Trollbeads Inspiration: Tangerine


What to do with Tangerine?  Inspired by a fabulous new group of uniques that just arrived at Tartooful, I set out to answer that very timely question.

photo-4 copy 2

The first, and simplest answer is, of course, to pair it with neutrals… simple greys, black and white work perfectly.  Take care not to go too black, or one runs the risk of looking a little too “Halloween”.  However, grey is sophisticated and a wonderfully calming influence on tangerine.  Here we’ve shown the bracelet with lots of different tones of tangerine.  The way I’d be most likely to wear this combination is with lots of grey, and perhaps four orange accents, for a little punch in a neutral canvas.

photo-4 copy 4

Here I’ve made the greys darker, edging more into black – and you can see that with the addition of seasonal silvers this would make a perfect Halloween composition!  I love the little flame patterned uniques, which remind me of airbrushing on a “hot wheels” car!

photo-4 copy

This composition is a wonderful way to feature the new green and tangerine uniques with the tree pattern.  I can’t decide if the coral dots are autumn leaves or fruit… but as I discovered a long time ago – when it comes to Trollbeads I don’t have to know what it is to love it!  The bark texture is so detailed and perfect, and the colour contrast between the emerald green and the juicy tangerine is a perfect complementary hit.  Love, Love Love…


Orange and pink is a great way to keep pink high energy and drop dead sexy.  Here a bubblegum pink tie dye pattern takes center stage, and acts as a foil for a supporting cast of various reds, oranges, tangerines and corals.  Think pink lipstick and candy red convertible.  Oh my.

photo-4 copy 3

Finally, I played together a tropically inspired turquoise, teal and tangerine composition.  This one is all about the tangerine bikini on the beach with teal surf and turquoise sky.  Greece?  French Riviera?  Mustique?  Yes.

Now… go find those tangerines and take them out to play…