Trollbeads Inspiration: Green Amber Bangle

IMG_0372With so many of our collectors snapping up the gorgeous new Aurora, we are seeing an explosion of new bangle designs!

The genius of Trollbeads lies in its simplicity, and I love that the bangle takes the purest possible form, a perfectly round torque with an opening at the back where the beads may be threaded.  The beads are then held in place with the silver or gold, rubber lined stoppers that were already a useful tool in the collection.  The bangle may be worn “nude”, and it’s pure design is stunning.  The stoppers may be used for so many other purposes on bracelets and necklaces, so they are well worth the small investment.


The bangle design shown above belongs to one of our local collectors, the lovely and beloved, KT.  Over the course of the recent trunk show we enjoyed visiting with her, and her (almost) equally lovely collection.  This juicy set of beads creates a gorgeous display on a bangle.  Its brilliant tone might be too intense for many collectors as an entire bracelet composition of 15-20 beads… but as a bangle it is a simple treat that may be changed on a whim for a new design.

We noted with delight that the dramatic inclusions in the center amber beautifully reflect the emerald glass on each side… it truly appears to have flecks of rich green floating in the golden amber.

Stay tuned over the next few days for more highlights of KT’s fascinating collection…