Amber: Simply Spectacular

I made up this necklace on a leather cord today… two stunning faceted ambers cradling a “frames”… so dramatic and simple, especially on the black leather.  (I was quite pleased with myself!)

I should know by now that whenever  I get that slightly smug feeling with Trollbeads that I’m due to be taken down a notch.

Just look at what the amazing MS brought into Tartooful this afternoon:

I am humbled.

Every single one of these beads is worthy of an individual photo…

The one thing that all of MS’s creations have in common is that she selects her individual beads very carefully.  That is to say, that her phenomenal designs are special, beginning right down with each and every bead.

This necklace is no exception.  Every one of these ambers is an outstanding example, either in colour, texture, sparkling inclusions, shape or size.  The range of colour displayed here is absolutely gorgeous, and the way she has graduated in size quite amazing.

I always learn something in chats with MS.  For example, she pointed out that the necklace is not as heavy as it might appear, as the amber is significantly lighter than the natural stones or glass beads.  Also, I had never considered that a full necklace would disperse the weight more evenly across the shoulders, making it more comfortable.

Today’s Trollbeads lesson for me?  There’s always something new to learn…


Trollbeads Inspiration: less is more…

Sometimes we fall in love with a bead, or a new colour palette – but can’t quite commit to it for a whole bracelet.  That’s when we reach for a necklace and happily create a complete composition with only a handful of beads…

For example, in the photo above “Triple Pearl, Black” sings with “Purple Wave” and “Purple Bubbles”.  This stunning necklace could effortlessly carry one through the most formal of occasions…

Or in this photo, “Earth” and “Silver Trace, Pink” are wonderful with “Trinity” on a Fantasy Necklace with Pearl… This “Trinity” has rich, emerald coloured glass that echoes the green of “Earth”, and the juicy pink offers a perfect complementary note.  Bright, crisp and fresh – this necklace is a welcome hit of colour as we head into the dark months of the year.  Imagine this shining on the simplest of black dresses with a classic pair of pearl earrings…

For a more laid back and casual feel, try combining a “Drifting Seeds” with a pair of ambers for a warm and glowing look.  As a bonus the amber beads feel wonderful!  So warm, smooth and tactile, they become a talisman for the hands as well as the eyes.

What odd beads do you have kicking about loose in your jewellery box?  Perhaps they could become an inspired necklace…


Tomorrow is Troll Day at Tartooful


… and we’re busy as happy little bees, getting ready to host the best Troll shindig Tartooful has ever had.  Great, dollar-stretching show specials, bubbly, sweet treats, the most amazing ladies on the North shore, and of course, oodles and oodles of gorgeous beads.  Don’t miss this one…

Thursday 26th May, 2 til 8 at Tartooful

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC  604.924.0122


Trollbeads Inspiration: Warm Blue Necklace

MR is one of tartooful’s favorite people, and it’s always fun to see what is new in her extraordinary collection… I’ve featured this necklace on the blog before, but it’s evolved since our last photo shoot, and I wanted to share the changes with our readers.

MR’s gorgeous necklace is a riot of vibrant colour and pattern;  just as alive and warm and beautiful as the woman who wears it.  This necklace is evidence that, contrary to blue’s cool reputation, it can be warm and evocative of a sunny day.  She has a lovely mix of limited edition beads, such as the “Blue Agate” from this Spring’s release, retired beads, such as the “Green Dot”,  Uniques, and carefully selected regular collection designs, such as the “Power Chakra” that anchors the centre position.

Creating a balanced composition of such diverse beads is not easy – it’s a testament to MR’s design skills that she makes it look effortless.


Trollbeads on Facebook

For those of you who are on Facebook, (I think that’s pretty much everyone, now…) There are lots of useful Trollbeads groups to pick from.  However, in my opinion “Trollbeads – the Official Page” offers the best online group.

On this page Trollbeads presents all the latest news about Special Editions, contests, New Bead releases, Trollbeads Museum programs and more.  It also offers a forum for Trollbeads Collectors to share experiences, tips and inspiration.  Recently a new photo album of glass beads was posted… The large photos display every bead in gorgeous detail, and just looking through the images sent me running to go see a number of the beads again in person.  For example, I’ve always thought that “Fantasy Flower” was pretty… but looking at the image below gave me whole new appreciation for its subtle range of textures.

While you’re in Facebook, take a moment to add Tartooful’s Page to your favorites, to receive advance notice of all our Trollbeads and other news as well!


Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace

Trollbeads’ Fantasy Necklace with Pearl

Lately a number of our Trollbeads collectors have noticed the Fantasy Necklaces on display at Tartooful.  I know many ladies have added these pieces to their wishlist for this Holiday season… so it’s time for a little tutorial on how to make use of this unique item of jewellery.

