Trollbeads Inspiration: CN’s collection part II

Today we’ll take a peek at the second part of the the remarkable collection of CN.

Isn’t this palette delicate and pretty?  Soft, buttery yellows and periwinkle blue feel like a warm, gentle Summer day.  So many of my favorite beads have found their way onto this design:  “Blue Desert”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Carved Flowers”, “Jugend”, “Chalcedony”, “Endless” and “Beige Bubble”… it’s a dream bracelet!

CN’s “Blue Desert” is a particularly lovely example of this very changeable design… very light, with lots of gold sparkle and a hint of green, yellow and even lilac.  Just like the “Cool Dusk” and the “Azure Bubbles’, it helps to further tie the pale blue and yellow palette together… “Waves” and “Conch” add a couple of additional warm weather notes… truly, it feels like the “Endless Summer” bracelet.

Imagine how much discipline it must take to keep her all-white bracelet so pure in it’s design.  I’m sure I would have caved to temptation and added a silver mountain or two – but isn’t wonderful that she hasn’t – it’s stunning, simple and perfect.

You’ll spot two rare beads in this composition:  a pair of icy, Switzerland World Tour “Rock Crystals”.  She has centered a “Winter” dangle on the bracelet, and then balanced pairs of the “Diamond Bead, white”, “Milky Quartz”, “White Stripe”, and “Rock Crystal”.  The composition is centered with a pair of stoppers, so it always stays in place.

Finally… her most recent creation:

Perfect for Autumn, this leather and amber design is warm and casual yet sophisticated.  CN has assembled an array of golden toned ambers of all different shapes, sizes and textures.  Don’t miss the gorgeous one at left – with all the glittering inclusions and the cool, boxy shape… She added a “Tigers Eye” and a “Golden Quartz” for additional interest.   An inspired touch is the addition of “Wildcat” and “Organic Bubble”, which each contain a hint of teal, offering a beautiful, complementary note.

Thank you to CN for sharing her lovely creations with the readers of the blog…


PS. TWO SLEEPS! So exciting.


trollbeads inspiration: blue skies and lavender

My lavender in the garden is in it’s second flush of blooms for the summer… our long dry spell suits it just fine, and the cooler temperatures make the blossoms last for what feels like forever… This bracelet feels just like my lavender on a clear sky day.

clockwise from clasp:  “Chalcedony”, “Universal Unique – purple & turquoise dot blooms”, “Treasures”, “Universal Unique – purple & turquoise swirl”, “White Petals”, “Summer Jewel Small”, “Universal Unique – purple & turquoise bubble blooms”, “Zanzibar”, “Universal Unique – narrow purple stripes”, “Light Blue Gold’, “Treasures”, “Universal Unique – purple abstract on clear”, “Beige Blue Dot”.


Trollbeads inspiration: Sweet Memories

Remember the happy anticipation of opening the freezer at a corner store as a child, and leaning in through the cloud of chilly, sweetly scented condensation to track down the perfect popsicle?  The colours of this composition take me right back, and I can practically taste it now…

clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Light Green Flower”, “Unique Amber – honeydew/alabaster”, “Heart”, “Light Blue Bud”, “Baby Girl”, “Dichroic Flowers”, “Universal Unique – lavender with blue/green flowers”, “Hope”, “Flowers”, “Rose Quartz, round”, “Light Blue Gold”, “Chick”, “Universal Unique – Yellow and Ivory”, “Light Green Stripe”.


Summer Comes Softly…

“Bird Stories Again” by Anne Griffiths 36″x36″ oil & resin on canvas $1800

Summer comes softly here on the West Coast… in other places, Summer may arrive with a bang of bright turquoise water and lemonade yellow sunshine, but not here.  Here we have soft warm grey sand, velvety bone-white driftwood, teal water and beach glass coloured skies.

It’s not surprising that some of our favorite things this season are in soft tones that are perfect for our sun bleached summer.  Take this gorgeous RedFlag design bag:  It’s re purposed sailcloth that has been over dyed a subtle shade of grey.  The previous life of the material shows in the gradations of grey, which are distinct to each piece.  Most importantly, it’s roomy, simple and tough – perfect for carefree Summer days spent near the water.

We’re enjoying the softest of blue grey tones in the Trollbeads at the moment, and so many of our Troll ladies seem to be collecting in this palette as well… Beads like “Light Blue Stripe”, “White Petals”, “Silver Trace, beige-blue” or any of the beautiful, dichroic glass beads… These designs seem to glow from within, with a soft cool light that somehow just suits this time and place.  Try one of the Trollbead leather bracelets, and add just a few of your favorites, for an even more casual, summery feel.

It’s the soft time of the coast… enjoy…