Trollbeads Challenge Day 5


Day 5 already – and today I’m enjoying this “Honey and Vanilla” bracelet.



IMG_1769I began to tease this combination together over the past few days, inspired by a very special “Honey Bud”.  This retired Trollbeads can be seen close to the middle of the bracelet design, tucked between the “Bee on Hive” and the Switzerland World Tour “Mountain Crystal”.  Then, as often happens during the Challenge, I was delighted to see that another Trollbeads Collector, Linda Jo, was working on a similar theme!  She posted a beautiful “Honey and Vanilla” design on our Tartooful Facebook Page.  This kind of synchronicity of design just shows how very connected the Trollbeads community of collectors is.  Both in person in the Village, and online in various social media we share inspiration and challenges, wins and losses.   It’s a rare and precious thing in our increasingly impersonal world.


For this bracelet, however, the story of connection doesn’t end there… The Honey Bud that is at the heart of this composition isn’t mine at all… It’s on loan to me, from a local long time collector who found she wasn’t using it.  She is thinking of selling it, but kindly and firmly insisted that I enjoy it with my collection for a little while before it finds its next home.  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse!  It’s a gorgeous bead that just glows and feels beautifully smooth and liquid in the hand.  (If you think you might be the forever home for this bead do get in touch.)



The Honey Bud is not the only bead on this bracelet that I owe to that amazing collector’s kindness… there are many others in my collection that have passed through her jewel box!  (Thank you LC!)  It’s another example of the extraordinary community of friendships that are born out of our shared interest in these amazing little treasures.