Trollbeads News: The Peoples Bead Winners Announced


After what seemed like a HUGE wait, the 2013 Peoples Bead Collection has been announced!  Each year Trollbeads invites its collectors across the globe to submit our most brilliant bead design ideas and then allows us to vote on each others’ designs.  The ones that are most beloved join the collection.


This year the design theme was “Traditional Sayings”, and budding designers were encouraged to create images based on an expression that might be meaningful or culturally relevant to them.  As always, the scope of creativity exhibited was impressive, and it must have been very difficult for Trollbeads to narrow down the thousands of entries to 100 finalists.  The final collection consists of ten beads:  one glass bead, eight silver beads and one fantasy necklace pendant.

61486_silver_lining“Every cloud has a silver lining” – by Rebecca Cresswell

11291_leopard_a“A leopard cannot change his spots” – by Jeannie Sanger

11371_Thoughts_a“Thoughts are free” – by Daniela Troll

11290_Friends“Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen” – by Luisa


11370_Will“If there is a will, there is a way” – by Paul Krans

11369_love_is_blind_a“Love is Blind” – by Valentina Rocchi

11179_Sakura“Sakura:  a cherry tree blooms at a time of good notice” – by Shizue Ishiwata

11180_This_too..._a“This too shall pass” by Iris Heyer

11178__Little_Acorns_a“From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow” – by Rachel Morris


12914_Night_Owl_a_700x700The final design is “Night Owl” by Kevin Powell, a witty little owl that stole the hearts of so many fans of this competition… I know many of us were holding our breaths, hoping that it would make it into the collection!  We’re particularly pleased, as Kevin is a Vancouver area resident, and a regular at Tartooful Well done Kevin!

The Peoples’ Bead collection will be at Tartooful on release day, October 4th… be sure to come by and see all the new designs!





Trollbeads Inspiration: Garden of Peacocks

Engraved Azure

Our friend from the U.S.A., LD has been playing with the new collection, and when we saw this phenomenal composition we knew we had to share it with you.  (You might recall L.D. participated in the 30 day challenge here on the blog earlier in the Summer, creating a new bracelet every day for a month!)

Here she has placed a shimmering “Triple Pearl Black” at the heart of the bracelet, and surrounded it with a series of rich and dramatic blues.  There is an artful blend of brilliant jewel tones and dark mysterious shades, with a series of rare, Peacock patterned Small & Beautiful uniques stealing the show.  The new “Engraved Azure” looks right at home here, with its two shades of blue and delicate patterning.  Every single bead is a beautiful example of its pattern, and the whole design is absolutely stunning.

Thank you for sharing your new design, L.D.!





Trollbeads Inspiration: Soft & Beautiful…


IMG_2571Right away we can see that the new collection is going to be wonderfully adaptable, and will find its way onto all different sorts of compositions.  At first glance the new “Purple Heaven” series seems intense, brilliant and ready to be paired with acid greens or brilliant scarlets.  Observe the warm claret glowing through the violet in “Aurora Flower” – it’s easy to see its relationship with the design of the original “Aurora” bead.  However, after a little play we found the softer side of these beads to be just as compelling.

IMG_2572The bead shown at right is “Moonlight Bubbles”.  It’s appearance at Tartooful is very different from the stock photo from Trollbeads, which suggests that this bead will likely have a wide variety of appearances.  Our first run of beads are so beautiful… softly transparent, with hints of coral, lavender and periwinkle blue.

IMG_2574Ivory has been the neutral colour of choice for our discerning collectors  over the past year, which has left many of us scrambling to find those rare retired or unique beads to provide enough touches of warm white.  We are delighted that the Autumn Collection presents us with two new glass with shimmering antique white backgrounds.

IMG_2567“Ivory Violet” is creamy white, with with floating dots of opaque white on which are executed tiny violets in shades that range from lilac to pale blue.  The shadows cast by the dots adds an extra dimension of interest to this sweet bead.  We’ve paired it here with some of the new silver series which offers a different flower for each month.

IMG_2569Each silver flower is enhanced with a tiny seed pearl that is artfully tucked into a bud, blossom or leaf tendril.  The rose will be particularly welcome for those collectors who have been itching to add the “Rose Pendant” to a bracelet but who found it to be just a little too big.  The second ivory toned bead is shown here…

It’s “Purple Rippling Bubbles”.  This is one of the first beads that I will personally want to add to my collection.  The abstract pattern, thick, magnifying layer of clear glass, and delicious subtle colour all combine for a truly beautiful bead.

IMG_2568The two engraved glass beads in the collection are a fresh design for Trollbeads, and can add a lovely textural note to a composition.  I look forward to playing more with these beads to see how they perform with various colours and composition approaches.  I have a feeling that the “Engraved Azure” will marry light and dark blues together beautifully, and that the “Engraved Fuschia” will play the same role for pinks and purples.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Water Clasp”, “Moonlight Bubbles”, “Daisy of April”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “Engraved Fuschia”, “Ivory Violet”, “Rose of June”, “Aurora Stripe”, “Sapphire”, “Triple Pearl Black”, “Engraved Azure”, “Aurora Stripe”, “Daffodil of March”, “Ivory Flower”, “Engraved Fuschia”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “Calendula of October”, “Aurora Flower”.

waterlockThere are two new superstars on this bracelet that I haven’t even mentioned… the “Water Lock” is a winner, with beautiful fluid lines that are reminiscent of art nouveau design.  Most importantly, it is very comfortable to wear, and offers ease of use as it has a smooth finish, but remains simple to open and close.

