Trollbeads “Stars”

Just had to share a peek at this absolutely gorgeous bead!

It’s Trollbeads’ “Stars”, in silver, gold and diamonds… and this one is a special order for one of our all-time favorite Trollbead collectors.  When it arrived we just had to set it up for a little photo shoot, it’s too lovely to resist.  I love the way the silver is darkened a little, but still ultra glossy – it complements the gold beautifully, and the diamonds’ sparkle really pops!

I can’t wait to see how this talented designer of a customer chooses to use it with her own collection…

We received lots of yummy new beads today, and some of the interesting ones may be seen below:  note the adorable, tiny “Black Silk” with exceptionally rich, golden irridescence… I love this “Golden Quartz” – it’s so clear! …and this “Black Flower Mosaic” has a most unusual amber toned dichroic glass accent that feels bronze, or metallic gold…


Trollbeads Gold & Silver

In the wake of recent price changes (- mostly for the better, hurray!) I’ve been reaquainting myself with the whole Trollbeads collection.  I’m struck by the number of beautiful beads that are expressed in both silver and 18k gold, and am so inspired by the idea of a bracelet design that plays with both styles of bead.

This bracelet design includes: “Mexico Lock, gold”, “Small Berry, Silver”, “Lucky Knot, gold”, “Heart, silver”, “Endless, gold”, “Stars”, “Happy Universe”, “Yes! Bead”, “Endless, silver”, “Heart, gold”, “Lucky Knot, silver”, “Small Berry, gold”.