Trollbeads News: Mothers Day Treats


If you’re like me, various parts of your Trollbeads collection will travel with you – whether it’s for a teatime beading playdate with a girlfriend, or a longer journey, Trollbeads are just a part of my daily life and they are never far away.

IMG_5508The challenge has always been how to transport my little gems.  I needed something small and elegant… with pockets to divide up my treasures… that unobtrusively fit in my purse… and if it was pretty that would be a wonderful bonus.


Ta-dah!  Here’s that perfectly crafted little pouch we’ve all been craving.


IMG_5505Made of yummy lilac satin, with black lining and the silver Trollbeads insignia inside, this drawstring pouch is exactly the elegant solution I was seeking.  Inside you’ll find six side pockets that neatly stow a bracelet each – or could wrangle rings, chains, earring and so on.  That still leaves ample space in the center of the bag to carry extra beads or additional items.  Simple and smart, I love it.  It can be opened up partway to create a satin bowl to contain your beads, or it can be flattened completely to provide an instant work surface for beadplay.


Now here’s the catch.  Like all the most desirable Trollbeads, this one is only available in very limited numbers… and only for a limited time.  We’ve decided to make these treats available to our customers who purchase a minimum of $100 between now and Mother’s Day – but only while supplies last!  We have a precious few of these little treats, and we can’t get more.

Ring us at 604.924.0122 or email us at to reserve yours!





Trollbeads news: Mothering Beads launch Today


Today we proudly unveil the 2014 Mothering bead designs from Trollbeads…

mothersday2The crisp, lavender and black faceted glass bead is sophosticated, cosmpolitan, and very “Yummy Mummy”.  This limited edition bead adds a beautiful, graphic note to black and white bracelets.  The lilac tone is so subtle and greyed that it works effortlessly as a neutral, but can be enhanced by placing it near other plum tones to

mothersday1give the impression of more intense colour.  The classically styled silver designs feature filigree patterning that is very au courant for current jewelery trends.  The disc shaped “Daylight” will pair well opposite the “Trollcoin” or “Dreamcatcher” on a bracelet design.  However, my preferred application for this bead would be at the

mothersday6bottom of a Fantasy Necklace.  This would display the whorl pattern to advantage… The Heart shaped “Caring Light” will be gorgeous on a conventional necklace, hanging just right and laying nicely against the throat.  However, it would also make a dramatic, comfortable and pretty centerpiece for a bracelet.  At CAD$66.00 it carries high impact for a very reasonable price.


Finally, for those of you who invested in “Stories of You” starter bracelets, and are still putting together compositions to showcase your “Faceted Aurora”s… these Limited Edition Lavender Facets make wonderful companions for the Aurora Series, adding a little structured pattern to their light, organic swirls… Be sure to choose your Lavender Facets early, if you are thinking of picking one for a Mother in your life, as these are sure to sell out far before the Canadian date for Mothers Day in May!


Trollbeads Inspiration: “Sunny with Cloudy Periods”

Finally!  If is beginning to feel as though Summer really is going to happen this year, after all… (Do we say this every year?  I think so.)

This bracelet was inspired simply by the big, beautiful beads at its heart… the lovely “Triple Pearl, black”, enormous “Conch”, and bright, clear “Golden Quartz” set the palette for the composition.  How wonderful that when I was designing it at our workbench yesterday, it was in brilliant sunshine!

” Organic Stripe”, and “Organic Bubble” offer a touch of green..

The cheeky, “Troll with Big Feet” reminds me of the bare feet of Summer.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Clasp”, “Unique Amber”, “Organic Bubble”, “Zodiac Star – Tigers Eye (retired)”, “Conch”, “Urchin”, “Angel Feathers”, “White Paper Fold”, “Carved Flowers”, Golden Quartz”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Conch – *sold*”, “Troll with Big Feet”, Organic Stripe”, “Jugend”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Labradorite”, “Three Flowers”, “Brown Dot (retired)”, “Unique Amber”.

At time of writing this, only the large “Conch” is sold – all other beads are still on display at Tartooful!  We received fresh stock yesterday, and our Mothers Day event is on until Friday at 6.  Come say hello!


Trollbeads Mothers Day Event – 3-11 May 2012

May 3-11, 2012

  • Purchase a decorative clasp and receive a sterling silver bracelet as our gift


  • Purchase three Trollbeads and receive the fourth Trollbead as our gift.

Extraordinary selection, including the coveted “Joyful” bead


Tartooful’s outstanding customer care….

make this an event not to be missed…

See you at Tartooful!


Trollbeads News: Joyful Bead Re-released!

This just in!

“Mother’s Day is coming up. This is our chance to celebrate our mothers by lavishing our love upon them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to give them lots of presents too.

In honor of this world-wide celebration we are delighted to announce that Trollbeads has taken the unusual step of reintroducing, FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, a retired item: The “Joyful bead”. This bead is from 1998 and was retired from the collection in 2006. Joyful is a silver bead in a pleasant spiraling and curving pattern. The Joyful bead is Price Group 5.

This bead is for she who gives unconditional love and tenderness. It is for she who makes sure everyday life is easy and wonderful; for she who is always there for you and who will always be special in your life.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days and dates around the world, starting with the UK who celebrate their Mother’s Day on March 18, 2012. Sweden is the last to celebrate on the last Sunday in May. Most of the rest of the world celebrate this day on first or second Sunday in May. This means that the release date will vary across countries.”

Mother’s Day Debut Bracelet

As a unique gift, here at Tartooful, we are also offering a beautiful Mother’s Day Joyful Bracelet, at the special price of $169.95; this offer is also available for a limited time only.  The bracelet includes Trollbeads’ “Joyful bead”, a sterling silver foxtail bracelet and a silver “Lace Lock”.  This is wonderful way to begin her Trollbeads story!