Trollbeads Inspiration: Pale & Pretty

Inspired by the warmth & light of Spring, I recently tried a different combination of my own beads, using the palest pinks from my “pomegranates & copper” as well as soft silvery blues and frosty greens from my paler blue bracelet.

It’s always fun to try something fresh & new, isn’t it?!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Jade & Fresh Cream

I love a girl who loves a challenge!  The lovely EO popped in recently with her equally lovely, cuddly baby boy to share her latest creation with us… and it occurred to me that her collection of beads would offer all the material needed to compose a gorgeous green and cream bracelet.  As you can see from the photographs,  she rose to the challenge beautifully.

I’m borderline obsessed with “Azure” and “Organic Bubbles” at the moment… and photographs like this one show exactly why.  Each one is so very distinctive, so unique and so beautiful.  They range dramatically from delicate, watercolour tones to deep jewel box colours.

Fascinating, isn’t it?  Here I’ve photographed the two sides of the same bead, and even from one half to the other there is a huge difference.  I’ve placed an order for early May of a large group of these beads, so that we can luxuriate in the diversity of their designs.  (stay tuned!)

“Nougat Flower”, one of the new introductions for Spring of 2012 has become a a  most useful design for marrying all different shades of white.  Here it makes all of the whites and creams play nicely together, from the buttery amber to the much lighter “Brown Dot”

This “Blue Desert” really isn’t blue at all… but rather a soft aqua, very nearly green.  It’s a perfect match for EO’s “Labradorite” and “Green Jade”, helping to set the colour tone in this subtle composition.  The rose gold shimmer offers a touch of warmth that ties in nicely with the warm creams.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Clasp”, “Brown Dot (retired)”, “Silver Initial R”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Double Heart”, “Conch”, “Green Jade”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Amber Unique”, “Labradorite”, “Baby (retired)”, “Nougat Flower”, “Blue Desert”, “Initial B”, “Fireflies”.

Thanks for taking up the “challenge”, EO…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Incomparable Amber

CF recently put the finishing touches on this unusual bracelet – with absolutely no silvers, and a warm blend of ambers, soft black and ivory, it is a strong and wearable statement piece.

The bracelet began when CF found this big beautiful black and ivory design… we knew as soon as we saw it that this bead would end up being the centerpiece of something special.  CF purchased it, and then took her time deciding what kind of composition to build around it.

Inspiration struck when she came across these oversized, blunt edged ambers.  She decided on the spot to create an amber bracelet, featuring her dramatic black and ivory bead.  There are so many gorgeous ambers to choose from – but ivory is harder to find…

Another stroke of luck came in the form of the amazing unique seen above.  It has an ivory background, with a delicate tendril of pure black, and tiny dots of metallic platinum.  The ivory plays perfectly with the other warm whites that CF has selected from the regular collection.  “Organic Stripe”, “Lucky Clover” and “Dewdrops” all add a light note, as do recently retired “Grey Squirrel” and “Beige Bubbles”.  New 2012 design, “Nougat Flower” plays a key role in tying together the various shades of ivory, from the warm yellow of the “Alabaster Amber” to the much more stark background of the Unique.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Organic Bubble”, “Lucky Clover”, “Alabaster Amber”, “Golden Thread”, “Organic Stripe”, “Brown Desert (retired)”, “Limited Edition Agate”, “Golden Quartz”, “Universal Unique”, “Unique Amber”, “Nougat Flower”, “Unique Amber”, “Universal Unique”, “Unique Amber”, “Limited Edition Agate”, “Golden Cave”, “Grey Squirrel (retired)”, “Tigers Eye”, “Beige Bubbles (retired)”, “Chocolate Parrot (retired), “Dewdrops”, “Dark Leopard (retired)”.

