one can experience energetic cities that never sleep and peacefulness of golden deserts of the old west. And visit the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C., home of the iconic White House, where history is made!”

The “Pursuit of Happiness”  bead is available in both silver and silver& gold versions, and is sure to be a popular choice… it’s reminiscent of the glass smiley beads that Trollbeads released a few years ago.  The “White House” is a powerful symbol for the US, but rocked as it has been by political scandal over the last few decades, it’s not a bead I would particularly want on my bracelet.  I can see the appeal of the “Old West” cowskull bead, especially if one called the Western States home, or even if one was on holiday in that area.  However, the real star of this collection has to be the “Star Spangled Bead”, with it’s crisp red and white stripes, and perfect little white stars dropped onto each bud, it’s dramatic and a fun interpretation of the iconic US flag.

Hey Trollbeads!  How about a Canadian stop next time around?!  (Everybody likes Canadians, right?)  Trollbeads has already put a few good Northern images in the collection – the “Ice Bear” is very Canadian, and “Jasper” is a spot to visit for any tourist to the Canadian Rockies.  “Labradorite” is named for the Canadian Province of Labrador…  But what kind of images would we like to see in a new Canadian collection?  Perhaps a gorgeous glass that evokes the Northern Lights?  Perhaps an intricately wrought Maple Leaf in silver?  Perhaps one of our distinct animals – a moose, beaver, polar bear, Canada goose or loon… Or maybe an amazing blue glass (think “Earth” – but blue!)  that pays tribute to the three oceans that border our land… and of course, one can’t forget the national sport of hockey?  This last idea would have to be handled verrrry carefully to avoid being silly.

Next time?


Beautiful Blues (two sleeps til the troll…)

Anyone who has seen and admired our very own CRB’s soft blue bracelet will recognize some of these lovely beads… Among them are some surprisingly useful and versatile designs.

“Silver Trace, Blue Beige” is a chameleon bead that is equally at home on a sky blue composition, or as a gold accent in a formal black & gold design.   “Grey Wolf” has recently changed from a sharp black & white stripe to the subtle, feathered appearance as above.  I find it even prettier, and now I like to use it in concert with the ocean blues, such as “Whitecap”, “Moon Ocean”, and “denim Prism”.  “Aquarium Pastel” is particularly effective when grouped with the auburn tones of “Coral Bubbles” or “Coral Stripe”.

Come see them at Tartooful on this Thursday the 26th of May, 2 til 8

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604.924.0122

Trollbeads Inspiration: Alexa’s glowing pinks

We were delighted when one of our favorite Trollbeads collectors recently dropped in to Tartooful to introduce us to her brand new, tiny Son…  (He’s perfectly beautiful!)

While she was there we took the opportunity to finally take a few snaps of her bracelet, which glows with warm pinks, greens and golds.  The subtle, unusual shades and limited edition beads she has selected create a unique and personal composition.  She has transitioned from one colour family to another,  around the bracelet – going from yellow, to lavender, to green, then to caramel yellow and finally to a warm pink.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Silver Fish Lock”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade – yellow”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Silver Trace, Beige Blue”, “Mermaid”, “Pink Desert”, “Purple Mosaic Flower”, “Troll with Big Feet”, “Golden Cave”, “Jellyfish”, “Aventurine”, “Florence”, “Ocean”, “Unique Amber”, “Urchin”, “Flounder”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade – Green”, “Limited Edition Pink Agate”.

Thank you for sharing, Alexa!


New Eye Candy from Trollbeads

New Images from Trollbeads for Spring 2011 are so inspiring… They show some of the stars of the new collection in exquisite detail, with a hint of a companion bead in a complementary hue in the background.  Enjoy!




Pastel Flower

Midnight Flower

Trollbeads World Tour: Africa!

Trollbeads continues on it’s world tour, and today presents us with a collection of limited edition beads celebrating the people and cultures of Africa.

“Dance your way through Africa!
Feel the rhythm of the drum beat as you experience the essence of Africa through her smiling, happy people and vibrant colours.
Drench yourself in her breathtaking wildness and ageless traditions as you meet the king of the beasts.
Welcome to your African adventure
Watch as Trollbeads friends and retailers introduce the World Tour Africa collection in this short film by our South African distributor:
Music: The song “Siki Siki” is from the album “Home” by Hot Water.”

