Trollbeads Inspiration: Merry Christmas!


“The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus” By Ogden Nash

In Baltimore there lived a boy.
He wasn’t anybody’s joy.
Although his name was Jabez Dawes,
His character was full of flaws.

In school he never led his classes,
He hid old ladies’ reading glasses,
His mouth was open when he chewed,
And elbows to the table glued.
He stole the milk of hungry kittens,
And walked through doors marked NO ADMITTANCE.
He said he acted thus because
There wasn’t any Santa Claus.


Another trick that tickled Jabez
Was crying ‘Boo’ at little babies.
He brushed his teeth, they said in town,
Sideways instead of up and down.
Yet people pardoned every sin,
And viewed his antics with a grin,
Till they were told by Jabez Dawes,
‘There isn’t any Santa Claus!’

Deploring how he did behave,
His parents swiftly sought their grave.
They hurried through the portals pearly,
And Jabez left the funeral early.


Like whooping cough, from child to child,
He sped to spread the rumor wild:
‘Sure as my name is Jabez Dawes
There isn’t any Santa Claus!’
Slunk like a weasel of a marten
Through nursery and kindergarten,
Whispering low to every tot,
‘There isn’t any, no there’s not!’

The children wept all Christmas eve
And Jabez chortled up his sleeve.
No infant dared hang up his stocking
For fear of Jabez’ ribald mocking.


He sprawled on his untidy bed,
Fresh malice dancing in his head,
When presently with scalp-a-tingling,
Jabez heard a distant jingling;
He heard the crunch of sleigh and hoof
Crisply alighting on the roof.
What good to rise and bar the door?
A shower of soot was on the floor.

What was beheld by Jabez Dawes?
The fireplace full of Santa Claus!
Then Jabez fell upon his knees
With cries of ‘Don’t,’ and ‘Pretty Please.’
He howled, ‘I don’t know where you read it,
But anyhow, I never said it!’
‘Jabez’ replied the angry saint,
‘It isn’t I, it’s you that ain’t.


Said Jabez then with impudent vim,
‘Oh, yes there is, and I am him!
Your magic don’t scare me, it doesn’t’
And suddenly he found he wasn’t!
From grimy feet to grimy locks,
Jabez became a Jack-in-the-box,
An ugly toy with springs unsprung,
Forever sticking out his tongue.


The neighbors heard his mournful squeal;
They searched for him, but not with zeal.
No trace was found of Jabez Dawes,
Which led to thunderous applause,
And people drank a loving cup
And went and hung their stockings up.


All you who sneer at Santa Claus,
Beware the fate of Jabez Dawes,
The saucy boy who mocked the saint.
Donner and Blitzen licked off his paint.

Merry Christmas, One and All!




Trollbeads News: Trinket Tray Gift With Purchase On Now

IMG_7870Do you have yours yet?

IMG_7867There’s just something about a ladies’ dressing table… you know, the kind that has little drawers for potions and powders, a big mirror at the back, and a top that is littered with stylish little bottles of fragrance.  I had one as a teenager, and truly, it makes one feel like a princess… or better still, maybe Liz Taylor.

IMG_7866When we decorated our daughters’ bedroom I only insisted on one thing: they must have a pretty dressing table.  It’s an old fashioned luxury that most of us don’t indulge in anymore.  New houses are proportioned differently these days, and

IMG_7869now, all our personal pampering care time is expected to happen in the  ultra luxurious bathrooms.  However, even if we can’t indulge in the full set of furniture, we can certainly create our own little girly corner of the world, whose whole purpose is to make one feel like a princess, or Liz Taylor… (whichever works for you!)


IMG_7868That’s where the Trollbeads Trinket Tray comes in… This little beauty is just the thing to add to your bathroom counter, bedside table, or anywhere else that you could use a little bit of “Liz”.  At six inches square, it will tuck neatly into the most compact home, and its art deco, neoclassical motif in crisp black and white is pure glamour.

IMG_7879The sleek, clear sides will allow you to gaze lovingly at your favorite Trollbeads bracelets and necklaces, even while reclining on the bed in your satin peignoire and marabou trimmed slippers.  (What?  I know I’m not the only one who keeps my favorite beads on the bedside table, just because I like looking at them?!)

IMG_7877The very best part about this fabulous little tray?  It’s yours, as our gift to you, with any Trollbeads purchase of a minimum of $125 between now and Christmas…. but only while supplies last, so don’t take too long fussing in front of the mirror before dashing out to pick out some new goodies!  It won’t be hard to find something gorgeous, as we have so many beautiful new temptations here at Tartooful’s Edgemont Village gallery… all the stunning beads featured on today’s bracelet are currently in stock!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.14.07 PM

Clockwise from clasp:  “Bow Lock”, “Purple Prism”, “Unique White Armadillo”, “Unique Black Amber”, “Three in One”, “Unique Purple Glitter Vine”, “Cozy”, “Unique Black Glitter Flower”, “Large Berry”, “Blue Desert”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Blue Desert”, “Winter Snow”, “Perfect Balance”, “Spirit Light”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Snowballs”, “Black Silk”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.





Trollbeads Inspiration: Midnight Blue

The new Trollbeads designs for Christmas come out to play and stay out way past their bedtime in this formal bracelet, featuring midnight blue and lots of over-the-top glamour.

A triple pearl, black with lots of blue, violet and green peacock shimmer takes center stage, but barely hangs on to the spotlight next to it’s dazzling neighbour, the “Diamond Bead, Black”.  Both of these beads are exceptionally nice examples of their design… the pearls are big with tons of rich colour and the Diamond Bead has fascinating patterns of bubbles.

