Trollbeads Inspiration: Shades of Amethyst

IMG_1899Thank you to Cristi for today’s composition…

IMG_1897We’re fortunate to have two exceptionally lovely Amethysts in the gallery at the moment, and together they display the unexpected range of expression within this natural stone.  For many years we’ve received the faceted version of this stone, and it showed a very narrow range of variations – a little darker, a little lighter here or there…

IMG_1895Recently we’ve noticed the range has become a little more diverse, with some very dark and very light examples appearing.  With the release of the Summer Stones series we were thrilled to see a huge variety of colours, clarities and patterns.  It’s given us an even greater appreciation for this stone, and we reach for it now more than ever.


IMG_1898In an interesting side note, the spectacular icy blue notes on this bracelet are courtesy of some of the colour change glass beads in the Trollbeads collection.  If you are not familiar with this phenomenon, there is a certain shade of light lilac that does change dramatically depending on what type of light it is exposed to.


media.phpThe prism shown above is the “lavender Prism”, and in natural or incandescent light it does appear distinctly pink in comparison to what you are seeing in this photograph.  The photo at left is its usual look!  In my photography light box, with filtered compact fluorescent light, the glass is transformed and appears an amazing ice blue.  You can see that the pale blue chess unique undergoes the same change of appearance… in the shop it is distinctly lavender.  This phenomenon has been known to take some of our clients by surprise, as they arrive home with their new treasure, look at it in the kitchen under fluorescent light and are astonished to see that it looks totally different than in the gallery!  We’ve learned that we must let our ladies know about its little quirk.  There are quite a few beads among the uniques that can perform this party trick, and I’ve often thought it would be fun to build an entire bracelet on this theme… perhaps with some “Inner Glows’ sprinkled in for extra drama!



Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Universal Unique”, “Purple Prism”, “V For Victory”, “Unique Armadillo”, “Dice Unique”, “Amethyst”, “Universal Unique”, “Wold Tour Big World”, “Chess Unique”, “Amethyst – Summer Stones Series”, “Unique”, “Proto-Dice Unique”, “Smiling Cylinders”, “Lavender Prism”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”.