Saskatoon Sling (wasn’t that a party…)


As most of you know, we are currently showing Fake Plastic Trees, a photography and mixed media exhibit that is a part of the Capture Photography Festival… and last night we celebrated the artist and her work with an opening party.


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the artist… together you made an irresistible chemistry in the room, and the mood was fabulous.  Laughing people, sparkling conversation, good friends – what else could one ask for on a warm Friday night?


How about a little live music?  A very special thank you to Michale Rene Ertzinger who graciously played jazz trumpet for us to wind down the evening.  If you missed his performance, or would like to hear more of his work, please visit his website and enjoy.


Finally, by popular demand here is the recipe we concocted for our signature cocktail for the evening… the “Saskatoon Sling”:

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice
2 parts cherry liqueur
4 parts gin
8 parts pineapple juice
2 parts Concentrated and cooled Saskatoon berry tea
Cocktail Umbrella, Swizzle Straw and fruit to garnish

To serve:  Mix lime juice, cherry liqueur, gin and pineapple juice in a pitcher.  Chill.  Pour 1 oz Saskatoon berry tea into bottom of glass.  Add cubed ice.  Pour mixture from pitcher carefully into glass to layer over tea.  Add splash of soda and garnish to taste with fruit.

Where to find Saskatoon Berry Tea in British Columbia?  We found our delicious blend at South Island Saskatoons, in Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island.  They were even kind enough to ship to us!

Thank you again to everyone who came out to help us celebrate this beautiful series and the lovely artist who created it!





The Fool at Tartooful

Please join Tartooful and Jokerworld in celebrating

The Art of the Fool

Including original works inspired by the Jokerworld collection.  We are delighted to welcome the gifted Tartooful artists, including:

Louise Arnold, David Camisa, Lynne Green, Anne Griffiths,

Karyn Holyk, E. Andrea Klann, Kathryn Lissack,

Constance Pickett, Dallyn Rule and Rob Zylstra.

Opening Celebration Wednesday, the 21st of September, 2011, 5 til 9

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver  604.924.0122    &

New at Tartooful: The art of David Camisa

“Shipwrecked” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010. C$350.00

The series of recent works by David Camisa that arrived at Tartooful today are a beautiful and just slightly unsettling study in people and our relationship with nature.  This is a perfect fit for us, especially this year when we are finding such inspiration in the soft wildness of a west coast summer.  David’s biography says says:

“Born in Wales and raised in Canada, David spent his childhood watching cartoons and reading comic books, making it clear to him at an early age that art was his passion. He has continued to create art about people and all of their complex ways, finding inspiration in everything from Animation to Art Nouveau. Our relationships with each other and the world around us remain his main interest and subject.”

“On The Lookout” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$300.00

“Dangerous Ally”  Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$350.00

View the complete collection at the gallery:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604.924.0122 or online at



Pure Happiness

The new jewelry designs of Christy Feaver are simply breathtaking.

The silversmith is known for her chunky, modern pieces, with finishes and patinas inspired by the shorelines of the two continents she calls home… but the newest of her designs to arrive at Tartooful are a joyful riot of colour, set into simple, comfortable and timeless settings.

On a purely girly note, I am totally in love with her pink topaz pieces… (Cristi’s eyes lit up for the sparkling yellow citrines…)

…But there are so many mouthwatering colours in this collection:  rich, green peridot, lemon yellow citrine, sky blue topaz, smoky quartz, soft lavender amethyst….and of course, pink topaz.

We also have a beautiful range of her signature earrings on the shelf, as well as an array of her new necklaces, featuring silver Buddhas, lotuses and tassels. (!)

Christy Feaver’s jewelry is pure happiness…


The Art of Rob Zylstra

“Steamed Robot” Original Art by Rob Zylstra.  Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Please Join us for the Opening Celebration for

the art of

Rob Zylstra

Sunday, May 15, from 2 til 5

at Tartooful

Come meet the artist, and experience Rob’s new series of robotic art…

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.



Bird Dreams: New Works by Anne Griffiths

“Bird Dreams in Florence”

Oil and resin on canvas, 60″x36″ 2010 C$2600

We were delighted recently to receive a few new pieces by talented local artist, Anne Griffiths… Pictured above is a wonderful image that blends an urban landscape of Florence with dreamlike birds that are inspired by her west coast home.  This painting has a warm, peaceful feel about it, and the red bicycle parked in the bottom right hand corner is a wonderful punctuation mark.

