Trollbeads Update: Troll’s Treasure by MS

A few new beads have found their way onto the “Troll’s Treasure” bracelet by MS, and she was kind enough to allow us to share pictures!

Just look how gorgeous the new “Goldstone” is with the “Golden Cave”… both of them have a wonderfully warm glow.  The Trinity has the perfect complementary shade of blue, making the auburn feel even more distinct.  MS delves into the full range of jewel tones, and I particularly like the repeated use of teal green.

Looking carefully at this composition you will notice that there are very few actual glass beads in the group; most of the beads are amber, jade and semiprecious stone.  She has included a couple of references to royal treasure, including the crown dangle of her own making at the top, and of course the retired “King & Queen”, with it’s beautiful teal dot.  MS has utilized all three of the “Flower Mosaic” bead, with it’s jewel-like dichroic glass dots.  It’s interesting to see how she very ingeniously threaded the heart dangle through “Endless”, and it makes me mull what other dangles would work similarly… imagine a pearl or black spinel dangle by troll threaded through!

Like all of MS’ compositions,  the true strength of the design lies in the individual quality of each bead…she selects truly extraordinary examples of each and every one.  This “Amethyst” is outstanding in both its colour & clarity.

Thank you, MS for allowing us to share this update with our readers….


Trollbeads Inspiration: rare jewels

We’ve received three shipments of beads in the last week, so our display is full, lush and totally gorgeous.  Among the new arrivals are some extraordinary examples of designs: a “Blue Desert” with so much gold dust glittering in it that it’s practically pink… a dark, honey-toned  “Golden Quartz” with sparkling highlights … a “Golden Cave” that is practically all gold leaf… to name a few.

Inspired by some of these unusual design expressions, I composed this “Rare Jewels” bracelet:

clockwise from clasp:  “Blue Desert”, “Golden Quartz”, “Small Berry”, “Blue Green Feather”, “Golden Cave”, “Transformation”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Love Within”, “Third Eye”, “Labradorite”, “Neither Fish nor Bird, Small”, “Black Silk”, “Grey Prism”.

Mouth wateringly beautiful….