Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue Velvet


Our love affair with Azure Bubbles continues, as our beloved bead takes a turn towards darker and richer tones…


IMG_8737The appeal of these delicious drops of glass lies in the endless variations in tone and texture that may be found.  Last year we went through a period of a few months when we saw dozens of light, ethereal examples that lit up like golden honey in the light.  Now we have entered a new era, where deep, rich tones are on parade.

IMG_8741These sultry new blues are amazingly flexible… they can be blended with regal purples or shimmering golds to create a formal and elegant composition.  Paired with those colour companions, these blues feel like sumptuous velvet.  On the other hand, the very same beads can be played into the easiest of everyday compositions, with the addition of khakis, greens, chambray blues or even creamy ivory tones.

IMG_8735To me, these beads offer the quintessential “Trollbeads” experience… they are immediately enchanting, but the more closely one looks, the more one detail one discovers.  Every bead offers a subtly different blend of blues, browns, greens, golds and purples.  Each one offers a unique pattern of ribbons and glistening bubbles.

IMG_8739They appeal to the beginner, who is just starting down the collector’s path…. and to the seasoned “Trollie”, who knows that these production beads are really all coveted uniques.  Best of all, these beads can travel with the collector as their tastes change through the years, and will always be able to find their way onto a beloved composition.


In this bracelet design I decided to play with our in stock Azure Bubbles as if they were my own… how would I wear these today?  I considered adding clear cognac coloured amber uniques – which really did make an amazing combination – but in the end I opted for a calm and quiet bracelet using many of my perennial favorites that do appear in my own personal collection.


IMG_8742Natural stones such as “Green Jasper”, “Labradorite” and “Sapphire” feel rich yet grounded.  “Black Flower Mosaic” and “Milan” are ideal companions for these Azures, as they offer some welcome texture, and their own colour is enhanced by being paired with rich blue.  There are little hints of blue that lurk in the surface patterning of the Mosaic beads… just place one of these beads next to a blue neighbour and see the blue come rushing out!  For silvers I selected an array of my very favorite patterns, all of which mimic the shape of the glass.  I particularly like the way that the scales on the back of the “Rolling Troll” echoes the background texturing in “Paradise Birds”.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Sapphire”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Carved Flowers” (retired), “Azure Bubbles”, “Milan”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Paradise Birds”, “Labradorite”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Labradorite”, “Rolling Troll”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Jugend”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Green Jasper”, “Azure Bubbles”.

Endlessly fascinating, aren’t they?






Trollbeads Inspiration: less is more…

Sometimes we fall in love with a bead, or a new colour palette – but can’t quite commit to it for a whole bracelet.  That’s when we reach for a necklace and happily create a complete composition with only a handful of beads…

For example, in the photo above “Triple Pearl, Black” sings with “Purple Wave” and “Purple Bubbles”.  This stunning necklace could effortlessly carry one through the most formal of occasions…

Or in this photo, “Earth” and “Silver Trace, Pink” are wonderful with “Trinity” on a Fantasy Necklace with Pearl… This “Trinity” has rich, emerald coloured glass that echoes the green of “Earth”, and the juicy pink offers a perfect complementary note.  Bright, crisp and fresh – this necklace is a welcome hit of colour as we head into the dark months of the year.  Imagine this shining on the simplest of black dresses with a classic pair of pearl earrings…

For a more laid back and casual feel, try combining a “Drifting Seeds” with a pair of ambers for a warm and glowing look.  As a bonus the amber beads feel wonderful!  So warm, smooth and tactile, they become a talisman for the hands as well as the eyes.

What odd beads do you have kicking about loose in your jewellery box?  Perhaps they could become an inspired necklace…