A Perfect Summer Weekend


DSCN2294.JPGIt’s shaping up to be a perfect Summer weekend.  With Canada Day tomorrow, Trollbeads Day Saturday, and July 4th for our US neighbours on Monday… well my goodness there’s just a lot of reasons to celebrate.  So we’ve decided to do something extraordinary… something really different, and just a little bit crazy this year for this very special weekend.

We’ve decided to take the weekend off.


It’s time to recharge our creative batteries, catch up on some sleep, and go have a bit of fun!

Tartooful will be closed Friday, July 1st until Tuesday July 4th.

But don’t worry, we can’t stay away long… we’ll be back at it on Tuesday, no doubt newly inspired, with all sorts of wonderful new ideas to bring to the gallery.


As for Trollbeads Day?  We’re planning a wonderful event to properly celebrate the 40th anniversary of our favorite bit of fabulousness.  There’s nothing that we love more than a party, but we want to be sure to hold it when all of you can attend… and the long weekend promises to be too beautiful to keep all of our local Trollies here in town!  We’ll let you know the date as soon as Melanie and I have hatched the final details of our plans…

40th anniversary Bracelets are in stock and ready for you to come enjoy starting Tuesday July 5th, and we have a wonderful selection of fresh glass, stone, amber and silver in the gallery, so do drop by to have a peek.  Want to be sure to reserve your bracelet now?  No worries, you can shop now on our online gallery and pick just the right thing.

Have a Perfectly Beautiful Summer Weekend!