Trollbeads Inspiration: Spiced Amber


amber-close1With Autumn closing in quickly… the warm sunny days fading to cool & grey – we are finally facing the reality that Winter really is coming.  In fact, there is a snow warning out for Vancouver for the coming weekend, which should really throw us all for a loop, as Vancouverites are always completely

amber-close-purpleunprepared for any amount of snowfall.  I may not have salt in my shed, or have any idea where to look for my snow shovel… but most importantly I have made up a nice warm and spicy amber bracelet, just right

amber-close2for the snowy season about to arrive.  The truth is that Vancouver really only has to deal with snow a couple of times each Winter, so even the municipalities are a little laid back about making expensive preparations for those few days of the year.  The result is streets that remain unplowed, traffic chaos for those fools who rush out anyhow, and tons

amber-staypositiveof people just take the day off.  It’s sort of like when you were back in school – snowflakes means an impromptu “Snow Day” where everyone claims to be working from home.  But in fact we’re out rolling around in a scant inch of damp snow with the dog and our kids.  With so many hills – North Vancouver is on the side of a mountain range –

amber-close-mountainflowerIt doesn’t take much slush on the ground to create a traffic nightmare.  No worries here… I can walk up to the gallery and will keep warm with this amber and gold confection.

In this bracelet we combined caramel tones with beautiful ambers and glittering touches of gold.


amberscurve2Think “spiced apple cider” or mulled wine”… We found some lovely uniques that help to give a little depth to the design, as they incorporate not only some rich glitter accents, but also some nice deep purply blacks.  It’s the time of year for dramatic jewellery, so

amber-close-lockwithtasselwe’ve pulled out all the stops on gold, and even added a limited edition Christmas tassel to the golden flower lock.  I like to add these tassels to the small side of a decorative lock, layered on before the bracelet chain.  This keeps the tassel neatly in one spot, and adds interest to the clasp which often lays on the top of the wrist.


Get cosy… We’ve popped all these ambers and uniques into our online shop so that you can enjoy browsing them even if you’re snowed in!




Trollbeads Inspiration: Fresh Whites

I spotted these fresh Spring blossoms recently in a charming old orchard, and it made me think of all the Trollbead collectors who are mulling white looks for the Summer ahead…. Inspired to create something clean, modern and white, but easy to wear and comfortable, I sat down to play at our workbench and designed this bracelet.

clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Unique Amber”, “Love Within”, Diamond Bead, White”, “Endless”, “Nougat Flower”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Milky Quartz”, “Double Heart”, “White Paper Fold”, “Three Siblings”, “Crown Chakra”, “Two Sides to Everything”, “White Stripe”.

I wanted to incorporate multiple shades of white – from crisp, clean, bright white to a warm, ivory or  oatmeal tone.  This new Spring 2012 bead design is a keystone to tie all the whites together, artfully combining several tones all in one design.

The gold of the Crown Chakra plays two roles…It introduces a warm metal tone to allow the bracelet to be worn beautifully with this season’s trendy golds.  In addition it balances out the two other warm white elements that are scattered around the bracelet.

The silvers were selected to be bold and sleek, to offer a modern feel to the bracelet, rather than the dainty look that otherwise might result.  All of our collectors’ (and my) favorite sculptural silver designs are included, making this a satisfyingly heavy piece to wear!

Although it wasn’t placed in the center of the bracelet, in some ways this bead is the surprise star of the bracelet.  Its unusual tone and velvety soft feel make it a bead that would have lasting appeal.  It is tremendously felxible, working beautifully with many different palettes.  When paired with colours, such as soft pink or light blue, it feels buttery yellow.  Added to a earthtone composition it becomes a rare amber and it contrasts beautifully with deep purple, offering a golden complement.