Trollbeads: The Ghost Bracelet

This just in from Trollbeads:

“It all started with a film – Trollhand. The film created a demand. And now we are excited to bring you the fluorescent bead, Inner Glow, and two new thrilling silver beads: Spider and Pumpkin.”

Yes, that’s right… “Inner Glow” glows in the dark.   Seriously, how much fun is THAT?!  I feel as giddy as a little kid, just thinking about it…

Naturally, we had to play as soon as we had our paws on them… Meet the Ghost Bracelet.

These Inner Glow beads have luminescent dots suspended in clear glass, that feels like a whisper of green in daylight, but glows an emerald green in the dark.  They’re very effective – it only takes a few moments of bright light to “Charge” them up to a glow.

We couldn’t resist placing this amazing Triple Pearl Black on the bracelet… All three pearls are beautiful, but it has one pearl in particular that is a saturated, peacock swirl of purple and green.  Perfect for this eerie, misty and ghost-y composition!

The Pumpkin is meticulously detailed, with a bat in full flight on it’s face as its mouth, and another bar outline on it’s back.  It’s a nice size – not too big, that it would overwhelm a bracelet – but big enough that all the details are perfectly visible.

The Last bead in the new, limited edition series is the “Spider”.  It’s a delicate bead, with tiny details that make it sing.  The knobbly knees, funny little eyeballs and dot pattern on the back are classic Troll.  I’d love to see this bead crawling up a Fantasy Necklace…

We know… what you really want to know is “What does it look like in the dark?!”  We did our best to capture for you the intense green glow that appears in darkness.  Isn’t it fun?  Cristi and I are both lusting after a whole raft of these beads!

Clockwise from clasp:  “Pearl Lock”, “Inner Glow”, “Spider”, “Blue Desert”, “Conch”, “Pumpkin”, “Cozy”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Inner Glow”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Inner Glow”, “Chalcedony”, “Silver Mountain”, “Spider”, “Inner Glow”, “Labradorite”, “Pumpkin”, “Inner Glow”.

Gives us the shivers in the best way!


World Tour Inspiration from Germany

I recently received a wonderful letter from a Tartooful Trollie all the way from Germany!  Such fun to know that our Trollie family reaches around the world.  She’s been playing with the new “World Tour” beads, and has graciously agreed to share her beautiful bracelets with the readers of this blog.

At top is her composition with the lovely “Sakura” bead from Japan…. she has created a soft and pretty bracelet with warm ivories such as “White Paper Fold”, “Chai Bud” and “Cream Armadillo”.  I particularly admire the oh so soft “Pink Desert”, which contrasts nicely with the second one of the same design.  You’ll find a few World Tour Silvers on here, as well as Limited Edition “German Clover” and “Dutch Tulip”.  M’s “Tulip” has special meaning to her, as she wrote:

“One of my favorites – or maybe it is my favorite- is the tulip bead. Not only I think it´s really pretty, also the story behind the bead is extraordinary. Like you know, I was too late to get so fabulous designs like the Trollstones or exactly the Tulip. But I saw it on the internet and was in love. So I tried very hard to get one, but without success.

Then my parents were on holiday with their tandem in the Netherlands. They made a list with all jewelers near their flat and everyday they ride to one or two ore three of them, searching for the tulip bead until they found one!! This story makes the tulip to a very special and much loved bead to me!”

In this second composition M has played with the exuberant, “Barrier Reef”.  She has toned down it’s bright colours by placing it among a collection of soft creams.  Other nods to the ocean include “Urchin” and “Azure Bubbles”… and the soft teal, Limited Edition Spring Flowers bead in the foreground at right is an inspired touch, integrating the blue from the “Barrier Reef” and “Azure Bubbles” perfectly.

M’s “World Tour” bracelet has a colourful array of designs, beautifully arranged… I could describe them at length, but I think M describes them so well…

“At last to the World Tour. I loved it so much to wait every month since the release of the new beads, thinking about what country will it be, or what beads would fit to this country:-) In this time, I started to work on my personal “World Tour-Bracelet”. Some of the beads I even get from friends, when they were on holiday in countries where the World Tour was already released. When I got the news, that the beads will be available in our own country, I couldn´t resist and choose the ones I love for my bracelet:-) It should be a colorful mixing, like the cultures and people all over the world, with their differences and equalitys.”

