Trollbeads News: Luck & Joy Limited Edition Starter Bracelet

“Start with Luck and Joy, and tell the stories in your life…”

Here’s a fresh treat from Trollbeads!  They just announced a Limited Edition, Starter Bracelet.  It includes a silver foxtail bracelet, a plain lock, a Silver Lucky Knot,  and one of a dozen different colours of this truly joyful, transparent and shimmering polka dot glass bead.

It’s already a lust-worthy item, but when you add in the very Trollie-friendly price?  Only $99.95, for a $184.00 value!  It’s irresistible.  We will only have access to a very limited number of these goodies….

We’re taking pre-orders now at tartooful, (604.924.0122 or and will have them in the shop on October 15th.





Summer Love: Trollbeads Starter Bracelets at a Sweetheart Price!

This just in from Trollbeads Canada:

“Trollbeads Summer Offer

For a limited time, enjoy one of these Summer Bracelets at an incredible price.

Start collecting memories of a beautiful Summer; chose your clasp and the colour of your Summer bead.

Beautifully made flower design clasp with a German made foxtail bracelet, with your choice of murano hand made glass bead, or perhaps choose the elegant silver lock clasp…

Special Summer Price

$119.95 featuring the silver flower clasp, silver bracelet and murano glass bead

or for only $89.95 the silver lock clasp, silver bracelet and murano glass bead.”

The best part?  As always with Trollbeads, it’s the beads!  They’re *gorgeous…*

Every single bead that has come in with these bracelets is truly a beautiful example of its design.  Just look (and drool..) at this amazing “Azure Bubbles” that came in today!

These bracelets are already flying out the door – with so many of our ladies jonesing to start new summer design projects, this is the perfect time to pick up another bracelet at a sweetheart price…

See you in the village…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Starter Bracelets

Sparkling Flowers Starter Bracelet:

“Lime Prism”, “Diachroic Flowers”, “Lavender Prism”, “Diachroic Flower Lock”

total: C$327.00

It’s a question we get asked all the time:  how to start a bracelet?  Which beads to pick?  It’s especially difficult if one is picking beads for someone else… it’s so personal.  The first few beads seem particularly important, as for a little while they will be the focus of all attention on the bracelet.

Our advice is usually to pick something that will make the wearer’s heart sing.  Something that has some colour, but is flexible enough to accommodate tweaks to the colour scheme.  The designs that contain diachroic glass, such as “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Trinity” or “Diachroic Flowers” (shown on the bracelet above) are all high impact beads that allow a great deal of flexibility in the future design of the bracelet.  It is fun, however, to pick items that have particular meaning for both the giver of the gift and the lucky recipient…  a few ideas to inspire thoughtful gifting:

The Fairytale Bracelet:

“Rose”, “The Hare & The Tortoise”, “Buttercup”, “Lace Lock” total: C$217.00

Lucky in Love Bracelet:

“Hearts, Big”,  “Red Prism”, “Lucky Knot”, “Freja Knot Lock” total: C$218.00

The Mermaid Bracelet

“Mermaid”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Waves”, “Fish Lock” total: C$247.00

Night Sky Bracelet

“Space with 18k gold”, “Milky Way”, “Planet, large”, “Freja Knot Lock” total: C$291.00

The Buddha Bracelet

“Ying Yang”, “Coral Stripes”, “Buddha”, “Coral Bubbles”, “Lotus”, “Fish Lock” total:  C$312.00

Stay tuned for more starter inspiration to come…