Trollbeads Inspiration: Plum Perfect


Delicate, subtle and shimmering… the moonstone has fascinated since ancient times.  Trollbeads’ latest homage to this stone is one of the superstars of the Spring 2013 Trollbeads collection.

plum-perfect2“Beige Moonstone” has a warm taupe base of glass, with a clear top layer upon which float iridescent buds.  These dots may be expressed across a range of hues, including blue, violet, indigo, plum, pink and violet.  Some examples have huge, closely spaced dots and others are quite tiny and delicate.  They change according to the light..


In this design, Cristi has used the Trollbeads bangle as a means of creating a simple bracelet which doesn’t overwhelm this delicate bead.  She paired the “beige Moonstone” with the transparent plum toned “White Petals”.  These two designs are wonderful together, as they are similarly ethereal in feel.  A single silver, “Swarm of Butterflies” anchors the center of the design, and gives it some graphic substance.


Note the variations shown here between the two examples of each bead – this is what makes Trollbeads perpetually fascinating!  I like the way the dots of the moonstone and the dots of the butterflies nicely echo each other… and of course, the “White Petals” gracefully gestures towards the ends of the composition.

plum-perfectSimple, wearable and beautiful… very Troll, very Tartooful.


Trollbeads Inspiration: MS’s Simple Luxe


It’s a simple formula, but oh so hard to achieve:  bold + simple = luxe.

DSCN5280In this case, MS was inspired by simple, yet bold elements.  The gorgeous Ruby with silver core, pictured at left, is a wonderful starting point for any bracelet.  How perfect to choose to place it in a minimalist composition.  In this case, one of Trollbeads’ new bangles is a simple setting where it’s powerful impact will be fully felt.

DSCN5283Next the eye delights in the glowing facets of this honey golden quartz.  It’s one of the lighter ones, which is deliciously golden in this design.  The shape and form mirror that of the Ruby, so the emphasis is on the complementary colour, rather than form.


The “Third Eye Chakra” in the center marries the two colours beautifully.


Beautifully simple, simply beautiful.

Totally luxe.