This “Black Flower Mosaic” is among the most blue that I have seen yet… with gorgeous blue shimmer in the dichroic glass accent notes, and a generous does of blue hidden in the mosaic pattern, this bead is more blue than black.

This gorgeous “Milky Way”, with its delicate pattern of tiny silver spheres,  rivals the “Diamond Bead Blue” for drama, and is a wonderful partner for it on this bracelet… the “Hong Kong Skyline” and Limited Edition “Bavaria” Bead echo the distinctive cobalt blue around the composition.

How fortunate that a group of Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments arrived with exactly the right tone of blue for this bracelet.  Fully embracing the festive spirit, we chose not one, not two, but three fabulous tassels to dress up this bracelet design!

We created rhythm in this composition by selecting silvers with a common design element:  the knobbly, budded, “Berry” texture.  Here we’ve added the “Large Berry” close to the heart of the design, used two of the new “Winter Berries” and of course, finished the bracelet with the “Lock with Buds”.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Lock with Buds”, three “Limited Edition Christmas 2012 Ornaments”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Winter Berry”, “Hong Kong Skyline”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Limited Edition Bavaria Bead”, “Bougainvillea”, “Diamond Bead Black”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Diamond Bead Blue”, “Large Berry”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Milky Way”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Winter Berry”, “Malawi Unique”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”.



Trollbeads: The Seer

There are certain Trollbeads that beg to be put on tiny plinths, to be shown off as the miniature sculptures that they truly are.  “Buddha”, “Birdhouse”, “Origami”, “Frog”, and the “Indian Elephant” all come to mind… But perhaps the best example of all is “The Seer”.

This beautiful piece is being retired this month, and while it is true that we didn’t sell very many of this large bead at Tartooful, I will miss it.  It’s graceful, lyrical lines are so lovely, and the little dichroic glass orb is so beautiful, cradled carefully in the figure’s hands. Dichroic glass is perfect to create an aura of mystery, with its subtle pattern and shifting hues.


Trollbeads News: the skinny on price changes

Everyone has by now heard that there are price increases coming for Trollbeads, effective 27th January 2012.  While this is not welcome news, as savvy consumers most of our Troll collectors know that recent commodity price increases simply must impact on the cost of gold and silver.

The bottom line will look like this:

Glass and stone beads will each go up $3.  So group 1 glass will become $34, group 2 will become $46, faceted stones will become $66 and so on.  This reflects the fact that the reason for the price increase is the change in silver cost.  All those beads contain the same amount of silver, so all of them will increase by the same amount.

Silver and gold beads will go up proportional to their size.  So…

group 1 silver:  currently $31 will go up to $34

group 2 silver:  currently $43 will go up to $48

group 3 silver:  currently $52 will go up to $59

group 4 silver:  currently $58 will go up to $66

group 5 silver:  currently $65 will go up to $75

NEW group 6 silver:  currently $65 will go up to $86  This new category is only for a select few silvers that are unusually large – “Indian Elephant”, “Panda”, “Big Earth” and “Troll coin”.

The silver with glass or stone will also be going up – priced individually as is now the case.  Some examples:  “The Trinity” is now $101, will be going up to $116.  “Summer Jewel Small”, $84 to $97.  “Wisdom” $116 to $135, and “Triple Pearl black or white”, $84 to $97.

For information on the upcoming changes in gold, necklaces and more, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions –, 604.924.0122 or drop by for a chat.  This is the time to pick up that fantasy necklace, gold bead or special bead that you may have been putting off… why pay more than you have to? (or send your significant other in to pick up your valentine’s gift!)

Orders that are placed by noon on the 26th may be filled at the old pricing, even if they arrive in store at a later date.

The good news is that even with the upcoming price increase, Trollbeads still represents the best value on the market:  outstanding design, incomparable integrity, and the most competitive price.


Trollbeads: iittala inspired

A new shipment of glowing glass from iittala of Finland inspired today’s bracelet… we had such fun putting it together on our workbench!  There’s just something about blue glass that strikes a chord with me… it makes me think of water, beach glass, antique bottles and my Mum’s collection of art glass (some of which, of course, was iittala!)

Anyone who is familiar with iittala knows that they are very famous for their gorgeous glass birds… so I thought I should select the “Swan Lock” as a starting point for this design…

For glass beads, I immediately thought of liquid-blue “beach” and “Turquoise Ribbon”, with its clear body and narrow swirl of colour.  Also, one of my favorite beads (and soon-to-be-retired) “Blue-Green Feather”, with it’s perfect teal.  I wanted the overall theme to be blue, teal and a touch of green, but couldn’t resist adding a “Labradorite” and “Azure Bubbles” to soften it and make it more wearable for everyday… last year we had mossy grey iittala, perhaps I was remembering them…

For a pop of brilliant green I chose “Earth”.  It’s truly incomparable for a mouthwatering hit of emerald.  Lots of our ladies repeat significant beads in a design, to give additional emphasis to a particular colour or pattern… I don’t often repeat, but decided to play with that idea a little this time, and tried two “Beaches” and “Jugends”.  I like the rhythm it offers, and the dominance of the unique, “Beach” blue.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Turquoise Prism”, “Blue Desert”, “Green Flower Mosaic”, “Angel Feathers”, “Beach”, “Labradorite”, “Jugend”, “Earth”, “Jugend”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Beach”, “Zanzibar”, “Blue-Green Feather”, “Turquoise Ribbon”, “Grey Prism”.