Trollbeads Inspiration: Winners Circle


IMG_7007Congratulations once again to Tartooful’s very own Melanie Matthews, as her Compass themed entry made it to the 100 final designs in this year’s Peoples Bead design competition.  This Autumn she was delighted to receive

IMG_6997a token of appreciation from Trollbeads for the role she played in this year’s event:  a bracelet with one of the new “Perfect Balance” beads, as well as a coveted “Chess” lock.

IMG_6994She was kind enough to allow us to play with her new treats here in our North Vancouver shop, and to photograph them with some of Tartooful’s stock, to allow us all to see how the  “Perfect Balance” bead will fit in with some of our favorite beads.

There are so many bracelet designs that would benefit

IMG_7004from the addition of one of these beauties… I can see a turquoise, black and white palette… or hot pink with a couple of blasts of black… or deep greens, teals, greys and blacks… but in the end the bracelet that we loved the most was a classic black, white and grey composition with highlights of creamy gold.  Of course, two beads that simply had to join the bracelet were the diamond bead, black and the diamond bead, white….


IMG_7001Those two indispensable beads were joined by a deep, beetle-y “Blue Tigers Eye’, which I often favour over the “Black Onyx” as I find the slate shimmer just fascinating.  Other touches of grey came from a sparkling “Blue Desert”, grey prism and a “Snowflake Obsidian”.  I love the concrete feel of obsidian, it adds an urban,

IMG_7002almost gritty note.  Highlights of various shades of gold come from a “Scirocco”, “Silver Trace, Gold” and a lovely amber unique.  The silvers were chosen to be substantial in feel, and very clean, modern and simple.  The final touch is a sprinkling of black and white uniques that help to tie the whole thing together neatly.


Clockwise from clasp”  “Chess Lock”, “Unique”, “Scirocco”, “Unique”, “Stay Positive”, “Blue Desert”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Unique Amber”, “Blue Tigers Eye”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Perfect Balance”, “Love Within”, “Diamond Bead Black”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Snowflake Obsidian”, “White Steel”, “Nomad”, “Unique”, “Scirocco”, “Grey Prism”.