Trollbeads: Fresh for Spring

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We’re thrilled to be able to show off some yummy new stock today on our online shop, Tartoofultoo!


DSCN7302Raspberry pink is always hotter than hot, and with spring finally here, so many of us are reaching for those pretty florals and juicy colours… mix a couple of these delicious pinks with olive, grey or green for a fresh take on your serious winter bracelet…

DSCN7271Lots of our ladies have created compositions with subtle beauties such as Labradorite, Snowflake Obsidian, Organic Bubble and Green Jasper… Imagine how lovely a shimmering coral flower such as this one would look, tucked in among the soft greys and greens.  Just the thing to add a dose of “Spring” to your bracelet!

DSCN7330I’m absolutely in love with this bead… Its shades of lilac and pistachio are perfectly complementary, and the graphic punch of its “Magic Carpet” design adds great texture to a bracelet design.  Even its shape is interesting- it’s not round, but hexagonal.  I’d use this bead as the cornerstone for an entire bracelet design.

Better take a peek… these lovelies won’t last…










New in store: Trollbeads Amber Uniques

Yesterday a new shipment of Trollbeads arrived at the shop:  we filled the display to overflowing with all our favorite designs, plus lots of new faces, including a stunning amber ooak kit!

These kits are made up of amber beads in a wide range of colours, shapes textures and cuts.  No two are alike, and when we order we never know what is going to arrive.

One of our new beads is quite petite and bears a runic inscription similar to the limited edition Denmark world tour bead…. another is like a generously oversized “Honeydew” amber, clear as liquid honey with the occasional little fleck of texture… another is satisfyingly round and almost white alabaster… There is one that feels like beeswax, also quite generous in size… another is a warm, buttery alabaster, and the last is a stunner of a lovely, big butterscotch amber, smooth and clear with lots of interesting inclusions that catch the light beautifully.

Come visit us in the village quick!  These lovelies won’t last…


Unique Blue & Green Trollbeads

We just received two new series of beads at Tartooful:  a set of green and blue floral uniques, and the “Flower Diamond” Limited Edition.  We couldn’t resist playing today, and seeing what we could build with all the juicy new designs…

We photographed the uniques, so we could really show off each one’s colour and texture.  I particularly like the one with the large, scalloped flowers and one distinct dot… quirky and lovely!  In our bracelet we blended the dark turquoise blues and racing greens with rich purple, using lots of the uniques and “Diamond Flowers”, but also a few of the regular collection that worked into the design…

Come see them while they’re fresh!


Happy Birthday Odette!

Odette is 7 today!  Our celebratory waffle breakfast was awash in balloons, ribbons, wrapping and presents… but she still managed to spot the smallest gift of all and has happily settled her birthday bead onto her bracelet.

Odette started her collection way back in 2008 when she was only 4.  She’s graduated up one size since then, and has collected beads on all her very special occasions:  big family holidays, birthdays, Christmases… after all the big presents have been opened, there’s always one very important, very tiny one to look for!

Happy Birthday, Little Owl…