Trollbeads news: Mothering Beads launch Today


Today we proudly unveil the 2014 Mothering bead designs from Trollbeads…

mothersday2The crisp, lavender and black faceted glass bead is sophosticated, cosmpolitan, and very “Yummy Mummy”.  This limited edition bead adds a beautiful, graphic note to black and white bracelets.  The lilac tone is so subtle and greyed that it works effortlessly as a neutral, but can be enhanced by placing it near other plum tones to

mothersday1give the impression of more intense colour.  The classically styled silver designs feature filigree patterning that is very au courant for current jewelery trends.  The disc shaped “Daylight” will pair well opposite the “Trollcoin” or “Dreamcatcher” on a bracelet design.  However, my preferred application for this bead would be at the

mothersday6bottom of a Fantasy Necklace.  This would display the whorl pattern to advantage… The Heart shaped “Caring Light” will be gorgeous on a conventional necklace, hanging just right and laying nicely against the throat.  However, it would also make a dramatic, comfortable and pretty centerpiece for a bracelet.  At CAD$66.00 it carries high impact for a very reasonable price.


Finally, for those of you who invested in “Stories of You” starter bracelets, and are still putting together compositions to showcase your “Faceted Aurora”s… these Limited Edition Lavender Facets make wonderful companions for the Aurora Series, adding a little structured pattern to their light, organic swirls… Be sure to choose your Lavender Facets early, if you are thinking of picking one for a Mother in your life, as these are sure to sell out far before the Canadian date for Mothers Day in May!


Trollbeads Gold & Silver

In the wake of recent price changes (- mostly for the better, hurray!) I’ve been reaquainting myself with the whole Trollbeads collection.  I’m struck by the number of beautiful beads that are expressed in both silver and 18k gold, and am so inspired by the idea of a bracelet design that plays with both styles of bead.

This bracelet design includes: “Mexico Lock, gold”, “Small Berry, Silver”, “Lucky Knot, gold”, “Heart, silver”, “Endless, gold”, “Stars”, “Happy Universe”, “Yes! Bead”, “Endless, silver”, “Heart, gold”, “Lucky Knot, silver”, “Small Berry, gold”.