Trollbeads Inspiration: Designing with Dramatic Silvers


The new Trollbeads collection for Autumn 2014 includes dramatic silvers that are each tiny works of art in their own right.  I’m fascinated to see the intricate detail that can be contained in each design, and love the impact that they make on a piece of jewellery…


IMG_6963There is, however, a bit of a trick to it.  Too many patterns, too many clashing shapes, too many forms to decipher – it can all be a bit much for me to wear on my wrist.  I find that my eye loves to dive into the details of Trollbeads…whether it’s a complex glass unique, or a

IMG_6958storytelling silver, the genius is in the details.  My eye pauses to savour each element as I glance at the bracelet.  If there are too many elements, I feel as though it requires too much of my attention and energy to wear the piece.


IMG_6965…So how to wear and enjoy these dramatic and complex new silver designs?  I find that if I pair them with beads of calm mood, it works better for me.  The calm colours of “Silver Mountain”, “Azure Bubbles” and “Sapphire” are just right as a zen foil to the riot of pattern found in the silvers on the featured bracelet.

IMG_6964These glass beads are far from boring…. on the contrary, their swirls and earthy patterns are endlessly satisfying to me.  However, their lack of structured pattern and calming palette are just the thing to make highly patterned silvers feel sophisticated… Much better to fascinate with understatement, rather than hit the viewer over the head visually.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Grey Prism”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Trinity”, “Silver Mountain”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Ganesha”, “Sapphire”, “Giant Lotus”, “Moonbeam Facet”, “Giant Lotus”, “Moon Ocean”, “Cornucopia”, “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Silver Mountain”, “Black Silk”, “Three Flowers”, “Blue Desert”.  (All beads in stock at Tartooful)

IMG_6962… I can already hear some of our talented collectors and designers replying to me… and yes, sometimes “More is More”.  I am not immune to the charms of the big statement, and I’ve been known to make the odd one myself… This entire blog entry is not really meant for you ladies who

IMG_6961already completely understand the appeal of the big statement silvers, and who dive right in to enjoy their beauty.  (You know who you are!)  (RT!)  This blog is for the rest of us… we’re the ones who fall in with love these silvers, happily take them home, place them on bracelets, and then take them right off again before leaving the house.

…So let’s see those “Ganeshas”, “Jugglers”, “Seers”, “Buddhas” and “Mouse (Mice?) on Cheese”… show me your fresh designs featuring your biggest, baddest and most beautiful silvers!