Trollbeads: Fresh for Spring

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We’re thrilled to be able to show off some yummy new stock today on our online shop, Tartoofultoo!


DSCN7302Raspberry pink is always hotter than hot, and with spring finally here, so many of us are reaching for those pretty florals and juicy colours… mix a couple of these delicious pinks with olive, grey or green for a fresh take on your serious winter bracelet…

DSCN7271Lots of our ladies have created compositions with subtle beauties such as Labradorite, Snowflake Obsidian, Organic Bubble and Green Jasper… Imagine how lovely a shimmering coral flower such as this one would look, tucked in among the soft greys and greens.  Just the thing to add a dose of “Spring” to your bracelet!

DSCN7330I’m absolutely in love with this bead… Its shades of lilac and pistachio are perfectly complementary, and the graphic punch of its “Magic Carpet” design adds great texture to a bracelet design.  Even its shape is interesting- it’s not round, but hexagonal.  I’d use this bead as the cornerstone for an entire bracelet design.

Better take a peek… these lovelies won’t last…










Trollbeads Inspiration: MS’s refreshed and refreshing “Spring Meadow”

Remember MS’s “Spring Meadow” bracelet?  With the recent acquisition of some unique and unusual beads, MS has recreated her composition with a deeper, richer and more carefully detailed feel.

Like all of MS’s creations, this bracelet features many unique and outstanding beads, including some that she has customized to make them even more personal.  She also favours multiples of certain beads, both for emphasis, and for the interest of displaying unusual examples of the design.

You’ll notice that there are two examples of a “Green Armadillo” – one is a nice, large example of the regular collection version, shaded with black.  The other is a “Universal Unique” that is beautifully clear and bright, without a trace of grey or black. I love the way the light plays through this bead, it simply glows in natural light.

A number of other Universal Uniques provide the texture, and impression of wildflowers scattered about the meadow.  The deeper tones of green offer the idea of a meandering stream or pond… The silvers are carefully chosen to further the theme, and to reflect the occupants of the meadow:  flowers, butterflies, a hedgehog and a frog.

The frog is smiling because he has a secret:  Turn him over and you’ll see that he is actually a prince!  MS had the brilliant idea of engraving the plain polished bottom with a crown.

Thank you for sharing your update with the Blog, MS!


Trollbeads Inspiration: soft coral

This Summer’s “it” shade is coral, and the arrival of some beautiful pink & coral Universal Uniques gave me the opportunity to play with this beautiful colour family.  I have childhood memories of my glamorous mother wearing coral in the ’70s… she paired it with sky blue or turquoise and white for hot Mediterranean days, and enjoyed it into the Autumn with teal, or indigo.  Gold accents make this colour sing, and I would happily wear this trollbeads bracelet with a few gold bangles.  Today I have designed a soft, warm bracelet with khaki greens and buttery yellow, that feels just a little bohemian and is easy to wear year round.

clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Rainbow”, “Royal”, “Universal Unique, coral flower”, “Treasures”, “Unique Amber, butter yellow”, “Large Berry”, “Universal Unique, pink, white & coral flower”, “Ocean”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Transformation”, “Universal Unique, pink, khaki & coral”, “Zanzibar”, “Coral Bubbles”.

This “Deep Bubbles” has a lovely flush of shell pink that echoes the coral beautifully.


Trollbeads Universal Uniques

Trollbeads has always been the leader in their field, presenting brilliant new collections several times each year, and innovative products that work together to create a truly unique and exciting piece of jewelry.

The latest creation?  Universal Uniques.  These beads have been designed with a subtly larger inner core that allows them to slip easily over all competitors bracelets.  Unlike the glass beads of Pandora or Chamilia, this universal silver core is no more obtrusive than that of the standard glass Trollbeads.

Each beautiful Universal Unique bead is one of a kind, making these beads particularly coveted and collectible, and perfectly suitable for gifts.

These lovely new additions to the collection will be available at Tartooful as soon as they are unveiled in Canada, July 11th.