New Obsession: Trollbeads Rings!


I’ve got a new obsession…. The collection of ring designs by Trollbeads.

Strictly speaking I can’t say that rings are a new area of interest for me.  I have happily collected rings for years, from fabulous vintage auction items, to antique family heirlooms and a huge array of fun contemporary pieces found in my travels.  I love to juxtapose modern designs of humble materials with pieces composed of precious metals and stones for an irreverent and fresh look.  Of course I have received some rings from my husband that are very dear to me – but rings make a great gift between friends as well!  I have a dear girlfriend with whom I have a longstanding tradition of exchanging affordably priced and ridiculous rings that we each find when we travel.


Recently we decided to stock up on some of the various Trollbeads rings… and we fell in love with so many of the pieces that arrived.  Most of their designs stack beautifully – which is a huge advantage for a ring addict like myself.  I only allow myself to wear rings on one finger on each hand, so in order to indulge in a couple of different styles they simply have to get along!  All of their rings with glass accents stack to form a gorgeous cocktail “bubble” ring, that can be collected over time.  The “Eye of Aphrodite” has been in the collection for some time, but the new “aurora” ring is a shimmering, subtle and softer toned newcomer that has more recently stolen our hearts.


Isn’t it pretty here with the “Baby’s Breath eternity ring?  The “Strength Courage and Wisdom” ring shown at top is also a Tartooful favorite…we love the thick, generously heavy links of this knot work design, and its’ meaning makes it such a moving gift as well.  Our surprise favorite of the most recent ring designs is the “Neverending” ring… this deceptively simple ring is an absolute pleasure to slip on one’s finger, as it’s gently rounded on the inside surfaces to be incredibly comfortable.  It’s a brilliant little modern jewellery design.

The best part about all these underappreciated Trollbeads designs?  Their prices.  Most rings run around CAD$100, and many of them are much less!  Hand made, Danish sterling silver, modern design for under CAD$100.  Amazing.

Drop by the Village and have a play!







Trollbeads Inspiration: Delightful Aurora


As always, when a new bead design comes out, we are eager to experiment with it; to play and see how it works with other items in the Trollbeads collection, and particularly how it blends with the beads in our own collections!


It’s like adding a new piece of furniture to one’s home – it makes one look over the rest of the house and experiment with new arrangements for the rest of one’s possessions.

joyful3On the weekend Cristi experimented with the newly released “Faceted Aurora”, and found that it enhances so many wonderful palettes.  With its fascinating mists of blue, red, amber, pink and purple, it has a chameleon ability take on nearly any appearance and mood, depending on its surroundings.

joyful4In this composition Cristi played with colours that many of you already have in your collections.  Clear golden ambers, soft warm pinks and pale greyed blues combine here to make a gentle and lovely palette that is wearable every day.  I find these colours delightful – it simply makes me happy to see them!


joyful6This design includes the limited Edition floral lock that is included with the “Stories of You” bracelet.  This lock is a very comfortable, functional design, and so pretty too… (Both Cristi and I have invested in this piece!… At $99.95 for the chain, clasp and bead it’s really a steal.)  Cristi also included lots of the new Peoples’ Bead designs on this bracelet, so it nicely displays the range of beads and allows us to compare their sizes.  Finally, she utilized some outstanding uniques that we currently have in our online shop… the cross shaped amber is a stunning example, so lovely, clear and enormous.  The faceted ambers are similarly generous in size, and I particularly like the little periwinkle unique, with its’ tiny fleurs de lys.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Limited Edition Stories of You”, “Amber Unique”, “This Too Shall Pass”, “Pink Desert”, “Small Core Unique”, “Will”, “Ivory Violets”, “Calendula of October”, “Amber Unique”, “Faceted Aurora Bead”, “Unique Amber”, “Snowdrop of January”, “Blue Desert”, “Amber violets”, “Thoughts”, “Purple Rippling Bubbles”, “This Too Shall Pass”, “Amber Unique”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Aurora Ablaze Bangle


This is not for the fainthearted!

IMG_0938The recently released Aurora bangle has inspired so many of our ladies to take the leap to purchase a bangle… it’s resulted in a renaissance of creative and exciting bangle designs!  Beads that would never find their way onto a composition of fifteen to twenty beads can take center stage and shine on this minimalist piece.


IMG_0939The sensational “Royal Orange” is a perfect example… only a brave few are creating full bracelets around this showstopper bead, but what a gorgeous statement it makes on a bangle! We’ve paired it here with the Aurora itself, as well as its’ cousin, a

IMG_0944“Netherlands” glass from the World Tour series of Summer 2012.  All three of these beads are so strong in their own right that they can overwhelm a complex composition, but on a bangle they are simple, bold and beautiful.  The auburn tones of the Aurora play perfectly with the juicy tangerine… and the two Orange beads are just different enough to be interesting and not overly “matched”…

What are you doing with your new bangle?



New Trollbeads Limited Edition Aurora Bangle


“The colourful light of the North has always fascinated people, and there are many myths related to this beautiful, natural phenomenon. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.”


DSCN7395The eagerly anticipated, Limited Edition “Aurora Bangle” is released today, and we have these gorgeous treats in stock at Tartooful.  The set includes the sterling silver bangle, two sterling stoppers and an “Aurora” glass bead with silver core for CAD$199.95.


DSCN7397This represents great value, as the normal pricing for a bangle and two stoppers would be CAD$182.00 – meaning that one is paying only $17.95 for this exceptionally dramatic and lovely bead.  Keep the bead for yourself, and gift the bangle to someone else… or perhaps keep the bangle, and bestow the bead on another lucky Trollie, this is a wonderful chance to make a bangle purchase go that little bit further.

DSCN7408However, this is a Limited Edition, and we’ve been assured by Trollbeads that this bead will not be released either as an individual bead, or as part of any other promotional package… so don’t wait too long to act on this as stock is extremely limited.  It’s just too pretty to miss!