Trollbeads Inspiration…Golden Ice.


golden-ice7Today a precious parcel of glorious, gold Trollbeads arrived at Tartooful.

These amazing pieces of hand made jewellery are so detailed and lovely, they really must be experienced in person.  That’s why they’re here – so that all of our Tartooful Trollies can come, create, experiment, scheme, dream and play!

golden-ice5Among the fresh stock of 18k gold beads there are more than a few designs that I’ve always wanted to see and experiment with, including this “2+2 silver and gold”.  What dramatic contrast between the textured sterling and highly polished gold…

golden-ice-8This versatile bead can be worn either as a dangle, or linked neatly and completely on a chain – a necklace, a bracelet, or even stacked on a fantasy necklace.  It’s a powerful way to blend the silver and golden elements on a composition…


However… the magic on this particular bracelet design happens when the warmth of the gold shimmers next to glowing beads such as “Chalcedony”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Rose Quartz” and “Green Jade”… The light filters in and loves the gold!

golden-ice3…Just look at these two beads, next to each other: Pure magic.

“Three Flowers, Gold” is a superstar design in the Trollbeads Collection.  This bead is so effective when executed in gold, with its softly curved, burnished petals and fascinating dichroic glass elements in subtle hues.

four-seasons-goldOne design surprised me… the “Four Seasons” design has always been a bit tricky to make out in stock photos, and I haven’t experienced it in person before.  When I held it in my hand for the first time today I was delighted to see exquisite details of a tree at various stages of the year, with leaves, blossoms, and even a butterfly gracefully settled on a branch.

mesh“Mesh” is one design that is currently only available in gold, so it’s a pleasure to see it here in the shop.  This delicate cage of gold wraps organically around the sterling foxtail chain, allowing little glimpses of the silver within.  Imagine how pretty this would be on a gold chain – perhaps even a gold fantasy necklace…yum yum yum.



Clockwise from clasp”  “Freja Lock”, “Lime Prism”, “Cells, 18k”, “Unique Alabaster Amber”, “Initial M, 18k”, “Silver Trace, gold”, “Summer Dot”, “Mesh, 18k”, “Faceted Chalcedony”, “Three Flowers, 18k”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Four Seasons”, “Silver Mountain”, “2+2 silver and gold”, “Rose Quartz”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Initial A, 18k”, “Green Jade”, “Mountain Flower, 18k”, “Pink Prism”.

Come see these “Dream Beads”… They’re too beautiful to miss.






Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue Gold


We’re still not fully recovered from the shocking beauty of the 18k Gold Fantasy Necklace with pearl…

Can you blame us?  Look how amazing it looks with a complementary tone of denim blue… This composition reminds me to make better use of my colour theory – perhaps I’ll have to do another blog entry on why complementary colours are such an effective strategy.

However, for today, let’s bask in the glory of this amazing gold, and it’s delicious companion beads. At left is “Beach”, a wonderful blue with a scattering of gold dust that gently echoes the gold of the necklace.  Recently the examples of this bead have been exceptionally lovely… (Our compliments to the chef!)

The gold is so lovely we hate to cover it up, so we only put a few beads on this necklace, and we chose a few designs that showcase the chain within – such as the “Stay Positive” bead, with it’s open basketwork design.  The Gold peeks through, and the contrast between the two metals is an interesting element.  “Moon Ocean” and “Grey Prism” both lean towards the warm tones, and play nicely with the gold chain.

Top to bottom:  “Grey Prism”, “Moon Ocean”, “Malawi Unique”, “Stay Positive”, “Clear Blue Bubbles, “Beach”, “Two sides to everything”, “Cozy”, “The Eye”.



Trollbeads Inspiration: Cozy up to Gold

There is nothing quite like the warm glow of gold… revered and crafted into items of extraordinary beauty in Denmark from the time of prehistory, gold is classic luxe.  We recently received a Trollbeads Fantasy necklace in 18k gold, which simply takes our breath away.

It’s easy to speak of gold as being an investment, but when in the presence of this gorgeous necklace it’s hard to imagine ever parting with it.  Perhaps it’s better to think of it as an investment in oneself, as there’s no question one feels different when wearing it.

it’s smooth, and surprisingly heavy in one’s hand… the gold quickly takes the warmth of one’s skin and feels dangerously comfortable… The perfect pearl is tipped with a beautifully wrought cap that is reminiscent of a flower bud.

…Now what to add?  There are so many palettes that would sing with this strand of gold.  We began with the ruby and took inspiration from its luscious berry tone.  “Cozy”, The luminous “Third Eye”, warm “Grey Prism”, intricate “Autumn Splendour” and “Fireflies” complete the composition.

I’d want to use my beads carefully and sparingly on this necklace… after all, who would want to cover up all that gorgeous gold?  Rather than filling it, it would be far better to play often with new combinations, and try lots of different compositions.

Let’s play with a few other palettes over the coming days to see how some of our favorite beads look in combination with the luxury of a little gold… what would you do with this necklace?


Happy Long Weekend, Happy Bracelet

Hello Tartoofulers, I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend – and that you managed to squeeze all your outdoor activities into our one sunny day!  I shuffled the plants in the garden around so they are enjoying a good rain to help them settle in.

Today I want to share a ray of sunshine with you – RT’s Happy Bracelet!

This bracelet was inspired by her acquisition of two cheerful “Manga” beads.  They set the fresh, lime green, black and white palette, upon which she has expanded with her trademark array of big, beautiful uniques and oversized silvers.

The “Troll Coin” usually stands head and shoulders above other beads on a bracelet, but here it fits right in, next to this enormous green, black and white spotted unique.  A number of the glass repeat the design element of dots, including the LE glass Egg.

This, latest addition to the bracelet was a fortunate find… Lime green was one of the rare colours from this Spring Limited Edition, and even more so with these perfect white speckles.  Attached to the small end of the clasp, it makes a chic addition to the bracelet.

The silvers further echo the theme of happiness… here “Happy Fish” in 18k gold and silver is pictured.  This petite bead is best featured as RT has done, next to the clasp at the end of a bracelet where its highly detailed fish images may be seen and enjoyed.

“Happy Universe” shows the smiling sun in 18k gold, the moon in silver and scattered all around are stars…

Clockwise from clasp”  “Freja Knot Lock”, “Happy Fish, 18k and silver”, “Green Stripe Bubble”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac series x 3”, “Unique”, “Troll Coin”, “Unique”, “Gekko”, “Manga Bead”, “Happy Universe”, “Manga”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac series x 3”, “Unique”, “Jugend”, “Limited Edition Easter Egg”.

Note how RT has clustered her Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac beads to give them additional visual impact.  These beads are quite slender, and might get lost among the oversized glass and silver that RT selected for this design.  By grouping them in this way they function together as a single large silver, and have a wonderful effect.

There’s always something to learn from RT’s designs… (Thank you, RT!)


Trollbeads Inspiration: Glowing Gold & Amber

This bracelet feels like liquid sunshine!  It was such a pleasure to play with and photograph; it’s the perfect antidote to our dark and rainy winter.

The magic starts with the rich golden chain, peeking through between the beads… Then each unique amber bead adds another shimmer of glowing, honey gold.

Unique ambers feature all different textures, finishes and colours… and a simple bracelet like this is the perfect showcase for their beauty.  Here you see a clear,  faceted amber, with lots of sparkling inclusions to catch even more light.  The detailed silvers catch and reflect the golden tones.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Unique Amber”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Ox”, “Unique Faceted Amber”, “Happy Universe”, “Unique Amber”, “Silver Whorl”, “Unique Amber”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Rabbit”, “Unique Amber”.


Trollbeads “Stars”

Just had to share a peek at this absolutely gorgeous bead!

It’s Trollbeads’ “Stars”, in silver, gold and diamonds… and this one is a special order for one of our all-time favorite Trollbead collectors.  When it arrived we just had to set it up for a little photo shoot, it’s too lovely to resist.  I love the way the silver is darkened a little, but still ultra glossy – it complements the gold beautifully, and the diamonds’ sparkle really pops!

I can’t wait to see how this talented designer of a customer chooses to use it with her own collection…

We received lots of yummy new beads today, and some of the interesting ones may be seen below:  note the adorable, tiny “Black Silk” with exceptionally rich, golden irridescence… I love this “Golden Quartz” – it’s so clear! …and this “Black Flower Mosaic” has a most unusual amber toned dichroic glass accent that feels bronze, or metallic gold…


Trollbeads inspiration: glam gold

The diamond bead with gold core is a truly stunning, glamorous bead that I was delighted to see for the first time at the Trunk show… Its clear glass flatters the gold core, shimmering and sparkling in the light.  We have one at Tartooful now, and I’m sure we will want to being it in again, now that we’ve seen how very lovely this design is.

Another extraordinary bead that we brought in is the Ruby with Gold core.  This pomegranate toned stone is rich and dark and completely unique in the collection.  We’ve had one of these beads once before at Tartooful, and it it now graces a necklace belonging to one of our trollbeads collectors.  She wears it alone on a simple chain to really focus on that one piece.  It’s dramatic and truly beautiful.

Imagine the impact that either one of these showstoppers could have on a bracelet… what would you do with it?

They’re at Tartooful now, but only for a very short time….


Trollbeads Gold & Silver

In the wake of recent price changes (- mostly for the better, hurray!) I’ve been reaquainting myself with the whole Trollbeads collection.  I’m struck by the number of beautiful beads that are expressed in both silver and 18k gold, and am so inspired by the idea of a bracelet design that plays with both styles of bead.

This bracelet design includes: “Mexico Lock, gold”, “Small Berry, Silver”, “Lucky Knot, gold”, “Heart, silver”, “Endless, gold”, “Stars”, “Happy Universe”, “Yes! Bead”, “Endless, silver”, “Heart, gold”, “Lucky Knot, silver”, “Small Berry, gold”.


Trollbeads Winter Wonderland

Trollbeads just announced their Special collections for Christmas of 2010!

“Welcome to a winter wonderland!

This Christmas we have a brilliant blizzard of glittering snowflakes and stars for both your bracelet and earrings.

And to make absolutely sure there is no excuse not to be spoilt by your family and friends, we have Little Precious in gold, and The Diamond Bead, Pink for your wishlist.

We also introduce a brand new engravable bead with a twist – Love Within hides three hearts on the inside so that it can be engraved around the outside.

Finally we have the winner of People’s Bead 2010 – Ice Bear!

While we enjoy our white Christmas, we haven’t forgotten those on the other side of the world that celebrate Christmas with beach parties and blossoming cherry orchards (or those that wish they were there).

So for them we have two Limited Edition glass kits – Christmas in Hawaii with blue nuances and Christmas in Australia with patterns of cherry blossoms.”

We just can’t wait to have this beautiful collection on the shelf at Tartooful – this is going to be a very Troll Christmas!