Trollbeads Inspiration: Sunlight Ribbon

This time of year, there’s a magical time of night when the sunset is reflected back by the glass towers across the harbour… it creates the illusion of a double sunset, with pink and golden light all around that softens the cold water to a warm chambray blue.  The ribbon of light stretches under the delicate span of the Lions Gate Bridge all the way to Ambleside.  This phenomenon only happens for a short time, before the sun shifts in the sky again and it’s gone until next Summer…

(Quick, better design a bracelet!)

This bracelet is lighter than the colours captured in the photograph… but it *feels* right to me.  The bubble of joy that the moment creates needed a light filled, homage to summer – and this shimmering composition is the result.

Of course, the key element is the ribbon of golden light, which is beautifully represented by “Light Blue Gold’.  This group two bead has a soft blue base with a rich band of gold leaf suspended in crystal clear glass… I love Trollbeads’ description:

“In the sunlit pastel blue ocean, stretches a river of the purest gold, as if Neptune had swam by.”


I couldn’t resist adding this spectacular bead… “Happy Universe” is one of my favorite gold and silver beads.  Designed by Soren Nielsen, it shows classic Trollbeads attention to detail, with wonderful character written on the faces of the sun and moon, and even joyful little stars scattered around the perimeter.  That would be reason enough to include this bead… but the description is the clincher:

“We live in an incredible place, and the Sun, the Moon and all the stars on this bead smile on us. Wear your own smile along with this bead to add even more joy.”

I reached for sparkling, summer-blue glass such as “Light Blue Stripe”, as well as suitably themed silvers to complete the bracelet.  Here you see the “Mermaid”, but I also added “Pisces”, which is simply a wonderful fish design, much too lovely to be considered only a zodiac.

I picked “Love Spoons” from the UK World Tour Collection for the knotwork patterning on its verso… It reminds me of the swirling waters at the mouth of the Capilano river, where the freshwater meets the salt.  I added the “Diamond Bead, White” to echo the sparkling tips of the waves as they catch the last rays of sun.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Double Lobster Lock”, “Pisces”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Unique”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Love Spoons” (UK World Tour), “Light Blue Gold”, “Happy Universe”, “Crown Chakra”, “Love Spoons”, “Universal Unique”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Light Blue Stripe”, “Mermaid”.

See you at the beach…


Sweetheart of a Trollbeads sale…

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Design Workbench: 2012 Palette

Reports of the latest home fashions from my favorite European capital are slowly making their way across the pond… Maison & Objet, the fabulous Parisian Home Show is on!  I wish I was there, (perhaps next year!) but fortunately for us the lucky ones who are in attendance are madly blogging the feast of sights for the rest of us.

One thing that caught my eye when reading Apartment Therapy’s summary today was a colour swatch of the 2012 palette:

(photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

This is what they had to say:

“As usual, the Danish exhibitors led the way with new color trends; Both Ferm Living and Hay showed new ranges in similar palettes of pastel hues – pale salmon pink, icy peppermint green and soft pale blues and lilacs – with dark petrol greys and small hits of fluorescent colors. “

Those oh-so-chic Danes… It’s perhaps not a surprise that everyone’s favorite Jewelry from Copenhagen, (Trollbeads, bien sûr!) is way ahead of the curve, with these colours already appearing  – both on our display at Tartooful, and in many of our customers’ beautiful creations.

At left, you’ll see the “petrol grey” and soft “pale blues” of the swatch, as well as crisp whites for a soft, light as air feel…

Remember this?  This was my “icy sunshine” arrangement for my own bracelet over Christmas.. It features a delicate range of “pale salmon pink,  icy peppermint green and soft blues and lilacs”…

This composition was made up on the Trollbeads workbench at Tartooful a couple of months ago… we loved the soft lilac, light blue, warm grey and snappy black & white stripes.  Golden accent beads were an unexpected and elegant touch, elevating what otherwise would have been a casual look to something rather special.

And as for the black & white and touches of neon.. well we were inspired by that exact colour combination at the Autumn trunk show, when we displayed this stunning composition using graphically bold, Universal Uniques, a “Diamond Bead, black” and a brilliant, lemon yellow retired “Banana”. Ultra modern and tons of fun…

Les Beads… c’est chic!


Trollbeads Inspiration: West Coast Fresh


This bracelet feels just right for January on the West Coast:  cool, misty, and fresh in natural shades of grey to blue to white to brown.  Think driftwood on a cold, crisp beach.  Or frost on river rocks.  Or the first haze of green on buff coloured branches, just hinting at the Spring that is already coursing through the tree’s limbs, hidden for just a little longer.

I picked a “Lotus” as a symbol of renewal, and “Transformation” seems apt for early Spring as well… “Chalcedony” glows coolly like a flush of frost, and “Organic Stripe’s” vanilla with a touch of green feels crisp.

The “Tortoise and the Hare” is another poetic little reminder of the renewal of Spring, and I chose “Deep Bubbles” not only for its mossy colour, but also for it’s reference to the running of the sap within the trees.  “Fireflies” is fast becoming a favorite bead for us at Tartooful:  we love its warm ivory colour, and the way it can pull together a sage and lilac colour scheme.

Tiny “Falling leaves” makes me think of the brave green shoots that are already peeking out of the cold earth in the garden, and “Endless” is a reference to the timelessness of the ceremony of the changing of the seasons.  Subtle “Urchin” is very “West Coast Beach”, with its mossy grey and sun bleached white colour.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Lotus”, “Organic Stripe”, “Transformation”, “Chalcedony”, “Organic Bubble”, “Hearts within”, “Fireflies”, The Hare and the Tortoise”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Endless”, “Urchin” “Falling Leaves”.