Trollbeads Inspiration: Easter Dragons


IMG_8821This Easter, Trollbeads has created a very special set of treats for us… Eschewing the usual clutch of chicks, ducklings, bunnies and other reasonably harmless creatures, the witty designers at Trollbeads instead decided to create a collection inspired by the somewhat more dangerous “Traditional Easter Dragons”.

IMG_8822What’s that you say?  You weren’t aware that Dragons were an Easter Tradition?  Hmm.  No.  Me neither… but then I always serve the “Traditional Easter Ham… burgers”.  And that seems to work, so hey – why not Dragons?  I can see the rationale… after all, they do hatch out of eggs, and regardless – I rather like dragons.


IMG_8827Today I’ve imagined a bracelet that might delight a new baby dragon… With soft warm pastel pink for Spring, and lots of glowing gold it’s just the thing for a dragon nursery.  Perhaps when this dragon grows up it will want to decorate it’s cave with subtle greens, rich wines and lots of jewel tones… but this playful baby still likes shiny, sparkly

IMG_8825things and pretty shades of pink.  (It’s a good thing for us, because I happen to like those things, too!)

I very much like this new collection… a Dragon Lock feels like a very natural addition to the collection – in fact it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t already there.  It’s beautifully designed, with a long, sensitive neck

IMG_8824that wraps in an arc to make the large side of the lock.  The face is somewhat reminiscent of the “Lucky Dragon”, as though they might be dragon cousins… The tail wraps more tightly around to form the small side of the lock, and ends in a heart shaped point.


Most importantly, from a functional view, it’s a great lock which is easy to open and close on both ends and very comfortable to wear.

IMG_8819I find the new Easter dragon charming, with a sweet face and lovely little baby wings on its rounded back.  It curves around into a ball to wrap around the bracelet, and has interest on all sides.  The Dragon Egg is perhaps my favorite part of the new series – and given how good the other designs are, that is significant.  The egg is a larger bead, and

IMG_8826feels very satisfyingly heavy and smooth.  It is wittily conceived and designed, with a dragon scaled egg that looks innocuous at first glance.  A closer, second look reveals the little gap in the egg shell on one side, and the clawed dragon foot beginning to scrabble out.  Clearly, this is one egg that will not be hatching a fluffy chick.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Dragon Lock”, “Pink Conch”, “Easter Dragon”, “Pink Gold”, “Golden Quartz”, “Pink Desert”, “Dragon Egg”, “Rose Quartz”, “Unique Amber”, “Pink Petals”, “Lucky Dragon”, “Pink Petals”, “Unique Amber”, “Rose Quartz”, “Dragon Egg”, “Desert Rose”, “Unique”, “Engraved Romance”, Easter Dragon”, “Pink Conch”.

The sense of humour that is evident in many of Trollbeads design projects continues to delight me… who wouldn’t love a bead that brings a smile to one’s face every time it catches the eye?  These dragons simply make me smile…

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