Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 1


IMG_5300Here we go!

Day one is a gentle easing into the process… First, the initial rush of taking apart all the bracelets and seeing the colours beautifully laid out in rows on the playtray… Like an artist’s palette.  Looking over the beads I really couldn’t wait to toss together this combination.

IMG_5296I admit, it practically built itself.   I’ve had a super soft blue bracelet composed for a little while, and a darker, slate blue and gold combination that is probably my favorite ever bracelet.  (“I’m going to miss you most of all…”) Today I got to mix the two of them up, and play with all my favorite blues together in one satisfying design.

IMG_5298This is the colour comfort zone for me, and it’s such a pleasure to be able to play with some of my newer beads that I’ve chosen over the course of the Spring uniques releases.  The harder it is to find a bead, the more careful ladies tend to be in designing with it.  The little oyster unique at left, for example… it graces

IMG_5297many beautiful blue to green to grey designs, and it gives me joy every time I see it.  However, I am looking forward to taking it out for a spin, and seeing what it can really do.  How does it work with apricot?  With pink?  Or golden ambers?   Somehow, I don’t think that I would nestle it into any of those arrangements as a long term plan – but until I try it I won’t really know!


IMG_5295I do love my Azure Bubbles… and I could easily have added a few more of these beloved beads to this bracelet, but instead I tried to incorporate some of the beads that I reach for a little less often.  For example, the Kimono Series blue and white design can stand out a bit due to its opacity – but in such an ephemeral design, why not toss it in?


Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Double Lobster Clasp” (retired) “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”, “Unique”, “Carved Flowers”, “Magical Lamp”, “Limited Edition Kimono Series”, “Zanzibar” (retired), “Azure Bubbles”, “Silver Mountain”, “Trinity”, “Labradorite”, “Blue Desert”, “Sapphire”, “King & Queen”, “Chalcedony” (retired), “Unique”, “Ball of Yarn”, “Light Blue Shadows”, (retired), “Deep Bubbles” (retired), “Auspicious” (Hong Kong World Tour), “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”.

What have you designed today?






Trollbeads Trunk Show… Thank you!


What an amazing day…

glass-makingThank you so much, to all of you who made the time to come out in person, write in by email, call the gallery or chat with us here on facebook.  We have the most incredible group of Trollies on Earth, no question about it.  So much inspiration, so many laughs, so much love!

Georgina-at-workIf you were not able to attend in person, you missed a great day.  Georgina is such an artist, and created some truly beautiful glass beads for us.  We had a wonderful crowd out, and between sips of champagne and delectable bites of NO’s homemade brownies there were some excellent bead trades made….

IMG_5449All the pretty beads…

So many ladies were able to find special beads to add to their collections… and even we ladies at Tartooful each picked a new treat!  There’s nothing like a new little sparkle in the bead box to inspire new compositions… I hope all of you love your new additions, and I hope to see lots of new designs over the next little while!


However, the really big question is, “who won the Jewellery box?!”

Well, after much consideration – this was *Hard*!… we finally had to select just one bracelet and story for the Grand Prize of the Trollbeads, white lacquer Jewellery Box… and the Winner is:

Iris Wong!

photo-6 copy 3

Iris is a recent convert to Trollbeads, but already displays great sensitivity and artistic sense when creating her designs.  She deftly composes bracelets designed to evoke certain moods – wistful, yet hopeful melancholy, warm comfort, or joyful abandon.  This one enfolds the pains of daily life into a core of strength at the heart of the design.  It’s a touching and beautiful design, and just had to have the award.  Thank you to all of you who entered your gorgeous designs.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to enjoy seeing them all!




The totally official winner is…

Yesterday we had one of our lovely Trollies draw a winner for us from all the entries for the “Official, totally unofficial Canada World Tour Series” – and the lucky winner is the lovely N.O.!  It’s a good thing that we had an impartial individual make the draw, in front of a witness, so less – because so many of our near and dear Trollies had entries in the basket…

Congratulations to N.O., and thank you to all of you who took the time to enter.  We wish we could do ten prizes!  We’ll just have to do another one soon… perhaps for the Autumn 2012 Trollbeads collection?  Or the release of the Trollbeads Peoples Bead Spiritual collection 2012, which must be just around the corner?

Meanwhile, don’t forget that the World Tour is only available to us for a very limited time – it disappears July 31st, and the time is fast slipping away… be sure to pop in and pick up your favorites before they are gone!




Trollbeads announces The Peoples Bead 2011

Trollbeads receives thousands of suggestions for new bead designs from it’s fans, ranging from the inspired and truly creative to the downright bizarre.  Therefore, for the last couple of years they have hosted an annual design competition:  “The Peoples’ Bead”.  In 2010 they received over 6000 entries, winnowed it down to 10 finalists, and allowed Trollbeads fans around the world to vote online to choose the new addition to the collection.  Here’s the announcement that just came out:

“Dear Trollbeads Friends,
Now it is time for one of our big and exciting events to take place:  Peoples’ Bead!
This is your chance to get a design added to the Trollbeads collection.  We invite you to upload a design you have created yourself to the Trollbeads Universe site.
If Trollbeads Friends vote your design the winner, we will add your design to the permanent collection this Autumn 2011.  The semi-finalists will each receive a copy of the winning bead, and the finalists will receive an extra, special gift.

What?  This is totally up to you and your imagination.  Share your great idea with us!

When?  Before April 26, 2011

How?  Upload your design to

We are sure you have absolutely amazing ideas.  Happy Designing!
Good Luck,
The Trollbeads Team.”

I’m pulling out my sketchbook and sharpening my pencil… determined that this is the year I get my brilliant idea in before the deadline!