Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 7

IMG_1215Happy Father’s Day!

Wow!  We’ve made it through the whole first week!  Today it’s a day of relaxation for me… the gallery is closed, and I am spending today with family, and of course honouring all the special Dads in our life… (Especially my own dear husband, Greg!)  It’s a good day for a casual leather, with fun colours and just a few beads.

I decided to try a new twist on my usual approach to designing with the leather bracelet.  One most often sees it with the beads scattered around its strands.  I often wear mine quite full, as a choker necklace… or sometimes use it to help build a very long and dramatic, opera length necklace.  (I must remember to show that to you.  It’s amazing.)  By the way, leather bracelets like this are verrry yummy on a guy, especially with just a few well chosen, chunky silvers.  However, not to get distracted, here.. today I decided to make a surf style wrap bracelet, with neat lines of focal beads.


With only a few beads in play, I chose some designs that I often find tricky to integrate into larger compositions.  The retired “Green Armadillo” is a wonderful acid green, but it can dominate my subtle and soft collection.  However, its energy is well matched by the retired “Turquoise Armadillo”.  The “Christmas in Australia” limited edition nestled between them ties the whole palette together.  The “Small and Beautiful”, teal feather unique at top left is a treasured gift from a Trollbeads friend in Virginia… thank you again, LM, I love it so.

Give your special Dads big hugs today! If your own Dad isn’t around to hug anymore, maybe just lift a glass of something special in his memory and take a few minutes to remember…