New Designs by Kolton Babych

This week we were delighted to receive a fresh series of designs by local jewelry extraordinaire, Kolton Babych….

These necklaces feature rich and shockingly heavy talismans of hand carved sterling silver.  Each one is completely unique!  Some sparkle with green or ice white sapphires, while others are pure in their simplicity.

We love these statement pieces, and think you will too.  Drop by and see them for yourself!


Trollbeads for Dad…

Just in time for Fathers’ Day, Trollbeads has just unveiled a series of design suggestions for leather bracelets for Men.  It’s a little touch of European luxury and style that is tough enough to wear everyday, in the shower, at the gym and through everything that life throws at him…

For more information about these bracelets, or other Trollbeads designs, contact us at Tartooful… 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122



Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilacs in Bloom

Every garden that I’ve ever had has had a lilac… huge, out-of-control, gorgeous bushes that put on a massive show every spring.  I was a little taken-aback when I realized that my present garden was lilac-less.  Now, when I see them in bloom all over the neighborhood, I think I will have to get one.  I’m going to look for a Persian Lilac, a delicate little bush which takes over a lot less of the garden, but has a heavenly scent  with all the oomph of it’s bigger cousins.

Meanwhile, I was inspired by all the lilacs to build a bracelet… (yes, inspiration really can come from anywhere…)

This bracelet includes a couple of the Spring 2011 collection: “White Petals”,  and “Pastel Flower”.  There are also a number of familiar favorites, such as “Florence”, “Light Green Stripe”, “Lavender Stripe”, “Green Jade” and “Purple Bubbles”.  However, the showstoppers on this bracelet have to be the new Limited Edition Diamond Flower beads – Antique Flower.  I’ve used two of them to frame the centre of this bracelet.  Their tiny purple flowers are perfectly evocative of lilacs…


Trollbeads Inspiration: light blue

It’s something in the air… so many ladies are inspired by light, watery blues and greys right now!  Maybe it’s because of our very own CRB’s lovely blue bracelet:

Of course, there are a few retired beauties on her bracelet, that we’re not able to snag for you at Tartooful… but in the current collection there are lots of designs that work beautifully to create a composition with this feel.

“Silver Mountain”, pictured at left is an important element in this design, with it’s icy blue, grey, and silver tones.  Most of the examples of this bead also include some ivory and rich vicuna, which add a contrasting warm note, and also complement other creamy  bead designs shown, such as “Beige Bubbles” or “Warm Dawn”.

Other key beads include “Light Blue Shadows”, from the Autumn 2010 collection, and everyone’s favorite, “Blue Desert”.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Clasp”, “Beige Bubbles”, “Light Blue Shadows”, “Warm Dawn”, “Jellyfish”, “Chalcedony”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Trinity”, “Silver Mountain”, “Grey Wolf”, “Green Jade”, “Water”, “Conch”, “White Petals”, “Bead of Fortune”, “Light Blue Dot”, “Silver Trace, Beige Blue”, “Blue Desert”.


Trollbeads inspiration: pink & black diamonds

This bracelet composition is inspired by the pink & black beads of the “Flower Diamond” Limited Edition series.  We added lots more of the subtle pink tones, and then softened the black by adding “Khaki Stripe” and our perennial favorite, “Silver Mountain”.

The “Khaki Stripe is particularly effective here, as it pulls together the black and the pink in an unexpected way… this bead has a very unusual, lilac cast to the Khaki element.  We often see the amazing electric blue tone in this bead, but lilac is a fresh discovery.

I chose to add the smiling, “Frog” silver bead to the design to stop it from being too terribly serious… who could resist his silly, crosseyed grin?  (interesting side note:  one of our brilliant trollbead collectors had her “Frog” engraved with a crown on it’s plain, polished underside – to show that he was really a prince…)

Clockwise from clasp:  Basic Double lobster clasp, “Silver Mountain”, “Lamb”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Pink”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Black”, “Summer Dot”, “Summer Jewel, Big”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Pink”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Fantasy Flower”, “Frog”, “Rose Quartz”, “Pink Ribbon”.


Unique Blue & Green Trollbeads

We just received two new series of beads at Tartooful:  a set of green and blue floral uniques, and the “Flower Diamond” Limited Edition.  We couldn’t resist playing today, and seeing what we could build with all the juicy new designs…

We photographed the uniques, so we could really show off each one’s colour and texture.  I particularly like the one with the large, scalloped flowers and one distinct dot… quirky and lovely!  In our bracelet we blended the dark turquoise blues and racing greens with rich purple, using lots of the uniques and “Diamond Flowers”, but also a few of the regular collection that worked into the design…

Come see them while they’re fresh!


New “Be Series” now back in stock

We’re honoured that Tartoofulers have embraced the “Be series, particularly as they are so personally meaningful to us.   Following Mothers Day our shelf was bare, so we’ve collaborated once again with Bouton Rouge to create fresh designs…

We’re in love with the long, graceful necklaces,  each one unique.   At the moment we have ones featuring various stones, including one with rubies the colour of pomegranate seeds and another with mandarin toned carnelian.  All the necklaces have the full series of “Be” words, sprinkled on the circles around their length.

