Trollbeads Inspiration: Aurora Ablaze Bangle


This is not for the fainthearted!

IMG_0938The recently released Aurora bangle has inspired so many of our ladies to take the leap to purchase a bangle… it’s resulted in a renaissance of creative and exciting bangle designs!  Beads that would never find their way onto a composition of fifteen to twenty beads can take center stage and shine on this minimalist piece.


IMG_0939The sensational “Royal Orange” is a perfect example… only a brave few are creating full bracelets around this showstopper bead, but what a gorgeous statement it makes on a bangle! We’ve paired it here with the Aurora itself, as well as its’ cousin, a

IMG_0944“Netherlands” glass from the World Tour series of Summer 2012.  All three of these beads are so strong in their own right that they can overwhelm a complex composition, but on a bangle they are simple, bold and beautiful.  The auburn tones of the Aurora play perfectly with the juicy tangerine… and the two Orange beads are just different enough to be interesting and not overly “matched”…

What are you doing with your new bangle?