I admire the way she has tapered the bracelet from quite tiny towards the clasp, to very generous sized beads in the middle of the composition.  One doesn’t really notice the change in size, as it is accomplished so gradually.  I also think it’s extraordinary that such a beautifully balanced design could be created without any silver beads.  Usually we find that at least a few silvers are required in order to allow the eye to really “see” each glass.  However, in this design CF has blended light and dark, as well as different textures and opacity, allowing each bead to stand on its own.

Very inspiring….


Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s graceful garden of birds

As I lie in bed each morning, waking up to the gentle sounds of the Chickadee’s Spring song, I think that it is time I posted this lovely bracelet…

RT continues to astonish with this highly original composition featuring a flock of Trollbeads Birds.  The silver beads feature both retired and current collection bird themes, including everything from roosters, chickens and ducks to swans and decorative birds…

One of our favorite retired beads, “Sparrow”, can be seen peeking out from between “Grandma’s Favorite” and a lovely Universal Unique with a stylized feather pattern.  I love “Sparrow’s” smooth and polished tummy…

This “Triple Pearl Black” and “Whirling Adventure” set the colour theme for the bracelet… deep grey, lilac and white are a soft yet sophisticated palette for this graceful composition.  The flowers dotting the pearl add to the garden mood…

No Vancouver Spring garden is complete without a flutter of Cherry Blossoms whirling in the wind… and this tradition is beautifully echoed by the silver bead of the same name, as well as this perfect pink and pistachio toned Unique.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Grandma’s Favorite”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Unique”, “Love Within”, “White Steel”, “Duckling (retired)”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Frames”, “Whirling Adventure”, “Chicken”, “Chalcedony (retired”, “Rooster (retired)”, “Universal Unique”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Decorative Bird”, “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”, “Unique”, “Sparrow (retired)”, “Grandma’s Favorite”.

Observe the careful placement of the beads… the scattering of the deep grey around the perimeter of the bracelet… the balance of the light tones… the strong finish with a pair of matched beads – and a stroke of genius, placing “Chalcedony” between the two fowl, making it appear perfectly egglike!  Beautiful, with a wink…

Thank you for the dose of inspiration, as always, RT!



Less than a week until the Universal Love Trunk Show – and we’re starting to get sooooo excited…


Design Workbench: 2012 Palette

Reports of the latest home fashions from my favorite European capital are slowly making their way across the pond… Maison & Objet, the fabulous Parisian Home Show is on!  I wish I was there, (perhaps next year!) but fortunately for us the lucky ones who are in attendance are madly blogging the feast of sights for the rest of us.

One thing that caught my eye when reading Apartment Therapy’s summary today was a colour swatch of the 2012 palette:

(photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

This is what they had to say:

“As usual, the Danish exhibitors led the way with new color trends; Both Ferm Living and Hay showed new ranges in similar palettes of pastel hues – pale salmon pink, icy peppermint green and soft pale blues and lilacs – with dark petrol greys and small hits of fluorescent colors. “

Those oh-so-chic Danes… It’s perhaps not a surprise that everyone’s favorite Jewelry from Copenhagen, (Trollbeads, bien sûr!) is way ahead of the curve, with these colours already appearing  – both on our display at Tartooful, and in many of our customers’ beautiful creations.

At left, you’ll see the “petrol grey” and soft “pale blues” of the swatch, as well as crisp whites for a soft, light as air feel…

Remember this?  This was my “icy sunshine” arrangement for my own bracelet over Christmas.. It features a delicate range of “pale salmon pink,  icy peppermint green and soft blues and lilacs”…

This composition was made up on the Trollbeads workbench at Tartooful a couple of months ago… we loved the soft lilac, light blue, warm grey and snappy black & white stripes.  Golden accent beads were an unexpected and elegant touch, elevating what otherwise would have been a casual look to something rather special.

And as for the black & white and touches of neon.. well we were inspired by that exact colour combination at the Autumn trunk show, when we displayed this stunning composition using graphically bold, Universal Uniques, a “Diamond Bead, black” and a brilliant, lemon yellow retired “Banana”. Ultra modern and tons of fun…

Les Beads… c’est chic!