We also have the full series of rings back in stock, and various bracelets, as well!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Alexa’s glowing pinks

We were delighted when one of our favorite Trollbeads collectors recently dropped in to Tartooful to introduce us to her brand new, tiny Son…  (He’s perfectly beautiful!)

While she was there we took the opportunity to finally take a few snaps of her bracelet, which glows with warm pinks, greens and golds.  The subtle, unusual shades and limited edition beads she has selected create a unique and personal composition.  She has transitioned from one colour family to another,  around the bracelet – going from yellow, to lavender, to green, then to caramel yellow and finally to a warm pink.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Silver Fish Lock”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade – yellow”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Silver Trace, Beige Blue”, “Mermaid”, “Pink Desert”, “Purple Mosaic Flower”, “Troll with Big Feet”, “Golden Cave”, “Jellyfish”, “Aventurine”, “Florence”, “Ocean”, “Unique Amber”, “Urchin”, “Flounder”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade – Green”, “Limited Edition Pink Agate”.

Thank you for sharing, Alexa!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Cool Dusk

Nadine has worked her magic again, creating a fresh composition that is soft and lovely with some of Trollbeads’ Spring 2011 collection.  This design makes me think of a cool, West-coast sunset over the ocean… with birds floating quietly home for the night.

The above bracelet takes its cue from two Kimono Beads, one soft blue and the other apricot.  The design works out from that, with touches of pink and apricot repeated in the “Dichroic Ice”, “Rosa Pearl”, and “Rose Quartz”.  Placing the apricot Kimono Bead directly next to the “Dichroic Ice” enhances its pink tones beautifully.  The subtle denim-y,  indigo blue is echoed by the “Trinity”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Midnight Flowers”, “Moon Ocean”, “Azure Bubbles”, and “Cool Dusk”.   “Moon Ocean” has traditionally been a gorgeous bead that was difficult to integrate well into a design.  However,  since the introduction of the Spring 2011 collection, there are now a few more beads with this distinct shade of blue that may be used to create a truly stunning composition.  The silver beads on this bracelet underline the water theme, with both “Mermaid” and “Treasures”.  The “Rosa Pearl” and “Zanzibar” are shamelessly pretty next to one another, and “Paradise Birds” beautifully balances the larger dimensions of “Dichroic Ice”.  I also love the combination of “Two sides to everything” with “Cool Dusk”, as their shapes echo each other so perfectly.

Thank you, Nadine for letting me share your latest creation…


Remember Mom…

Trollbeads is always a tartooful choice

This weekend is Mother’s Day… We know how hard it can be to find something beautiful and meaningful for Mom, but at tartooful that’s our specialty.  Here’s a few of our favorite suggestions:

Lovefresh body goodies are pure luxury.  Made with organic ingredients and free of undesirables such as parabens, petroleum products and artitificial preservatives, these natural treats are as good for you as they feel.  Choose from lotions, wash or our personal favorite, sugar scrub, in scents such as Lemon Verbena, Pomegranate, Pear, Lavender and Pink Grapefruit…

The “Be” series of sterling  jewellery is striking a chord with tartooful customers… These simple necklaces, rings and bangles each bear a tiny word to remind the wearer of their core values… The perfect gift for a Mom who teaches and lives those values every day.

We’re delighted to have a huge selection of RedFlag design’s amazing bags in stock, just in time for Mom’s day!  These totes, duffels, wallets and handbags are as hardworking as they are beautiful.  RedFlag’s new collection features overdyed sailcloth in subtle grey tones, from a deep charcoal-raisin to the softest of greyed blues.  All the bags feature their trademark detailing, such as knotwork straps and industrial grommets.  These are the pieces that will be used every day this summer…

“Bird Stories Again” by Anne Griffiths 36″x36″

Original art is always a memorable and thoughtful gift… perhaps just the right thing to honour a Mother on a special occasion – the birth of a new baby, the graduation of the first child, or the year that the children leave the nest?  We are delighted to represent a number of talented, local artists and can help you to select the perfect peice.

Sometimes a tiny gesture can be just right:  Phoenix Botanicals creates organic herbal balms with botanicals they gather themselves.  Every detail is considered, from their subtle fragrances such “Little Wing”, (vanilla, vervain, magnolia & ylang ylang) to their highly functional and biodegradable tubes.  Very tartooful….

This just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Trollbeads… This brilliant line of Danish jewellery is justifiably beloved by many tartoofulers, and a beautiful new bead is a perfectly thoughtful way to celebrate Mothers Day…

There are so many other brilliant ideas in the shop at the moment, I can’t possibly list them all here… please stop by for a personal visit this week and let us help you to find the perfect thing for the Mother in your life…