Trollbeads Inspiration: Mediterranean Blue Christmas


This is one of Cristi’s latest designs, and isn’t it gorgeous?  Full disclosure:  her name for it is “Puttin’ on the Glitz”.  Don’t get me wrong, we love corny at Tartooful – but this is just such a delicately lovely bracelet I couldn’t bear to burden it with that name.  (Sorry Cristi….)

putting-vertical… So I looked at the classical curls of the gold and white Christmas Ornaments, and the brilliantly hot blue of the fresh new Diamond Bead… and what came to my mind was a Mediterranean getaway.  Can’t you see sun burnt grasses, blindingly blue ocean and crisp white houses?  I might have been tempted to channel Doctor Zhivago, with white furs, turtleneck collars and Lara’s golden hair and blue eyes… but really I’d rather make a mental trip to Greece this time of year than Russia – so away we go!

ornate-ornamentThis photo shows how very luxe this design feels, with tons of glitter in the dangle, a large, richly patterned silver, “The Diamond Bead Black” twinkling in the back, and the warm glow of “Silver Trace, Gold”.  (Breakfast Champagne on the patio, anyone?)

putting-on-the-glitz-s-curveThe icy new “Diamond Bead” is a fascinating shade of blue.  It dances the line between turquoise and cerulean, playing beautifully with the turquoise accents in this ornament, the teal unique in the middle and even with much more subtle “Traces”.


Clockwise from Lock:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Traces”, “Limited Edition Christmas Ornament”, “Pearl”, “Silver Trace, Beige-Blue”, “Winter Snow”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Dew Drops”, “Limited Edition Christmas Ornament”, “White Stripe”, “Universal Unique”, “Heart Ball”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Limited Edition Christmas Ornament”, “White Paper Fold”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Sweater”, “Golden Quartz”, “Limited Edition Christmas Ornament”, “Cream Armadillo”.

diamond-bead-closeThis lovely composition really speaks to me… I may have to schedule a little time at our Trollbench, playing with my collection to create something fresh for myself.  (Isn’t that the fun of Troll?) I’d love to wear something in this palette using my Fantasy necklace with pearl… wouldn’t it be a perfect accessory going into the holiday season?  So fresh and pretty with denim, but sophisticated  and dressy with a little black dress.

Thank you, Cristi…


Pale & Lovely: Brigitt’s Champagne Christmas

You may recall this Tartooful-designed bracelet that was posted earlier this month here on the blog… it features a lovely little Christmas ornament in an elegant palette of greyed white and metallic gold.

A sharp eyed Trollie spotted the dangle and saw its potential for a Christmas bracelet that she already had in progress… isn’t it perfect?

This soft and subtle composition plays with one of our favorite palettes, and shimmers with a seasonal touch of gold.  Brigitt has eschewed the traditional red & green to feature instead a light and bubbly look.  This bracelet feels like white linen table cloths, silver setting, and flutes of golden champagne.  The celadon tone of greyed green gives it a slightly misty, west coast note.  This added touch gives it a fresh, original look, and makes it wearable every day.  Notable beads include the hard-t0-find golden unique faceted amber, the beautifully buttery alabaster amber, and not one, but two of Christmas 2011’s stars, the white and gold limited edition.  Brigitt has played with a celestial theme on this bracelet:  “Sparkling Star”, “The Sun Bead” and a non-troll silver star dangle together sketch out a twinkling impression.

It’s one of the great pleasures of having opened the online shop that we are now able to become better acquainted with Trollies from far away places… Thank you Brigitt for sharing these photos with us and our readers.  We hope to meet you one day in person, when you come to visit us on the coast!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Midnight Blue

The new Trollbeads designs for Christmas come out to play and stay out way past their bedtime in this formal bracelet, featuring midnight blue and lots of over-the-top glamour.

A triple pearl, black with lots of blue, violet and green peacock shimmer takes center stage, but barely hangs on to the spotlight next to it’s dazzling neighbour, the “Diamond Bead, Black”.  Both of these beads are exceptionally nice examples of their design… the pearls are big with tons of rich colour and the Diamond Bead has fascinating patterns of bubbles.

This “Black Flower Mosaic” is among the most blue that I have seen yet… with gorgeous blue shimmer in the dichroic glass accent notes, and a generous does of blue hidden in the mosaic pattern, this bead is more blue than black.

This gorgeous “Milky Way”, with its delicate pattern of tiny silver spheres,  rivals the “Diamond Bead Blue” for drama, and is a wonderful partner for it on this bracelet… the “Hong Kong Skyline” and Limited Edition “Bavaria” Bead echo the distinctive cobalt blue around the composition.

How fortunate that a group of Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments arrived with exactly the right tone of blue for this bracelet.  Fully embracing the festive spirit, we chose not one, not two, but three fabulous tassels to dress up this bracelet design!

We created rhythm in this composition by selecting silvers with a common design element:  the knobbly, budded, “Berry” texture.  Here we’ve added the “Large Berry” close to the heart of the design, used two of the new “Winter Berries” and of course, finished the bracelet with the “Lock with Buds”.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Lock with Buds”, three “Limited Edition Christmas 2012 Ornaments”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Winter Berry”, “Hong Kong Skyline”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Limited Edition Bavaria Bead”, “Bougainvillea”, “Diamond Bead Black”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Diamond Bead Blue”, “Large Berry”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Milky Way”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Winter Berry”, “Malawi Unique”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”.



Trollbeads Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments

We have fallen in love with the perfectly charming little Christmas Ornaments that Trollbeads has introduced this year… whimsical and sweet, they are a return to the magical Christmases of childhood.

They are composed of a round droplet of murano glass, suspended from a universal sized sterling silver ring in a burnished, satisfyingly heavy gauge.  With dots, flowers, swirls, glitter and abstracts, there’s something for every bracelet.

The whimsical final touch is the scalloped silver detailing at the top of the ornament.  It perfectly evokes the traditional ornaments that we hang on the tree every year.

Just looking at them turns me into a child again, wanting to play with these little treasures.  In fact, I couldn’t resist hanging them on a tiny tree for our Maileg Mice…. Enjoy a few pictures of shameless mouse cuteness!




You can find all these ornaments today in our Tartoofultoo Online Shop