Drum Beat

“In Africa, drums served as an early form of long distance communication, and today are used during ceremonial and religious functions such as dance, rituals and story-telling.”

Designer: Søren Nielsen

African Pride

“The male lion is highly distinctive and easily recognizable by its mane. Few animals will dare to challenge a lion, even in periods of extreme hunger, or fighting for territory. Referred to as “King of the Beasts”, lions are popular symbols of royalty, stateliness and bravery.”

Designer: Søren Nielsen


“I am an African. Not because I was born there but because my heart beats with Africa’s. I am an African. Not because I live on its soil but because my soul is at home in Africa. I am an African. For her wildness quenches my spirit and brings me closer to the source of life.

Extract from a poem by Wayne Visser (

Designer: Lise Aagaard

Seed Bead

“Seed Bead” is a generic term for any small bead. Usually round in shape and most commonly used in weaving, but also in simple stringing and in other pieces of jewellery. The colorful, world-renowned Ndebele bead work is a good example of the use of seed beads.”
Designer: Søren Nielsen

These exciting beads are available through South African retailers starting today…


Trollbeads Inspiration: rare jewels

We’ve received three shipments of beads in the last week, so our display is full, lush and totally gorgeous.  Among the new arrivals are some extraordinary examples of designs: a “Blue Desert” with so much gold dust glittering in it that it’s practically pink… a dark, honey-toned  “Golden Quartz” with sparkling highlights … a “Golden Cave” that is practically all gold leaf… to name a few.

Inspired by some of these unusual design expressions, I composed this “Rare Jewels” bracelet:

clockwise from clasp:  “Blue Desert”, “Golden Quartz”, “Small Berry”, “Blue Green Feather”, “Golden Cave”, “Transformation”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Love Within”, “Third Eye”, “Labradorite”, “Neither Fish nor Bird, Small”, “Black Silk”, “Grey Prism”.

Mouth wateringly beautiful….


Trollbeads Inspiration: Spring Sunshine

This bracelet, with its warm, buttery yellows, glowing “Rose Quartz”, and unabashedly pretty flowers, feels like Spring Sunshine.  On a cold & rainy day like today it’s just what the Troll-doctor ordered.

I love the slightly translucent feel and balance of the “Chalcedony” and “Green Jade”, and of course, the “Fantasy Flower” takes centre stage, and ties together the whole group of colours.  I selected “Jugend” for this composition because it reminds me of fiddleheads, the first, curling shoots of forest ferns in the Spring.  “Transformation” offers balance on the other side of the bracelet, and is a nod to the constant change of the turning of the seasons.

clockwise from clasp:  “Alabaster Amber”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “Small Berry”, “Antique Flower”, “Green Jade”, “Jugend”, “Fantasy Flower”, “Transformation”, “Chalcedony”, “Florence”, “Sandi”, “Rose Quartz”, “Alabaster Amber”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Composition in Blue

N.O.’s bracelet shows an artist’s touch…

Recently one of our favorite Trollies came in for a little visit and was wearing the bracelet pictured above.  It’s a particularly pretty combination, and one that I thought would be inspiring to the ladies who are currently designing collections with an emphasis on blue.

N.O., you may recall is the same talented lady who so kindly baked a Trollbead themed birthday cake for Cristi in the Autumn, and who stunned us with her bounty of gorgeous Christmas cookies… The same care and artful touch is applied to her Trollbeads bracelets, as is evident in this beautiful composition.  I particularly admire that here she has effectively married rich and pale blues, as well as light and even white tones…

Clockwise from clasp”  “Mexico Lock – retired”, “Silver Mountain”, “King & Queen – retired”, “Turquoise Bubbles”, “Carved Flowers”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Unity”, “Pale Blue Gold”, “Dichroic Flowers”, “Beige Blue Dot”, “Frames”, “Turquoise Ribbon”, “White Pearl”, “Azure Bubbles”, (non Trollbead), “Pale Blue Shadows”, “Hearts, Large”, “French Anemone”, “Winter Jewel, Small”, “Diamond Bead, white”, (non Trollbead), “Limited Edition Haiti Trollbead”.

Thank you, N.O for letting me photograph your bracelet and share it with the blog…


“Trollbeads Through Life”

…A lovely new video from Trollbeads, “Trollbeads Through Life” gives a nod to the signposts along the way that so many of us mark with a bead.  Enjoy!