The necklace is a simple, fine, silver chain that comes in varying lengths.  There is no clasp, and each one comes with a pendant attached at the bottom.  Pictured above you’ll see the Fantasy Necklace with pearl, a classic piece that works well for day or evening wear.

The simplest way to use the necklace is to simply slide a bead over the two halves of the chain, down to the pendant where it rests and becomes a focal point.  Several beads may be “stacked” on the pendant in this way, creating a chatelaine effect.  Depending on the beads selected, this can be a very casual look, or quite formal.

In the case of the longer lengths of chain, there is another method of arranging the necklace that creates an entirely different effect.  One makes use of one of Trollbeads’ beads with three holes, such as “Climbing Hydrangea”, “Strawberries”, “Zucchini Flower”, “Troll Tree” and so on.  This bead is used to double and divide the chain, thus shortening it and creating additional visual interest.  it’s a very difficult technique to explain in writing, but very simple in practice, so I’ll show you a video tutorial by Trollbeads that shows how easy it is:

I must mention before I sign off how much I love the combination of beads on the necklace above… “Azure Bubbles” has of course become a favorite bead for many  – but I particularly love it paired with this Limited Edition “Haiti Bead”.


Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of you lovely Troll collectors who attended our Trunk show yesterday… it was a very busy night, and we weren’t able to spend as much time chatting with each of you as we usually like to do… we so appreciate your patience and happy enthusiasm for the fun of the party!

There are still lots of beads in stock, including Troll Stones, 18k gold, mixed silver and gold, OOAKs, Haiti Beads and the newly released Picasso Jasper.

Please come by if you weren’t able to get to the Trunk Show – and if you were at the show come by for a visit to show us how your bracelets look with your new beads!


10 reasons you can’t miss the trollbeads trunk show

The Little Black Box

1.  Huge selection: Tartooful will be bringing in our largest-ever trunk show order of fresh stock, including lots of gold, mixed silver and gold and precious stones.

2.  Juicy deals: spend $100 and receive a group 1 bead as out gift… Or purchase a decorative clasp and receive a bracelet as our gift.  Either way, it’s the smart time to indulge a little.

3.  Jo Burge, local representative of Trollbeads and Troll guru.  Such a lovely person!  She’ll be there to answer questions & give design advice.

4.  Jo Burge’s “Trunk” of stock samples:  Jo’s bringing her rack of beads along for your shopping pleasure, making the selection that evening even more spectacular!

5.  Sale prices on all other items in-store!  As a big thank you to all our favorite Trollies, we’re offering sale prices on all Tartooful goodies, (excluding art) for one evening only.

6.  Trollies.  The store will be buzzing with lots of passionate Trollbead collectors in attendance.  This is an amazing, accomplished, smart, *fun* group of people, and it always makes for a great evening.

7.  Cristi.  There’s nobody sweeter.

8.  Champagne, Pellegrino and decadent nibbles to tempt you while you play with all the sparkles!  (“bubbles in your glass to go with the bubbles in your beads?”)

9.  The Art of Anne Griffiths – if you haven’t had a chance to come experience her amazing paintings that are currently on display in Tartooful, this is a wonderful time to come enjoy them.  They are gorgeous.

10.  The holidays are lurking just around the corner… At Tartooful we specialize in finding the perfect item for all the “tricky-to-buy-for” folks on your list, so the Trunk Show is the perfect time to get a huge head start at sale prices and treat yourself to a “Little Black Box”, too.

Looking forward to seeing you there:  November 3rd, 2010 from 4 til 8

at Tartooful, 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.  604.351.5687


Trollbeads Trunk Show

Trollbeads Trunk Show

It’s that magical time of year again: time for the much-anticipated, holiday Trunk Show at Tartooful.  This year we’re pulling out all the stops and bringing in our largest-ever selection, including lots of rarely-seen gold beads, and a wide range of precious stones.  As always, there will be champagne and tempting nibbles.. and of course, some specials that are only available on Trunk Show Night:

  • Gift of Group 1 Bead with $100 purchase
  • Gift of bracelet with decorative clasp purchase
  • door prizes: win a bead!

The lovely Jo Burge, local representative of Trollbeads, will be on hand to lend her expertise and present her own “Trunk” of beads… bring your questions, and get ready to be dazzled!

join us on Nov 3rd, 2010, from 4 til 8pm

at Tartooful…

3183 Edgemont Blvd, North Vancouver 604.351.5687


“Naughty Dragon”

Meet “Naughty Dragon”…  This bad boy of a Trollbeads pendant looks cheekily over it’s shoulder at all those who admire him.  Easily two inches long, it’s much too big for a bracelet, but looks stunning on a necklace, either as a centerpiece, accented by beads, or alone.  As for why he’s naughty?  Well, you’ll have to come see him in person to find that out…