For more information about the art of Anne Griffiths, please visit her page on our website, or come experience them in person at Tartooful in Edgemont Village:  3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122.


Biliana Velkova leaves us Breathless…

We are delighted to present a select grouping of recent works by talented artist, Biliana Velkova…

Rigorously trained in both classic and contemporary art techniques, and having recently completed her Masters, Biliana has produced visually stunning, watercolor pieces that take a hard look at the consumerist culture that is a part of our everyday life.

In her “Breathless” series, Biliana appropriates the marketing language usually employed in celebrity perfume campaigns.  The unexpected application of this approach to original artworks with no recognizable brand name reveals the calculated and empty promises of the cosmetic companies.

“Breathless” by Biliana

In a second, related series, Biliana further explores the themes first visited in her 2007 “Must Haves” show held at Tartooful.  Here she examines the phenomenon of the brand logo.  These lovely, ephemeral and pieces observe the contemporary obsession with consumerism with both wry and affectionate wit.


For more information regarding the artwork of Biliana Velkova please visit her page on Tartooful’s site here, or see her site:

…Or come and experience her works in person at the gallery at:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604.924.0122


10 reasons you can’t miss the trollbeads trunk show

The Little Black Box

1.  Huge selection: Tartooful will be bringing in our largest-ever trunk show order of fresh stock, including lots of gold, mixed silver and gold and precious stones.

2.  Juicy deals: spend $100 and receive a group 1 bead as out gift… Or purchase a decorative clasp and receive a bracelet as our gift.  Either way, it’s the smart time to indulge a little.

3.  Jo Burge, local representative of Trollbeads and Troll guru.  Such a lovely person!  She’ll be there to answer questions & give design advice.

4.  Jo Burge’s “Trunk” of stock samples:  Jo’s bringing her rack of beads along for your shopping pleasure, making the selection that evening even more spectacular!

5.  Sale prices on all other items in-store!  As a big thank you to all our favorite Trollies, we’re offering sale prices on all Tartooful goodies, (excluding art) for one evening only.

6.  Trollies.  The store will be buzzing with lots of passionate Trollbead collectors in attendance.  This is an amazing, accomplished, smart, *fun* group of people, and it always makes for a great evening.

7.  Cristi.  There’s nobody sweeter.

8.  Champagne, Pellegrino and decadent nibbles to tempt you while you play with all the sparkles!  (“bubbles in your glass to go with the bubbles in your beads?”)

9.  The Art of Anne Griffiths – if you haven’t had a chance to come experience her amazing paintings that are currently on display in Tartooful, this is a wonderful time to come enjoy them.  They are gorgeous.

10.  The holidays are lurking just around the corner… At Tartooful we specialize in finding the perfect item for all the “tricky-to-buy-for” folks on your list, so the Trunk Show is the perfect time to get a huge head start at sale prices and treat yourself to a “Little Black Box”, too.

Looking forward to seeing you there:  November 3rd, 2010 from 4 til 8

at Tartooful, 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.  604.351.5687


“Paris Night”: the evocative art of Anne Griffiths

The lovely teaser above is just a taste of the truly gorgeous pieces of original art that we will be installing later this week at tartooful…

Anne Griffiths is a phenomenally talented artist who calls the Village home, but whose travels in Europe have also given her a deep appreciation for the subtle colours and textures of the old world cities.  Her “Patina” series evokes the well-worn streets of places such as Florence, Lyon and Paris….while her “Bird Stories” series celebrates the lush forestscapes and natural wealth of the North Shore.  Like anyone who has found that they really belong to two places, Anne’s life and work reflect her two, very different worlds.  However, in her upcoming tartooful exhibition, Anne’s masterful touch brings the two into perfect harmony.

Please join us to celebrate the opening of recent works by

Anne Griffiths

10.16.10 2 til 5

at tartooful


Original Art by Kate Napier

“Romance in red” 49″x60″ acrylic on canvas, 2010.

I’m delighted to introduce a new Tartooful artist:  North Vancouver’s own Kate Napier.  Kate is a young, emerging talent whose powerful, jewel-toned abstracts are inspired by the intense beauty of our North Shore home, and the forests that surround us.

We are currently enjoying a select few of Kate’s works at the gallery… drop by and experience them for yourself, or view additional pieces online at Tartooful’s home site: