Trollbeads Autumn Collection 2012 (The Elephant in the Room…)

In case you’ve just recently returned from a remote holiday location, or perhaps have been living in a cave… the Trollbeads Autumn Collection is almost here!  There’s been lots of rumors, and sneak peeks as always… but nothing compares to the thrill of seeing those brand new designs lying in the palm of your hand for the first time.

Friday will be a special day at Tartooful.  We’ll be ready to celebrate the launch of another season with champagne and orange juice, and we’ll wind down the day with Trollie Happy Hour  from 5-7pm.  We’re even going to stay an hour past our usual closing time, just so that everyone can come in for a peek!

Why all this fuss about beads entering the collection?  (you may ask..)  Well, the first and obvious reason is that we’re always delighted to have new designs to play with.  However, beyond that we’ve found through several collections that the first wave of a bead often turns out to be exceptional in some way.

The best example of this is “Antique Flower”, which had a rich green background when first released and a few months later changed unexpectedly to faintest celadon green.  In the photo above one may see the difference between the two beads.

It’s not the only example of this occurrence:  “Golden Cave” used to be very pink and now is much more amber… “Golden Quartz” began as a very light clear yellow and evolved into a much deeper vicuna colour.  Only last Autumn the “Mixed Armadillo” was a much lighter shade of teal.

So essentially, if there’s a bead that sings to you in the Autumn collection – better snag one quickly, in case the final style of the bead is a little different than the inaugural version.  Those “first run” beads are coveted and highly sought after by our collectors in the know!  (And now *you* know…)

Cristi and I will be carefully scanning the new arrivals and plotting our new purchases – and having taken a sneak peek, we can tell you there will be many new additions to both of our collections!  We really are in for a treat, the glass, in particular, are simply delicious.

Don’t forget, mark your calendar, set your phone alarm and whatever you do – come see us Friday!



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