Trollbeads News: the skinny on price changes

Everyone has by now heard that there are price increases coming for Trollbeads, effective 27th January 2012.  While this is not welcome news, as savvy consumers most of our Troll collectors know that recent commodity price increases simply must impact on the cost of gold and silver.

The bottom line will look like this:

Glass and stone beads will each go up $3.  So group 1 glass will become $34, group 2 will become $46, faceted stones will become $66 and so on.  This reflects the fact that the reason for the price increase is the change in silver cost.  All those beads contain the same amount of silver, so all of them will increase by the same amount.

Silver and gold beads will go up proportional to their size.  So…

group 1 silver:  currently $31 will go up to $34

group 2 silver:  currently $43 will go up to $48

group 3 silver:  currently $52 will go up to $59

group 4 silver:  currently $58 will go up to $66

group 5 silver:  currently $65 will go up to $75

NEW group 6 silver:  currently $65 will go up to $86  This new category is only for a select few silvers that are unusually large – “Indian Elephant”, “Panda”, “Big Earth” and “Troll coin”.

The silver with glass or stone will also be going up – priced individually as is now the case.  Some examples:  “The Trinity” is now $101, will be going up to $116.  “Summer Jewel Small”, $84 to $97.  “Wisdom” $116 to $135, and “Triple Pearl black or white”, $84 to $97.

For information on the upcoming changes in gold, necklaces and more, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions –, 604.924.0122 or drop by for a chat.  This is the time to pick up that fantasy necklace, gold bead or special bead that you may have been putting off… why pay more than you have to? (or send your significant other in to pick up your valentine’s gift!)

Orders that are placed by noon on the 26th may be filled at the old pricing, even if they arrive in store at a later date.

The good news is that even with the upcoming price increase, Trollbeads still represents the best value on the market:  outstanding design, incomparable integrity, and the most competitive price.