sapphireFinally, the sapphire is absolutely lovely.  It has a wide range of expression, with some examples being dark and relatively clear with little hints of sparkle.. others are lighter in some areas with grey or even periwinkle.  I’m sure the darker ones are technically better, but I think that I might like the softer ones better – but that’s personal taste.  We even found one with some warm hints of sand on one side, that would look amazing on a natural tones bracelet with some of the Summer Stones.  Think of the sapphire as being like blue jeans… it’s going to come in every shade of blue, and it’s so useful that you’re going to want more than one kind.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you over the next couple of days… and of course don’t forget that we are having our Glass Artist Event next Friday the 13th.  It’s your lucky day – we’ve just heard that we’re going to have a huge selection of brand new uniques in the store just for the event, as well as trunk show levels of regular stock and special event promotions.  So exciting!  Be sure to make time to come out to browse our Troll goodies and see just how the glass artists at Trollbeads make our tiny treasures.






Trollbeads News: Autumn 2013 at Tartooful today

We are in love…

The Trollbeads collection for Autumn 2013 has arrived at Tartooful and we are in love with its’ stunning array of gorgeous colour and graceful silver designs.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 9.25.42 AM

With two, very different palettes of glass, as well as so many different moods of silver, there is something in this collection for virtually every design project.

ivory-violetIn this series Trollbeads has taken some of their traditional design forms to new levels, as well as explored some completely new design territory.  For example, in the “Ivory Violets” glass bead shown here there are wonderfully subtle shades of blue blended on each petal, but in addition, each flower is placed onto a opaque ivory disc that floats above the transparent core, casting fascinating shadows.  Traditional form, but taken to a new level of accomplishment.

native-elements-kitIn the  “Pod” beads shown among the “Native Elements kit” at right we can see Trollbeads  exploring new forms.  Here is a complex design with opaque core, transparent layer, and dots sprinkled on the surface.  The “pods” or organic forms that decorate the outside of the bead offer a unique look and texture.

purple-heaven-kitThe “Purple Heaven Kit” expands on the groundbreaking “Aurora” bead’s aesthetic, with stripes, flowers and bubbles in the distinctive, shimmering fuschia.  This kit is sure to become a favorite with our collectors, as it is absolutely beautiful and plays nicely with so many different colour palettes.

waterlilies-of-julyThe collection of silvers includes graceful flowers with pearl accents for each month of the year, as well as heartwarming “Grandma” and “Grandpa”.  In addition there is a new “Baby Buggy” design which will be welcome, as so many collectors seek out the long retired version.   The “Ghost Fighter”s are a nod to 1980’s video game culture… (hello, quirky!) but are satisfyingly small, round and smooth.  They are a good match for size for “I luv U”, a semi abstracted written form design.  Of course, the scene stealing, star of the collection is the slender bony fellow…

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 5.52.53 PMStay tuned for upcoming photos of some of the bracelets that we played together at Tartooful, starring all the new designs…


Trollbeads Autumn Collection September 6th…















Are you ready?

The light has made a barely perceptible change.  Here at our Northern latitude the sun is now much lower in the sky, throwing long shadows and feeling mellow and golden.  It can only mean one thing:  it’s time for the Autumn Trollbeads collection!

amberThe Fall series is always the most anticipated of the year, traditionally showing the strongest silver designs and the most exquisite glass.  It usually contains a number of silver and glass designs, and of course, a natural stone.  Based on the pre launch chatter, this year will not disappoint, and we cannot wait to show you all the new designs on Friday.

We can’t spill the beads beans now… so to keep you entertained until Friday, here are a few photos from around the gallery of sparkling things that are giving us joy.

citrineNew Mollard Collection:  Citrine and Diamond Marquise cut ring

koltonHandmade sterling chain with antler features by Kolton Design

smoky-quartzEmerald cut Smoky Quartz ring, from the Mollard Collection

tahitian-pearlsExtraordinary Tahitian Pearls… big, bold and dramatic from the Mollard Collection.

Stay tuned for all the new lovelies on Friday the 6th… or drop by and see them for yourself in the village!



Trollbeads Inspiration: Surprise Necklace

fall-necklace-scurveThe Fall crop of Trollbeads is going to be stunning…

blue-diamond-closeToday I had a bit of an idea that really just got right out of hand… I began to build a bracelet design composed of rich, nutty browns with turquoise, teal and cobalt for a vibrant take on an Autumnal palette.  It would be a easy piece to pair with denim, but also fresh with the whites that we are seeing everywhere this Fall season.

fall-necklace-frontOops I made a necklace…what a nice surprise!

fall-necklace-doublefrontI kept finding gorgeous beads that would look great in the mix, and before you knew it, the project had grown from a bracelet to a leather cord necklace.  The chestnut tone of the leather looks fabulous with the colours in the composition!

IMG_2529 I could imagine a necklace such as this being designed from two or even three completed bracelets being scrambled together.  The key is to have a couple of beads that include several of the palette colours, to help to give the design cohesion.  Here, the two center uniques work beautifully as they include turquoise, brilliant blue and espresso.


Do you know, it takes two rods on a play tray to be able to design a full necklace like this one?  A longer rod, such as a narrow knitting needle, would definitely come in handy. (Don’t let anyone tell you that size doesn’t matter…) I used one rod for one half of the design, and a second rod for the other, placing them side by side to check for balance.


What do you think?  Do you have any bracelets that you’d enjoy as a necklace this Autumn?