Feeling Inspired? Time for a little Design Challenge…


Ladies, dust off your bead trays… it’s time once more for a the 30 Day, Trollbeads Design Challenge!

IMG_5283Some of you may recall that around a year ago, I decided to take all my bracelets apart, and for a full month I created a new design each day using my own collection.  To my delight, a group of our Trollbeads friends from all corners of the Earth played along!


I am hoping that even more of you will join me this year, in unleashing your beads and discovering the creative potential that lies in your jewel box.  Trollbeads are so much fun to play with – let’s play!

IMG_5515Here’s how it works: 

1.  Choose which bracelets and necklaces you’re willing to take apart.  For some ladies, it might be the whole collection.  For others, some designs are sacred while others have never sat quite right and can easily be shaken up.  No pressure, do whatever you are comfortable with.

IMG_55332.  Photograph the designs you plan to disassemble.  This is a key step, as it saves confusion and heart ache later if you decide you’d really like that have that certain design all back together again.  The photo is your insurance policy that “you can always put it back”.  This is totally a no risk venture.  The photo doesn’t need to be art, just make sure you can tell what each bead is.

IMG_5523Now the really fun part.  Pull out a play tray or bowl, take a deeeeep breath, and let those beads fly free.  (don’t forget – you have photos!).  It’s a wonderful feeling!  Imagine if you wandered into your favorite Trollstore and came across all those gorgeous beads… what would you design with them now?  This is your chance to discover the

IMG_5539potential designs hiding amongst your collection.  Each day, take just a few minutes to tease together a fresh combination – necklace, bracelet, or whatever makes you happy at that moment.  Try to do something original each day, and don’t simply rebuild what you already know.  Stretch those creative muscles and take risks!

IMG_5513…Because here’s the kicker:  each day you make a bracelet, only to take it apart the next morning and start fresh again.  This frees you from designing only compositions that are easy, practical or wearable.  These are not meant to be long term commitments – these are ephemeral designs that can be fully enjoyed in an uncomplicated way, just for

IMG_5546the span of a few hours.  It’s this final element of the Challenge that really frees one to be a bit outrageous and mix colours that are far outside one’s comfort zone.

I am hoping that lots of you will want to play along with me, and share your designs with me.  Please send me photos of what you create!  Don’t just show me the victories – be sure to let me know what confounds you as well.  (Last year I really struggled to build an all-silver bracelet…).

Either send images to tartooful@gmail.com or share photos with the Tartooful family of Trollies on our facebook page.


But wait – there’s prizes!

IMG_5513Oh yes… the prizes… At the end of the month we’ll carefully comb through the facebook files and find the top few Trollies whose images have created the greatest chatter online.  So post away, and be sure to share your post with your friends online and ask them to like & share in turn.  The more chatter on your post, the more likely that we will be sending you Tartooful treats.  There will also be a prize awarded for the Trollie who offers the most support to the designers, sharing, liking and encouraging the ladies as they go through the month.

I can’t wait to get started, and I can’t WAIT to see what you will create.