It is such an honor and pleasure to get to know all of you from all over the world – we truly are a “colorful mixing!”

Thank you, M for reaching out and sharing your lovely collection…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Tropical Punch

With the sun finally peeking through again today it’s the perfect time to show off another creation from the Tartooful Trollbeads Workbench.

This design owes its’ “Tropical Punch” to the juicy combination of the bright blue of “Sakura” and the citrus-y tones of both “Barrier Reef” and “Orange”.  I particularly like the combination of “Sakura” and this buttery soft yellow alabaster Amber Unique.

This “Orange” from the Netherlands World Tour collection simply glows in sunlight.  It’s an amazing persimmon colour – an orange which hints towards red more than yellow.  Viewed from the side one can see clearly all the gold that helps to give this bead its royal mood.

The “Barrier Reef” is a chameleon bead that cleverly works with so many colours… with white it feels modern and abstract.  With citrus tones it is right at home, feeling sunny and cheerful.  Here, it settles in happily near bright blue – and looks perfect, thanks to the tiny ring of blue that is found in each large dot….

The “Aboriginal Rock Paintings” silver bead features a distinctive pattern of dots and swirling figures… very reminiscent of its namesake paintings.  Here it nicely echoes the dots in both “Barrier Reef” and “Conch”, as well as several other Uniques, creating a satisfying rhythm to the bracelet.

We’ve all seen “Conch” many times before – but have you seen it quite like this?  Viewed closely one can see that it glows so beautifully thanks to a layer of clear glass that catches the light, making it appear to be illuminated from within.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large flower clasp”, “Orange”, “Unique”, “Chinese Zodiac Limited Edition”, “Unique”, “Aboriginal Rock Paintings”, “Sakura”, “Unique Amber”, “Kangaroo & Joey”, “Belly Chakra”, “Unique”, “Mah Jong Tile”, “Conch”, “Barrier Reef”.

Enjoy that sun…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Fascinating Grey

Perhaps it’s a West Coast thing, but it feels as though grey and shades of grey-blue are everywhere at the moment:  in fashion, interior design, even landscape design… So I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m loving my grey Trollbeads, and so many of our collectors are too!

The key bead for any grey composition absolutely must be “Silver Mountain”.  I have a particular affinity with this bead, it speaks to me of the North Shore mountains and home… but quite apart from my affection for it, “Silver Mountain” is a must for any bracelet inspired by grey.

After that there are a number of other useful beads, many of which are not entirely grey scale, but include a hint of colour such as green, purple, or brown.  For me, this makes them all the more interesting.  A few that come to mind right away are the warm greys of “Grey Prism”, “Smoky Quartz”,  “Desert Flower”, “Milan” or “Wildcat”.  Greys that hint at purple or blue include “Khaki Stripe”, “Blue Desert”, “White Petals” and “Chalcedony”.  “Labradorite” has a wonderful green-blue flash hidden in its grey depths.  Some “Azure Bubbles” and “Triple Pearl Black” can work well – it just depends on the colour of the individual bead… True greys may be found in “Grey Wolf”, “Snowflake Obsidian” and “Eye Bead”.

My own bracelet is predominantly made up of greys, but a few of the beads that give it a distinct look are no longer available in retailers… for example, my “Picasso Jasper” is a gunmetal grey tone that works beautifully with my other celadon green greys, but is unfortunately no longer available as it was part of a limited edition that came out last year.  Similarly, a limited edition Kimono bead in a very unusual grey-green came out this Spring.  After a few years of collecting, I’ve learned not to pass up Unique, limited edition or retired beads that work in my favorite palette as they never last long!

I’m hoping that when the Universal Uniques start coming in that we may see some interesting greys in that selection, or perhaps when the Autumn 2011 collection is launched we will see some new grey designs…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilacs in Bloom

Every garden that I’ve ever had has had a lilac… huge, out-of-control, gorgeous bushes that put on a massive show every spring.  I was a little taken-aback when I realized that my present garden was lilac-less.  Now, when I see them in bloom all over the neighborhood, I think I will have to get one.  I’m going to look for a Persian Lilac, a delicate little bush which takes over a lot less of the garden, but has a heavenly scent  with all the oomph of it’s bigger cousins.

