Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s Troll Tree bracelet Update

The dramatic “Seer” bead was recently retired, so we featured it on our blog – and look where it has found a home – on RT’s amazing “Troll Tree” bracelet! (Lucky bead…)

This composition is pure RT… with unusual shades of aqua and lilac, lots of rare, retired and unique beads, and of course, a group of bold, statement silvers for even more drama.  Pictured at left is a striped unique in the perfect combination of colours…

RT favors these distinctive styles of beads: petals, or scale-like images as well as caterpillar or python patterns decorate many of her bracelets.  As these patterns are not found in the regular collection, they mark the beads as very special “Uniques”.

Even among all these amazing glass beads, the Trolltree easily steals the show.  She centred this key bead, and selected a gorgeous little Unique feather bead in an indigo and lilac colour to nestle among the branches of the tree.

The Troll Tree is traditionally used vertically on a Fantasy Necklace – but here it makes a strong and beautiful centerpiece on RT’s bracelet.  Her beads are, on the whole, quite large, and she has added not one, but two “Baby Trolls” and a “Wisdom” bead to keep the Troll Tree in scale.  “The Seer” is another large silver, so it will fit right in.  You’ll notice, however, that although RT’s silvers are large, she has used them sparingly – so the overall balance of silver to glass is appropriate.

Thank you to RT for sharing this inspiring design update with the blog!