Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 3

Travellers bliss“Travelers’ Bliss”, by Sara Morison

Today is the opening celebration for the art of Sara Morison at Tartooful… we’ll be having a glass of champagne with the artist at the gallery tonight between 5 and 8pm, and would love it if you all came and joined us and enjoyed her lovely art.

IMG_1197Day 3

With Sara’s amazing palette of colour in my head today my bracelet reflects her art… This combination makes my heart sing, but it’s very different from the bracelets that I usually design!

IMG_1198I feel as though today I finally let go of some of my preconceptions about what my bracelet design ought to look or feel like.  I tried here to break through some of my design guidelines and simply make something that felt right just for today.  I reached for bright, clear colours that reflect the joyful palette of Sara Morison’s art.


IMG_1191Turquoise and softer shades of warm blues are a must for this bracelet, so I placed them in the center of the design.  The individual beads were chosen for their simplicity of pattern and clear colour.

IMG_1192Most of the colour groupings are anchored with a brilliantly toned armadillo.  Although I love these beads, I often find them too bold for my usual subtle compositions.  It’s a real treat to bring them out to play!

IMG_1193Ordinarily I prefer to sprinkle the various colours of a bracelet design more or less evenly around its span.  Here I have grouped each family of colour:  blue, pink, green, orange and lilac.  Clearly my collection is lacking orange and yellow!

IMG_1194I wanted the bracelet to feature modern blocks or chunks of colour, rather than a tapestry effect.  For silvers I chose sculptural forms such as the “Spot”, “Smiling Cylinder” and “Cells”.  The “Neither Fish Nor Bird, Large” and “Waves” were a nod to the aquatic life of the Bahamas that inspired Sara’s recent art series.

IMG_1196This is not your typical Tartooful Bracelet!


What fun it was to build today’s bracelet… a total departure for me, I broke all kinds of my own rules!  Prisms tucked into the middle of the composition, finishing on one silver and one glass, not perfectly balanced, colours all blocked together… and still so pretty.  It feels so liberating to simply design in the moment.

If you’d like to see this bracelet while it is still all together, come by tonight for a glass of champagne with Sara Morison and us at the gallery, between 5 and 8pm.  As the gallery will be open until late, we plan to open a little later than usual at noon.  Hope to see lots of you there!


Bermudian Jewels by Sara Morison


Art is always the heart of Tartooful… so we are delighted to invite you all to the opening celebration of our upcoming solo show featuring Sara Morison’s “Bermudian Jewels” Series.

the breeze smells of lavendar and hibiscus

Sara is a critically acclaimed North Vancouver artist whose work is a joyful expression of colour, form and kinetic energy… as she says:

“Painting is a visual conversation, a sensational dance, a moment, a feeling, an experience.
I love colour and the richness of ambiguity and incompleteness.
The spontaneous mark and the serendipitous transparent wash mingle
with frank opaque passages.

savour the good timesPlease join us on

12 June 2013


at Tartooful

to meet the artist, have a glass of bubbly and enjoy the spectacular art of Sara Morison.

See you in the village… C.