Meanwhile, I was inspired by all the lilacs to build a bracelet… (yes, inspiration really can come from anywhere…)

This bracelet includes a couple of the Spring 2011 collection: “White Petals”,  and “Pastel Flower”.  There are also a number of familiar favorites, such as “Florence”, “Light Green Stripe”, “Lavender Stripe”, “Green Jade” and “Purple Bubbles”.  However, the showstoppers on this bracelet have to be the new Limited Edition Diamond Flower beads – Antique Flower.  I’ve used two of them to frame the centre of this bracelet.  Their tiny purple flowers are perfectly evocative of lilacs…


Unique Blue & Green Trollbeads

We just received two new series of beads at Tartooful:  a set of green and blue floral uniques, and the “Flower Diamond” Limited Edition.  We couldn’t resist playing today, and seeing what we could build with all the juicy new designs…

We photographed the uniques, so we could really show off each one’s colour and texture.  I particularly like the one with the large, scalloped flowers and one distinct dot… quirky and lovely!  In our bracelet we blended the dark turquoise blues and racing greens with rich purple, using lots of the uniques and “Diamond Flowers”, but also a few of the regular collection that worked into the design…

Come see them while they’re fresh!


Trollbeads: Limited Edition Kimono Kit

Just look at what Trollbeads has created for us for Spring:  a limited edition inspired by the delicate beauty of a Japanese Kimono… We hope to have these at tartooful very soon…

“This spring a very special and exquisitely beautiful limited edition comes from Trollbeads – Kimono Kit is designed by Japanese designer Nozomi Kaji. 

This delicate collection of six beads in matte colours is not only designed by a Japanese designer, it is also made from Japanese glass, and is inspired by the colors and patterns of a Japanese silk kimono”


Trollbeads Inspiration: We (heart) CE’s Bracelet

CE’s latest Composition is the most perfectly red bracelet I’ve ever seen.  She includes rich reds, juicy pinks and glistening, iridescent whites such as “Dichroic Ice”.  The overall impact is unabashedly pretty, and feels just right for Valentine’s Day.

Featured Beads:

(Clockwise from clasp) “Swan Lock”, “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Hugging Heart”, “Red Feather”, “The Diamond Bead, White”, “Angel Feathers”, “Dark Red Prism”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade, red”, “Jugend”, “Red-Pink Prism (retired)”, “Pink Bud”, “Zanzibar”, “Dichroic Ice”, “The Diamond Bead, Pink”, “Hearts, Large”.

CE always modestly says that she is simply mixing two colours together, but looking closely at her bracelets there is really so much more to it than that.  Notice the lovely balance as one works out from the center bead, “Jugend”.  I like the rhythm she sets up with the series of rich reds in the middle: the two prisms and jade set the tone of the bracelet, giving a strong red base to the design.  “Angel Feathers” and “Zanzibar” balance each other nicely, as do “The Diamond Bead, White”, and “Dichroic Ice”.

Interestingly, her choice of clasp is carefully considered, for both aesthetic and function.  The clasp, is, after all, the part of the bracelet in which function is key.  The owner of this bracelet prefers the “Swan Lock” for it’s comfort and ease.  The little face of the swan is narrow at the tip, making it particularly simple to slide the jump ring on.  Then the face widens out, giving a little lip that the jump ring can rest on, making it easier to keep the ring in place while the clasp closes.  It’s a small thing, but that sort of attention to detail is what makes CE’s designs consistently extraordinary.

C. 604.924.0122

Trollbeads Picasso Jasper

A new Limited Edition Bead Series has just been announced by Trollbeads Universe… and isn’t it beautiful!

“Welcome to the timeless world of Picasso Jasper!

A gemstone that embodies all the rustic colours of autumn – red, yellow, brown and green. Each bead has slowly developed its own unique pattern over thousands of years spent silently witnessing the evolution of the earth’s crust.”