A Perfect Summer Weekend


DSCN2294.JPGIt’s shaping up to be a perfect Summer weekend.  With Canada Day tomorrow, Trollbeads Day Saturday, and July 4th for our US neighbours on Monday… well my goodness there’s just a lot of reasons to celebrate.  So we’ve decided to do something extraordinary… something really different, and just a little bit crazy this year for this very special weekend.

We’ve decided to take the weekend off.


It’s time to recharge our creative batteries, catch up on some sleep, and go have a bit of fun!

Tartooful will be closed Friday, July 1st until Tuesday July 4th.

But don’t worry, we can’t stay away long… we’ll be back at it on Tuesday, no doubt newly inspired, with all sorts of wonderful new ideas to bring to the gallery.


As for Trollbeads Day?  We’re planning a wonderful event to properly celebrate the 40th anniversary of our favorite bit of fabulousness.  There’s nothing that we love more than a party, but we want to be sure to hold it when all of you can attend… and the long weekend promises to be too beautiful to keep all of our local Trollies here in town!  We’ll let you know the date as soon as Melanie and I have hatched the final details of our plans…

40th anniversary Bracelets are in stock and ready for you to come enjoy starting Tuesday July 5th, and we have a wonderful selection of fresh glass, stone, amber and silver in the gallery, so do drop by to have a peek.  Want to be sure to reserve your bracelet now?  No worries, you can shop now on our online gallery and pick just the right thing.

Have a Perfectly Beautiful Summer Weekend!






Happy Trollbeads Day 2015


Happy Trollbeads Day! 

IMG_9964Today marks the launch of the much anticipated Trollbeads Day Limited edition Glass Bead for 2015.  There has been much speculation about this bead, even after initial images were released on social media… there are so many colours and such soft, organic patterns in this bead, many collectors wondered if the beads would show large variations from one example to another?  Would the bead that they ordered be as lovely as the photos?


IMG_9969The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!  This is a bead that includes swaths of white, grey, lilac, bird’s egg blue and two shades of green.  The colours blend effortlessly from one to another, making a soft and lovely palette with subtle

IMG_9970differences from one example to another.  In some cases the swirl patterns make nearly geometrically perfect lines, and in others they blur and twist in a fascinating way.  In some examples there is a little more of one colour, and in others a little more of

IMG_9971another.  All of this adds up to a bead where every single one truly is unique… and every single one is *Gorgeous*!  The question this year is not “Did you buy the bead”, but rather… “What kind of bead did you get?”.  Every single one is a treasure.


IMG_9966I do hope that many of you will join us at Tartooful to help celebrate Trollbeads Day… we’ll be playing with beads all day, from 10 am to 6pm, so do drop by for our Trunk Show selection, special pricing, prizes, trades, bubbly, treats and so much more.  If you can’t join us in person, drop us a line at tartooful@gmail.com, or ring us at 604.924.0122 and we’d be happy to help find just the right thing for your collection.


Happy Trollbeads Day!



Don’t Forget… Trollbeads Day at Tartooful 6th June 2015


Don’t forget… Tomorrow is Trollbeads Day!

We have been busy as bees, creating a wonderful event just for you…


blog2with tempting price specials, prize drawings, amazing bead selection – including all the newest stars in the collection – bubbly… treats… and even an opportunity to trade with fellow collectors!  Bring a friend, and we’ll give each of you an extra entry for one of our fabulous Troll prizes.


Our specials this year are simply fabulous:

  • Buy three beads and receive the fourth bead as our gift to you.
  • Buy a decorative lock and receive the sterling foxtail bracelet chain as our gift to you.


We hope that as many of you as possible come out and enjoy all the celebrations with us in person – but if you are far away and simply cannot join us… you can still enjoy all the benefits of being a Tartooful Trollie.  Drop us a line at tartooful@gmail.com, or ring us at the gallery at 604-924-0122 and let us help you find just the right additions to your collection to make your Trollbeads Day 2015 a memorable one.

Hope to see you in the village…