Trollbeads Inspiration: Pink Cloud Punch


pink-bubblesWell it’s only a couple of days now until our Winter Trunk Show at Tartooful… the stock is arriving, and we are so excited to show it all off!  There are so many lovely examples of natural stones… (hello flashy labradorite!)  gorgeous new faceted ambers, and so many amazing fresh designs and colours among the uniques.


pink-urchinThis morning I was inspired to play with the most delicate of blush pinks to create this frothy and feminine design.  It has a yummy array of new patterns, as well as some floral themed silvers to create a bracelet that feels like cherry blossoms, pink tulle or ballet slippers.  Actually, the first thing it reminded me of was “Pink

pink-lotusCloud” Punch… (Takes me right back to my sorority days..) Pink Cloud Punch is made with a blend of pink lemonade, something bubbly – 7up, sprite, or the like – and frozen balls of pink sherbet.  The sherbet froths in a most dramatic way, making big pink, fluffy “clouds” that float on the pretty pink punch.  It’s delightfully girly.



All of these $45 glass uniques (and so many more…) are currently in stock at Tartooful!  Let us know if any tempt you…

Drop by the gallery in person, ring us at 604.924.0122 or email us at tartooful@gmail.comC.


Trollbeads Trunk Show: Friday the 13th


more-rodsOur Autumn Trunk Show – is coming up fast in just two days!  Friday the 13th is going to be your lucky day this Autumn, with a wide selection of new beads, uniques and gold… not to mention trunk show specials:

Buy a minimum of 3 beads and receive a group 1 credit, ($33.00 value)  or buy a decorative clasp and receive a silver foxtail bracelet chain at no charge ($48 value).


glass-rodsAll that, and we’ll have talented Trollbeads Glass artisan Georgina Black in the room, making custom beads and helping us to raise funds for an East African microfinance project by!  Not to be missed.

We’ll be open from 11-7 on Friday to allow everyone to fit the event into their schedule.


Be sure to come by and visit us, (just think – you can try to squeeze us for details on the super secret “X By Trollbeads” project – launching September 18th!)

Our Tartoofultoo online shop will be holding a Trunk Show as well…Have you had your eye on one of our special uniques?  Or maybe one of the new collection?

  • use coupon code “gotrollie” to receive $33 off on your $133 or more order,

  • or purchase a decorative lock and email us to let us know what length of sterling bracelet you would like us to include in your order as our gift to you.

or even just ring us at the shop with your trunk show purchases:  604.924.0122.  We’d be delighted to help you find just the right thing by phone and can process your credit card purchases on the spot securely and ship your items to you at no charge.


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Trollbeads Event: You Are Unique.

you-are-unique-simpleA Unique Trollbeads Event is coming to Tartooful!

Thursday, May 9th from 2 til 8

at Tartooful:  3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604.924.0122


Over the years we’ve noticed that our discerning customers have a particular appreciation for certain types of bead designs… the natural stones, ambers and unique glass that each have their very own distinct personality are our perennial favorites.  At Tartooful we love to unpack a box filled with precious unique stones and glass, never knowing what surprise lies within!  So we decided that we would switch things up a little for our next Troll party, and focus on only our very favorite designs.


We’re bringing in an extraordinary selection of the best of the best:

  • Universal and classic core Uniques

  • Unique Ambers

  • Natural stones, both faceted and smooth

  • Pearls

  • Limited Editions such as the coveted Aurora Bangle

So if you’ve been looking for a particular pattern of unique, or a certain shade of natural stone, this is a wonderful opportunity to see an array of each one!


As always, we will present enticing Event Pricing Specials… a special Trollbeads gift with minimum purchase of three beads or equivalent, OR a gift of a sterling foxtail bracelet with the purchase of a decorative lock.

Don’t miss out on this fun event…. See you there!

C & C

Trollbeads Trunk Show at Tartooful – October 4th, 2012

We’re thrilled to invite you all to another of Tartooful’s legendary Trollbeads Trunk Shows….

October 4th, from Noon until 8 pm…

Please join us for huge selection, bubbly & treats, show specials and of course wonderful company.  Come chat with our collectors and see what they are designing… and be inspired by the new stars of the Autumn 2012 collection.  It’s a not-to-be-missed event!

For those of you who are shopping online at Tartoofultoo… we haven’t forgotten about you!  Trunk show specials will be extended to online shopping as well, and we will be adding fresh uniques to our selection for the day!  Be with us in spirit, even if you can’t make it to the village in person.

See you there!

C & C


Trollbeads Trunk Show Today – Universal Love

Today’s the day – and we couldn’t be more excited!  We’re delighted to be hosting a Trollbeads Trunk Show from 2 til 8 pm at the gallery… with all the trimmings:  great selection, champagne, all the new 2012 releases, a Trollbeads representative on hand to answer all your questions and of course Tartooful’s exceptional customer care.

However, this time we wanted to give back with some of the proceeds of this show.  Trollbeads leads by example:  many people do not know that Unique beads are created by artisans in economically challenged communities.  It began when Lise Aagaard came across Tibetan refugees in Northern India who were economically disenfranchised and unable to support themselves.  She returned with lampwork tools and with the blessing of the Dalai Llama, taught them how to make Trollbeads, giving birth to the original “Tibetan” series of beads.  Now, Trollbeads glass artists spend a full year proving training to local artisans in several desperately poor areas.  Trollbeads then provides a global market for their product, thus allowing members of the community to support themselves.  It’s the “Teach a man to fish” approach to economic change.  Inspired by this, we did our homework and found a worthy organization in

We’ve chosen to direct our donation to supporting micro finance in Uganda.  This program creates a group of mutually supporting small businesswomen, provides them with training in business practices and issues slowly increasing loans to help them not only start, but also grow and sustain their business.  The program is designed to gradually transition the new businesswomen to conventional banks over the course of four years.  The ultimate goal is to empower women in extreme poverty to become independent businesswomen, capable of supporting their families and speaking with a powerful voice in their community.

So this time, when you come out to browse the gorgeous beads and enjoy a visit with the other collectors, bring a friend and know that today we are creating positive change on the other side of the world – for women that are just like us:  small businesswomen with families to support.  Trollbeads truly is a “Universal Family”.