Creating Trollbeads before our eyes…


We were so honoured to have Irina from Trollbeads Canada join us at our recent Trollbeads event. Her glass bead making demonstration gave us a fascinating peek inside the creative process that brings us our Troll treasures… and gave us an even greater appreciation for the gifted craftsmen of Trollbeads!

glass2Irina patiently explained to us the materials and equipment in her custom made, portable glass making studio.  The durable metal table surface and protective shield reminded us that she was literally playing with fire!

glass8How amazing to see the hard rod of glass begin to glow red in the flame, and then magically become liquid and pliable.  It appears a completely different colour while molten, so the artist can’t see how each bead will look until it cools.

glass3Each bead design, whether a “wave”, “armadillo”, “dot”, or “stripe” has a different sequence of application, and different technique.  Irina left some beads partially completed, so that we could see how they looked as they were made.

glass4It’s amazing that some beads actually appear bigger partway through the process, than when completed.  This is because the beads are turned and thus rounded in the flame to finish them.  The surface tension created by turning them creates an extraordinarily tough outside coating, and makes them almost impossible to break.  Indeed, over the years of selling Trollbeads, I have only ever seen one or two that were damaged!  Finally, she cooled the hot beads, first on metal rods, and then in a protective, heat shielded pocket.


In this short video, Lisa Aagaard explains and demonstrates the process…

Thank you to all of you who joined us for this very special event, we had so much fun with all of you!



“Trollbeads Through Life”

…A lovely new video from Trollbeads, “Trollbeads Through Life” gives a nod to the signposts along the way that so many of us mark with a bead.  Enjoy!