Trollbeads: The Joy of the Collection

People have been collecting as a pastime for hundreds, if not thousands of years… and as interesting as the collections are, I am more fascinated by the collectors themselves. 

I’m privileged to spend time with lots of Trollbeads collectors, and I’ve observed that each and every collection tells it’s own narrative… a beautiful reflection of the person who has chosen each piece.

Different collectors are motivated by different factors:  some choose a piece to mark a special occasion, either current or in the past.  These collectors are marking time, using beads to remember the past and celebrating matters that are close to their heart.

Other collectors are inspired by a certain aesthetic, and are striving for the satisfaction of creating the most perfectly lovely combinations.  They are the individuals who feel beauty deeply, and you can see when a piece or combination of pieces resonates with them – It’s a physical sensation for them.

Finally there are those who collect the rare and unusual, and of course Trollbeads appeals to that group, with its many unique, limited edition, retired and one of a kind items…. every bead has its own personality and shows the hand of the maker in some way.

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to work each day with the passionate collectors of Trollbeads… we are a quirky, funny, beautiful wonderful and truly unique group of people….


You. Are. Unique.

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